Sherwin Williams Garage Floor Epoxy Reviews 2023

There’s nothing better than grabbing the best garage floor epoxy. Not only is it undeniably essential to get your hands on a top-quality deal, but one that can do the job accurately.

Sherwin Williams has always been a reliable brand for coating garages with the most robust epoxy. However, before choosing any edition right off the bat, you must check a few Sherwin Williams garage floor epoxy reviews to know the critical aspects.

So, come and take a gander!

Features of Sherwin Williams Garage Floor Epoxy

Each garage floor epoxy has its way of shining through and standing out in the crowd. So, how does the Sherwin Williams garage epoxy do it? Let’s check it out.

  • Hot-Tire Pickup Stoppage
Sherwin Williams garage floor epoxy

Nobody loves to witness peeling after pouring and flattening out epoxies. I’m sure you’re no different too.

The good news is that Sherwin Williams focuses on its delicate finish, which deeply penetrates the concrete.

What does that mean?

Well, with proper penetrations, your surface will be rock-hard, durable, and resist hot-tire pickup and peeling at all times.

Now, doesn’t that sound wonderful? It looks so too!

  • Customizable Looks

The best part about Sherwin Williams epoxy is that they come in various designer blends, tints, and colors. It’s charming because you get to implement endless looks on the project.

Moreover, there are multiple alternatives to glossy and high gloss finishes. So, whether you’re opting for a high reflective appeal or a simple yet, lustrous highlight, you’re in for a nice ride!

  • Resisting Capacities

We all know by now that these Sherwin William epoxies have a long-lasting, non-peeling finish. But what about the other crucial elements?

To our most immense delight, the epoxies are battery acid, standing water, brake fluid, gasoline, and chemical agents damage resistant. Needless to say that there may be no other contender that has such vast versatility while remaining safe.

  • Durability

The durability of the Sherwin Williams epoxies comes from their unattainable no-slip technology. While some of the contenders may be far behind in this game, the Sherwin epoxy wins once again on this trial.

Moreover, their no-slip resisting technology also goes hand in hand with their resistance to hot tires, oil, salt, and chemicals. To be fair, this makes their durability unmatchable and long-lasting.

So, your investment doesn’t go to waste entirely either.

  • Safety
Sherwin Williams Water-Based Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Let’s give it to you straight. What do low odor and no-skid technology mean to you? Safety!

When your epoxy resists skidding, you’re in for a life-long ride with top-notch durability and perseverance.

Among other important factors, users must look into the safety measure of their epoxy features before purchasing.

And as if being the winner in their no-skid specification wasn’t enough, they also possess low or zero odor in their chemical mix and ingredients.

So whether you’re painting them in your garage or simply using them indoors, it will not harm you or your health.

  • Usability

We all love a bit of versatile usage with all of our investments, don’t we? Sure, we do, and Sherwin William epoxies are well aware of it too.

So, forget those days when you were bounded with only painting epoxies on your garages. This beautiful finish can also adorn commercial floors, wooden floors, indoor patios, basements, and other rooms inside your house.

The trick is that Sherwin William epoxy features five-plus thicknesses per coating with a mere 12 hour drying time promise. So yes, rest assured you can use this all-around your house without worry and obtain total value from this investment.

  • The Finish

Ah, here’s the best part of it all. The finish!

What would you like your epoxy paint to accomplish? A smooth finish? Non-shrinking and non-cracking formula? Hold on tight because this Sherwin Williams epoxy has it all!

Count on epoxies by Sherwin Williams for your garages as it can perfectly coat pitted and rough concrete floors in a blink.

What’s even better is that it would do so and level out your garage floor. Once coated, it’s not going anywhere, and its non-shrinking and non-cracking formula also join forces to patch and coat in one smooth application.

It goes without saying that this product is cost-effective and saves you a ton of time and aftercare costs.

  • Cleaning

It’s a given that when you’re dealing with epoxy, you’ll be left with a mess. However, Sherwin Williams has made the task much easier for the user lot by implementing simple soap and water cleaning.

Yes, you read that right!

All you need is soap and water to finish off your epoxy layer and get rid of any and all existing leftover dirt after the application. Whether you’re using the epoxy indoors or outdoors, you can finally clean up the mess quickly and effectively.

Isn’t that a huge relief?

We bet it is!

Now, watch this video to see for yourself.

What Could’ve Been Better With Sherwin Williams Garage Floor Epoxy?

You see, the Sherwin William epoxy comes with a wide range of advantages and remarkable usability. However, this product has a few drawbacks that you might want to look into before the purchase.

Let’s see what they are, but here’s the real deal – none of these demerits are deal-breakers.

  • The Mess!

Well, it goes without saying that dealing with epoxy can be tricky but even messier than you could imagine. We’d recommend having all your cleaning reinforcements ready because it could take some time to clean the clutter afterward.

However, the good news is that the mess is tolerable when you’re dealing with Sherwin William epoxy since the results are optimum.

  • Brush Quality

Sherwin Wiliams generously provides a brush to ease your pain during the painting process. However, the brush quality isn’t the greatest which means that you could be left with brush strokes.

Moreover, it might take you longer to finish your work due to such delays and setbacks in the brush’s quality. Rather than investing unnecessary time and effort with their brush, it’s wiser to invest in a roller brush to ease your work hassle.

  • The Squeegee

The epoxy will also arrive with a squeegee. Unfortunately, the one it’ll come with is too small. Users utilize the squeegee for their base coats.

However, you will eventually run short on the material as it’s small and quite flimsy.

Eventually, you’ll need to invest in a squeegee that’s wider in size and has better construction so that your work turns out uniform and the application is made faster.

  • Prep Time

Prep time prior to painting the epoxy is essential with Sherwin Williams. If you were planning to slack off this bit, you could be making a grave mistake.

Eradicate all dirt and grime before you begin painting. Unfortunately, the results could be underwhelming if you don’t spend enough time preparing the floor for the epoxy.

And honestly, it wouldn’t be the epoxy’s fault!

Final Thoughts

Let’s get real; it will cost you a few minor issues no matter which epoxy you pick. However, trust us when we say that the advantages of this durable garage floor epoxy and other top-tier qualities overpower the minor tweaks.

Now, we hope these Sherwin Williams garage floor epoxy reviews have given a solid idea about the product and its unparalleled services.

Once you consider all the aspects and conclude, you won’t be disappointed by the product’s performance and results.

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