Glitsa Floor Finish Reviews 2024 (With Myth Busting): Is It Any Good?

The alternative of polyurethane surface finish is “Swedish finish” which is very much popular in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a generic name but it’s usually called the Glitsa floor finish.

Considering its increasing popularity in other parts of the U.S., I think it’s a good time to have a decent review on Glitsa floor finish. Once you know why it’s getting popular, you can decide for yourself whether you should have it or not.

Stay with me for a while.

Why Is Glitsa Floor Finish Popular?

Glitsa Floor Finish

Right after the debut in Sweden in the early 1950s and dominating there, Glitsa started operation in the U.S. in 1956.

Since then, it’s getting huge popularity due to its richness, stunning depth of clarity, and durability. Here is why it’s getting incredible popularity:

  • Reveal True Wood Color

Always sticking to the classic Swedish principles is the motto of Glitsa.

Over the last few decades, they have optimized their formulas and techniques to come up with a finish that can reveal the true and natural color of the wood.

Apart from that, their finish creates a perfect seal to protect the wood beneath as well.

  • Huge Collection

Their signature finish is Gold Seal Swedish Finish. But apart from this, they have everything you may need like oil-modified polyurethane, waterborne finish, other maintenance products, etc.

So, professional contractors and homeowners can get all they need for their flooring purposes from this one brand!

  • Loved By Professional Architects & Contractors

There have to be some really good reasons to get recommendations from those professionals, right?

Well, talk to any proud homeowners about why they prefer Glitsa so much. They will tell you that it’s perfect to preserve and enhance the beauty of their wood floors.

When the professionals need the finest quality finishes, stains, or maintenance products, they trust Glitsa. Remember, it’s been serving since the 1950s!

In addition to the cutting-edge technology and R&D, all of their finishes must go through real-world testing first. They do that to ensure delivering only the finest quality floor finishing products.

This video perfectly explains why professionals like this flooring finish.

Rumor Against Glitsa Floor Finish

I admit some people are skeptical about Glitsa considering there are so many myths about this floor finish. I think it’s a good place to bust those myths for good:

  • It Causes Fire!

Probably the biggest myth so far. So many people have been using Glitsa finishes for more than 30+ years and never ever encountered such incidents.

However, proper care should be exercised while applying it since it’s a chemical. In fact, that’s true for any chemical including household paint!

The Swedish Finish is not highly flammable or combustible but proper caution should be exercised while using it just like you would do handling any chemical.

  • It’s Toxic

It’s true but please keep in mind that every solvent-based paint, finish, or stain is toxic. Even if you go for water-based finishes, they contain harmful chemical compounds too.

Glitsa finish is not more toxic than any other finishes or paints.

Painting or finishing any floor in an enclosed environment without any proper ventilation is always hazardous. It’s hazardous for any such chemicals including the Swedish Finish.

  • It’s Banned In California

It’s somewhat true but the ban is not specific to Glitsa floor finish. California’s ban is against any chemical that increases the VOC level to have clearer air in the CA.

Not just Glitsa, lots of chemical products are banned in CA. To reduce VOC emission in the environment, CA has already banned lots of consumer products, lawn and garden products, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Glitsa a polyurethane?

Glitsa is an oil-modified polyurethane finish. It’s both stain-resistant and durable. It’s transparent and there is a slight presence of amber in there to provide better protection and rich color.

Which floor finish is best?

Polyurethane is still the best floor finish so far for its incredible resistance against almost anything. However, Glitsa floor finish is highly popular in the Pacific Northwest region as well.

What is the most popular finish for hardwood floors?

The satin sheen is the best in this regard. It can perfectly hide all the imperfections of the hardwood floor and it’s very easy to keep it clean.

Is PolyShades good for floors?

No, it’s not recommended for floors.

Closing Remarks

Look, the polyurethane surface finish is good and most popular. But if you want to try Glitsa, it’s a good choice too. Don’t let those rumors prevent you from getting this amazing floor finish.

Share your experience with Glitsa floor finish in the comment box. I will update this article accordingly.

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One thought on “Glitsa Floor Finish Reviews 2024 (With Myth Busting): Is It Any Good?

  1. I had Glitsa put on my second and third floors and stair treads 35+ years ago. It has held up so well. We did poly on the new floors installed on the first floor they have held up well but not as well as the Glitza. I have a few questions. One is what is the best touch up for Glitza floor finishes? And how do you figure out the sheen? (My guess is that it is 1st semi-gloss or 2nd satin) The next question is we had a repair made in the third floor hall way where somebody cut the floor boards when putting up a wall (probably about 30 square feet of reclaimed pine). The surrounding floors are Glitsa. I hear that only professionals should put down Glitsa so should I use polyurethane on the new wood or find a local professional to put on Glitsa? Third it was supposed to be pumpkin pine but some of the boards are really white and will need staining to match. How long should the stain cure before putting any finish on it.

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