Best Adhesive For Stacked Stone To Buy In 2024

When choosing an adhesive for stacked stones, multiple options are there. But not all of them are reliable.

We generally use stacked stone in bathrooms, foyers, kitchens, and even front doors. These types of things need a decent adhesive for better adhesion.

Selecting the best adhesive for stacked stone will ensure your stacked stone stays in the particular area where you have installed it. No unwanted movements!

Let’s get some high-quality adhesives for stacked stone. Let’s start!

Top 3 Stacked Stone Adhesive Reviews

It may feel like in the middle of the ocean when you see dozens of options. That’s why we cut down the list and chose the three best adhesives for stacked stone.

  • HIMG – Clear SCA (Adhesive for Granite, Marble & Stone)
HIMG SCA Adhesive

This high-quality adhesive comes from HIMG Surface Repair. The brand is so reliable that it doesn’t need any introduction.

It is made of toxin-free materials to ensure no harm.

So, they won’t lead to any chemical reaction after adding them to the stone surface. Also, it is safe for food prep areas.

Moreover, the glue has Odorless formula, so it won’t cause any issues with your sticky noses. Worry about curing time?

You should be!

Some cheap adhesives take a lot of time to dry and cure. But they end up adding a weaker bond even after taking so much time.

Thanks to its quick curing time. Once you apply the glue, it will attach several broken stones together within a few minutes. Looking for a versatile adhesive?

You already got it!

Whether it is stacked stone, Granite, or Marble, you can utilize this versatile glue for a wide range of options.

Some people prefer to apply epoxy glue. But they contain many chemical compounds and leave yellow marks on the stones.

This HIMG Surface Repair glue is the best alternative to solve this solution. 

What’s more, this stacked stone adhesive is ideal for heavy-duty applications. After all, it has excellent bond strength, fast grab, and higher gap fill.

The construction adhesive provides flexibility to add various-s porous surfaces. Instead of soaking up, it will perfectly seal both items. 

It comes in a small size and contains only 10 milliliters inside the container. So, you won’t have to buy a bulky container and waste the remaining amount.

Additionally, it is pretty affordable, costing around $19.50. Hence, you have no reason to dig into your bank account to purchase this high-quality adhesive.

Tips To Apply This Adhesive

Before applying the adhesive, make sure to remove all dust, dirt, grease, paint residue, and other substances from both surfaces.

If you mistakenly add the adhesive to the wrong area, use a knife or chisel to remove the glue from the surface. It needs to be appropriately sharp to make the job done.

Some people may prefer to use chemical adhesive removers. But they won’t be effective in weaker the strong bond between two surfaces.

Watch this video for a better understanding.

  • Tenax Rivo 15 Epoxy Adhesive for Stone/Concrete

Are you looking for a decent adhesive for attaching two natural stones together? If yes, Tenax Rivo 15 Epoxy Adhesive is a decent option to consider.

Generally, this type of adhesive is great for darker stones as they leave a yellow appearance over time. It comes with two-part formulations. Having excellent chemical resistance properties makes them a top choice.

You can attach two completely different stones together using this epoxy adhesive. Modifying it on various surfaces and items won’t be a problem.

Since they cure slowly, giving them enough time to cure is necessary. It takes 12 hours to harden fully. But once they cure properly such a strong chemical reaction.

Tenax Rivo Epoxy Adhesive

You should give all credit to its two-part bonding process. They will become as strong as you expected them to be.

Do you think they are only good for stones?


Aside from stones, they are suitable for glass, plastic, rubber, masonry, wood, metal, and many different substrates.

So, it is not hard to see how versatile this product is.

Worry about the chemical reaction? This very strong adhesive won’t react heavily even after exposing it to various types of toxic chemicals.

Its increased chemical inertness will ensure a better bonding and safer adhesion for a prolonged time.

Additionally, maintaining the optimal temperature is also necessary while applying the glue. Keeping temperature neither too hot nor too cold is a good rule of thumb.

According to experts, the ideal temperature for gluing this adhesive is 25C (77F).

A temperature less than 15C (59F) and more than 120 °C will prevent it from working effectively. They will fail to harden perfectly.

But once they perfectly cure; adverse temperature conditions will merely cause any harm to them.

Along with that, they are resistant to moisture, oil, and various types of solvents. Even extreme temperature fluctuations won’t affect their adhesion strength. 

Another notable feature of Tenax Rivo 15 Epoxy Adhesive is its impressive shear strength. The inner structure of this glue won’t slide easily even after getting a lot of outside forces or under sustained loads.

They will remain in place.

Overall, it creates  tough, high-strength bonds

Tips To Apply Adhesive

Make sure to get rid of all the dust, dirt, and other substances before attaching two stones together. Open the adhesive lid and take an equal amount of solution in a pot.

After that, mix the solution evenly. Close the lid of both containers instantly. You need to apply the glue within 15 minutes.

Otherwise, the solution will become hard. The more you are late, the harder it will be to apply.

Don’t forget to store Tenax Rivo 15 Epoxy Adhesive in a dry and cool place. They will remain in good condition and can last around two years.

  • SRW’s Stacked Stone Adhesive
SRW Stacked Stone Adhesive

If you are looking for a premium stacked stone adhesive, this option might be your ultimate ticket.

Permanently bonding the stones is what you will love about this top-grade glue.

Using this type of high-quality adhesive requires minimal preparation.

In fact, it ranks in the top position for being the fastest set-up time on the market.

It will create super-strong bonds, whether it is dry or damp surfaces after applying it.

You can apply this superior quality adhesive on many other surfaces, apart from natural stone. Retaining walls, Wood, Metals, Foam/Vinyl/PVC, Concrete, Pavers, Firepits, etc., are the most commonly used items.

Worry about temperature adjustability? You should be! Some cheap and even standard quality can handle too low or extreme temperature conditions.

They fail to create a decent bond after applications.

But the scenario will be completely different with SRW’s Stacked Stone. Whether high or low temperature, they have decent compatibility and adjustability to create a special bond after application.

Concerned about slipping and sagging issues?

The super-effective adhesive works impressively fast to secure hardscape materials. In fact, you don’t need to use bracing for some projects.

The best part about this top-grade adhesive is that it will save you valuable time. You will get an instant cure. Users are less likely to face hassle and mess while applying this glue.

Besides, you can keep yourself worry-free about interior or exterior stones. This high-quality adhesive is ideal for interior and exterior applications.

You can conveniently use this product in different projects such as dry stacks, outdoor kitchens, stone veneers, etc.

The unit has a shelf life of 12 months. Make sure to use it within this period. The container includes 28 oz of solutions, enough for applying to several stones.

The price of this stacked stone adhesive is a little bit higher than other typical products. As per the Mainline Materials website, it will cost around $241.04.

So, if you are searching for a budget-friendly option, you may think twice before purchasing it. But it is worth the price you pay since it will create a super long-lasting between two stones.

Points To Remember Finding The Right Stack Stone Adhesive

Below are some practical and effective points you should always remember while choosing a Stack Stone Adhesive.

  • Make sure to clean up the stone surfaces before attaching them together. Any unwanted dust or residue will prevent them from creating strong bonds.
  • Since environmental conditions affect the drying and curing time of adhesive, you want to choose the optimal temperature for adding such adhesive.
  • Some adhesives are vulnerable to higher humidity conditions. They become weaker. Hence, be cautious while applying such types of glue.
  • Keep a decent quality adhesive remover while applying the adhesive. This will ensure you take quick action when an emergency arises.  


Hundreds of adhesives are on the market, but not all of them are the best adhesive for stacked stone. Choosing the right one requires considering which type of stone you have and how many reliable results you want.

You should not mind spending extra to get high-quality stone adhesive. Cheap stone glue may crack easily within a short period.

This will lead to additional costs. You can choose the adhesive mentioned above that seems the best one for you.

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