Armor Garage Vs. ArmorPoxy: In-depth Differences With Features

When you think about flooring, you get plenty of options out there. Deciding between Armor garage vs. armor poxy is a pretty difficult thing you have to do.

I have this complete comparison article for the two choices to make the whole thing easier. You can go through the article and find out the value they can provide.

You can easily decide which one is better for your pick.

A Quick Comparison Of The Two Flooring Options

SpecificationsArmor GarageArmorPoxy
LooksVery goodDecent
Application Suitable for garages and basementsQuite a lot of places
InstallationEasy to installA bit difficult to get through
CollectionWide range of collectionLimited choices

Key Differences Between ArmorPoxy And Armor Garage

  • Looks For The Flooring

The thing with these flooring choices is that they are almost the same type of flooring. So, when you are stuck with these two choices, you must get through the intricate details.

ArmorPoxy Armorclad Kit
ArmorPoxy Armorclad Kit

One of the intricate details to get through is the looks and appearance of the flooring types.

Starting with the armor garage flooring, I have to say they look pretty clean.

You will love your floor’s appearance once you install flooring from the armor garage.

It just elevates the appearance of your existing floor by a lot.

Compared to that, the armor poxy flooring is all about classic looks. You get a pretty decent-looking flooring at your place when you go for armor poxy.

But if you are thinking of getting something impressive or extraordinary, then an armor garage is a better option.

Armor garage is the way to go for places that require you to cater to the looks. As for sites requiring a pretty standard setup, armor poxy can be your pick.

  • The Durability Of The Choices

Now, let’s talk about the durability of the two options. Durability has to be a major concern. Without good durability, you will often have to opt for repairing and remodeling your flooring.

For the durability factor, I would keep armor poxy over armor garage. They are much sturdier and have a heavier-duty build on them. You can find the flooring last longer and retain even more damage.

However, that doesn’t mean armor garage is a bad choice either. It’s still a great option for durability. But if you are comparing and trying to find an option that’s better for durability, I would say armor poxy is the way to go.

  • Applicability In Places
Armor Chip Epoxy From Armor Garage
Armor Chip Epoxy From Armor Garage

Where you can apply these different types of flooring choices can also help you decide between the options.

With Armor garage, you are limited to where to use this flooring and get the most value out of it.

Armor garage is a great option if you plan to install this flooring in your garage or your basement.

But if you want to get new flooring for somewhere else along with your basement, shops, or other interior purposes, then armor poxy might be a better pick.

  • Installation Process

Are you planning to install the flooring by yourself? In that case, you will need to consider the ease of installation. You get to see a difference between the two choices regarding ease of installation.

The armor garage flooring tends to be very easy to install for just about any setup. You can easily follow all the instructions they provide in the installation guide.

You don’t have to put too much time into installing armor garage flooring.

On the other hand, with armor poxy, there are several things that you have to deal with. Preparing the solution, mixing it properly, then applying the whole thing to your floor is a pretty hectic process.

You can watch its installation process here…

So, I have to go with the armor garage for easy application. It doesn’t involve too much hassle, so you can easily apply it yourself.

  • Available collection

If you love to have choices in whatever they get, then you will have an easy time choosing one of these choices. Because with armor garage, you will find plenty of different options.

They allow you so many choices that you can easily find an option more suited to your needs.

As for the armor poxy, I have to say they provide some limited choices. You get pretty standard options from their collection, and they aren’t something that will surprise you.

So, if you think you need to look for variety in the flooring types, then armor garage will satisfy you more than armor poxy.

Which One Is A Better Pick For Your Home?

Well, you can hardly decide between these two choices. Both of them are quite good. It just comes down to whether you are looking to get epoxy in particular or not.

If you are going for epoxy flooring, then armor poxy will suit your needs better.

Regarding different factors, if you think of better looks, then an armor garage is the better option. But if you need durability in your flooring, I would say go with armor poxy.

That’s the easiest way you can decide between the two choices.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is ArmorPoxy any good?

Yes, they are pretty good as an epoxy flooring solution. Because the application is quite easy and the quality is excellent too.

What is the best commercial garage floor coating?

Well, you can’t find the one true garage floor coating that’s best. Still some choices are Rust-Oleum, KILZ, DRYLOK, Armorgarage, and GarageTrac.

What is better than epoxy for the garage floor?

Nowadays, people consider polyurea coatings a better option than epoxy flooring for their garages.

What is ArmorPoxy?

ArmorPoxy is a well-known brand that manufactures high-quality epoxy floor coating and flooring kits. You can find plenty of options from them.


To conclude the armor garage vs. armor poxy debate, it’s all about the particular factors you require from the flooring. Whether it’s the looks you are after or the durability, it’s totally up to you.

From this whole comparison article, you should know by now which one is the best pick for what purpose. So, you won’t have too much trouble with the whole thing.

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