OKNA Windows Vs. Pella Windows: Which One You Should Go For?

Are you planning to install new windows or replace your old windows?

Choosing the right windows gives you three benefits: natural view, fresh air, and natural sunlight. That’s why I have decided to go for a review on Okna and Pella windows.

Pella Windows are available in 9 types, while Okna windows have only 5 types. Also, 3 frame materials are for Pella windows but only vinyl material for Okna. More product lines are available for Pella than Okna.

Let’s check out more about both window brands.

A Quick Comparison Table

If you don’t have the time or patience to go through the entire article, we have a solution for you. Just read this small comparison table to have a quick overview of both window options.

SpecificationOkna WindowsPella Windows
Window TypeBow, Bay, Double Hung, Casement, and Sliding  WindowsAwning, Bow, Bay, Double Hung, Single Hung, Casement, Sliding, and Custom Windows
Window Frame MaterialsOnly VinylVinyl, Fiberglass, and Wood
Product LinesLimited product linesMore product lines
Color/finish options8 exterior color/finish options and 2 interior finishes13 exterior color options and up to 19 interior color options
Glass optionsRegular Obscure and Niagra Glassobscure, tempered, bronze-tinted, and triple-pane glass
Warranty TermsA limited lifetime warrantyA limited lifetime warranty
PriceMedium price rangeA little high price range

In-depth Differences Between Okna And Pella Windows

  • Window Type
OKNA Windows

Pella Windows is available in 9 types, so you get a lot of flexibility to choose your preferred option easily.

Awning windows are perfect if you want windows with enhanced ventilation, versatile styling, and easy-to-use hardware.

Pella windows are different than ViWinTech in this regard too!

Casement windows are great for installing tough-to-reach areas. They are weather-resistant and come in contemporary and modern styles.

These windows can allow you to enjoy natural breezes and fresh air inside the room.

On the contrary, Okna windows have only 5 kinds of options. They are good when you want standard windows. However, all of these windows are available in Pella too.

  • Window Frame Materials

Okna windows have only vinyl frame materials that are highly durable, virtually maintenance-free, and exceptionally energy efficient.

In contrast, Pella windows are available in fiberglass, vinyl, and wood frame options. Wood frames are great for long-term sustainable construction.

They have an affordable price too. Fiberglass materials are super strong for long-lasting durability and thinner to ensure a better view.

  • Product Lines

Both Pella and Okna windows have several product lines. But Pella has more massive product lines than Okna. Pella 150, 250, 350, 450, Reserve, Architect, Lifestyle, Impervia, Encompass, Defender, Hurricane Shield, etc., series are available for this brand.

On the other hand, Okna windows have Precision Weld 400, Insul-Tec 500, Eco Pro 600, Casement 700, Enviro-Star 800, etc. So, picky house owners may like Pella windows as they have an ample range of series to choose from. 

  • Color/finish Options

The color or finish of windows plays a crucial role in better matching your household structure.

Okna windows are available in 8 exterior color/finish options and 2 interior finishes, but White and Almond are the two most popular colors from this brand.

On the other hand, Pella Windows has 13 exterior color options and 19 interior color options. However, blue, tan, brown, black, and white are the most widely-used colors among household owners.

  • Glass options

Okna windows either come in standard Obscure and Niagra Glass options.

Though Obscure glasses are translucent, they can reduce the sun’s glare and filter unwanted light away during the day. It can help to preserve a consistent temperature.

People generally use Niagra glass windows to add visual interest to the room. Compared to obscure glass, they are more energy-efficient too.

On the contrary, Pella windows are available in obscure, tempered, bronze-tinted, and triple-pane glass options. For example, tempered glass windows are heat and scratch-resistant. They have a crystal clear appearance and long-lasting durability.

If you want increased privacy and improved security, bronze-tinted glass windows are a great option. Triple-pane glass windows are the best choice when you prefer to sustain comfortable indoor temperatures and improve noise reduction. 

  • Durability

Though both Pella and Okna windows have decent durability, Pella windows can last longer than Okna windows. Pella uses higher quality materials for the windows’ body and frame area.

This makes them resistant to damage. So, users can expect to have better durability from Pella.

  • Warranty Terms

Okna windows have a limited lifetime warranty for all its product lines. The manufacturing company guarantees their windows are not prone to corroding, blistering, flaking, fading, or peeling issues.

Plus, you can transfer this warranty to the next homeowner for once only. OKNA is different than ProVia windows in this regard as well.

On the other hand, Pella Windows provide a limited lifetime warranty. Apart from that, they offer 2 years of skilled labor coverage. Transferring the warranty to the new homeowner is possible if you sell the house within 10 years.

  • Price

How much should you pay to install windows in your house? Some homeowners prefer to get a better value from a midrange budget. However, a few homeowners don’t mind spending extra to get exceptional quality and functional windows that can last for decades.

Most windows of Okna are available in a medium price range of options. But Pella Windows has a slightly higher price tag than Okna. They have many top-of-the-line products with a premium price tag.

Key Features of OKNA Windows

  • Frame Materials
OKNA Windows

OKNA windows are available in vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum clad wood frames.

Vinyl frames are low maintenance, durable, and energy efficient.

Fiberglass frames are incredibly strong, warp-resistant, and have excellent thermal performance.

Wood clad windows combine the beauty of wood on the interior with a protective aluminum exterior.

  • Glass Options

OKNA offers a variety of glass options to meet different needs. Their triple pane glass provides excellent insulation, noise reduction, and efficiency.

For enhanced solar control and fade protection, they offer tinted, tempered, and laminated glass. Low-E coatings and inert gas fills like argon improve the windows’ insulation.

  • Hardware

OKNA windows feature durable, high-quality hardware. Multi-point locking hardware securely seals the window when closed. The hardware is available in a variety of finishes to match the interior decor.

Hardware features like the SecureLock handle allow for secure ventilation.

  • Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is a key component in preventing air infiltration. OKNA windows use high-performance weatherstripping made from materials like silicone, pile, and polypropylene fin. This creates a tight air seal while allowing the windows to operate smoothly.

  • Screens

OKNA’s heavy duty screens are made with aluminum frames and fiberglass mesh. They install quickly with easy to use hardware clips. Their Nest screens feature a hidden spring for smooth, reliable operation when opening and closing.

Key Features of Pella Windows

  • Frame Materials
Pella Impervia Windows

Pella offers wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum window frames.

Their wood frames showcase beautiful oak, maple, pine, or poplar.

The vinyl frames are durable and low maintenance.

Fiberglass frames are incredibly strong and thermally efficient.

Aluminum clad wood frames get the benefits of both materials.

  • Glass Options

Advanced Low-E insulating glass comes standard on Pella windows. Options like triple pane and argon gas fills provide enhanced insulation. They offer a variety of tinted glasses for solar control and privacy. Laminated glass provides security, noise reduction, and UV protection.

  • Hardware

Pella’s window hardware is designed for smooth operation, security, and an integrated look. Their Vivid View screens feature concealed hinges and tamper-resistant fasteners. Rolscreen retractable screens disappear when not in use. Their optional Slimshade blinds are built right into the window sash.

  • Weatherstripping

Pella windows are equipped with flexible, Finn-style weatherstripping to prevent leaks. This helps block air infiltration while providing smooth operation. For their hinged patio doors, they use pile weatherstripping and an adjustable ball catch.

  • Customization

Pella offers extensive customization options. You can choose from dozens of interior and exterior color choices. Add between-the-glass blinds, decorative glass, or divided light grilles. Modify shapes with angles, arches, and custom curves. Their wood windows can be stained to any color.

Which Windows Is The Best Choice For Your House?

Both Pella Windows and Okna windows can suit a wide range of houses. Before choosing a particular window brand, you must determine whether it will provide the service and quality you expect from it.

 If you are looking for standard windows at affordable pricing, choosing Okna windows is not a wrong decision at all.

On the contrary, when you prefer a wide range of colors, options, product lines, and high-quality frames, Pella Windows is better than Okna.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the warranty on Okna windows?

Okna brand offers a limited lifetime warranty for all its product lines. Additionally, transferring the warranty to the new homeowner is also possible.

Are Okna windows vinyl?

Yes, Okna windows are made of vinyl that has decent energy efficiency and is incredibly long-lasting. People can even custom-made these windows.

Are Pella windows high end?

Pella windows are made from premium quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability. Their windows have a slightly higher price tag than regular options.

Is Pella the same as Anderson?

The Pella brand has a massive collection of product lines with distinctive and advanced designs and features. You can get more specialized windows from Pella than Anderson.

How long has Okna windows been in business?

 Okna windows started its journey in 1994 and earned a prestigious position in the window industry by introducing advanced, innovative, and functional windows.

Wrapping Up

Are you still confused about choosing Okna Windows and Pella windows?

Since both brands offer decent quality window products, choosing either option won’t be wrong.However, we have already mentioned which one is good at what perspective.

So, give more attention to the feature of the particular model or series you want to choose the specific brand. If its price and value combine well, you can select your preferred option.

Hopefully, you got some valuable information about both brands from this post.

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