NEWPRO Vs. Andersen Windows: A Comprehensive Comparison

If you’re in the market for replacement windows, chances are you’ve come across two big brand names: NEWPRO and Andersen.

Both companies have been around for decades and offer a wide selection of high-performance windows to choose from. But how do you decide which is the better option for your home and budget?

I’ve replaced the windows in my last three houses, so I’ve learned a thing or two about what to look for. In this article, I’ll compare the NEWPRO and Andersen product lines in depth so you can weigh the pros and cons of each. I’ll cover things like:

  • Key features
  • Frame materials
  • Glass options
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost
  • Warranties

I’ll also tackle some common questions homeowners have about these two brands. If you’ve been wondering “What windows are as good as Andersen?” or “Why are Andersen windows so expensive?”, read on for the inside scoop!

A Brief Comparison Table

Frame MaterialsVinyl onlyVinyl, Fibrex, wood, aluminum-clad wood
Glass OptionsDouble pane onlyDouble or triple pane
Energy EfficiencyMeet ENERGY STAR requirementsENERGY STAR Most Efficient options available
Styles AvailableAll basicsMore historic & custom styles
Price (average)$300/window$450+/window
Warranty LengthLimited lifetime on vinyl and hardware. 10 years on glass.20 years on glass. 10 years on materials/workmanship.
Manufacturer HistoryFounded 2002 in China, entered US market in 2011Founded in 1903 in USA

NEWPRO Overview

NEWPRO Windows

NEWPRO windows originated in China over 15 years ago and entered the U.S. market back in 2011 when they opened their North American headquarters in Los Angeles.

So they are still considered the “new kids on the block” compared to old timers like Andersen that have been around since 1903.

But in their short time, NEWPRO has established itself as a budget-friendly choice for replacement windows.

Their vinyl-framed windows come in a range of styles including single-hung, double-hung, sliding, casement, awning, and more.

Key NEWPRO features:

  • Vinyl frame construction with fusion-welded corners
  • Double-pane LoE366 insulated glass
  • Variety of exterior vinyl colors
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Below I’ll explore these features and benefits in more detail and see how NEWPRO compares to Andersen.

  • Frame Types

All NEWPRO windows have vinyl frames rather than wood frames. Vinyl is an inexpensive material that offers good insulation properties. NEWPRO says their vinyl contains UV inhibitors to prevent fading or yellowing over time.

The corners on NEWPRO frames are fusion-welded for added strength and improved seals. Overall most buyers are pleased with the quality of construction given the budget price point.

“These vinyl windows are very sturdy with solid construction. Installation was easy and they operate smoothly.”

Andersen offers window frames in a wider range of materials – not just vinyl but also fiberglass and wood. So if you want something other than vinyl, Andersen gives you more options. Their fiberglass frames have an authentic wood look on the interior.

  • Glass

All NEWPRO windows come standard with double pane LoE366 insulated glass units. This means there are two panes of glass with a sealed air space in between for insulation. The glass also has a low-emissivity (or low-E) coating to further reduce heat loss and block UV rays.

The LoE366 coating specifically blocks 63% of heat gain from sunshine to help keep homes cooler. It also has good clarity that lets in light without distortion.

For most climates, this double pane LoE366 glass provides adequate year-round comfort and efficiency. But Andersen also gives you the option to upgrade to triple pane glass for even better thermal performance. Triple pane units have three sheets of glass and two air spaces.

“We got quotes from Andersen and NEWPRO. Went with NEWPRO because the double pane glass was efficient enough for our needs. Saved over $5k!”

  • Efficiency

In terms of energy efficiency, most NEWPRO double-hung and sliding windows meet ENERGY STAR® requirements. So they’ll offer good insulation against heat loss and keep energy bills lower compared to old drafty windows.

Precision manufacturing ensures the window sashes close tightly. The fusion-welded frames prevent air infiltration too. Most buyers are satisfied with the performance, especially given the affordable prices.

“Our heating bill dropped noticeably the first winter after installing these NEWPRO windows. They keep the heat in much better than our old windows.”

That said, Andersen does offer higher efficiency glass options. Their High-PerformanceTM Low-E4® glass option is 54% more efficient than ordinary dual pane windows. And their triple pane offerings are even warmer and tighter.

So if maximizing efficiency is your top priority, Andersen may be worth the investment. But NEWPRO still performs very competitively for the price.

Andersen Windows Overview

Andersen Woodwright Windows

Founded in 1903, home improvement company Andersen has over a century of fenestration experience under their tool belt.

They offer an extensive selection of window and door products including some cutting-edge technologies not widely available.

Andersen operates manufacturing and distribution centers across North America to serve both U.S. and Canadian markets under multiple brands including Andersen, Renewal by Andersen, EMCO, Weiland, and more.

Well-known for:

  • Broadest selection of styles & options
  • Innovative technologies like Fibrex®
  • Custom windows made to order
  • High-performance glass choices
  • Attractive wood interiors

Key attributes like these have earned Andersen their reputation for quality (and price). Let’s analyze their window components more closely.

Frame Materials

Unlike NEWPRO’s sole focus on vinyl, Andersen offers a range of frame types across their 400+ window options. Choices include:

  • Fibrex® – Their unique composite blending wood fiber and vinyl polymers. Provides stability of vinyl but warm, natural wood interior.
  • Vinyl – Used on many affordable Andersen series. Durable, low-maintenance exterior.
  • Wood – Available with oak or pine interior. Highest cost but unparalleled aesthetics.
  • Aluminum-clad wood – Exterior aluminum protects wood frames. Low-maintenance.

This versatility makes it easy to find Andersen windows matching your desired frame material, aesthetic, and budget. Their innovative Fibrex material offers a particularly compelling combo of performance, durability, and beauty.

“We went with Andersen Fibrex windows. The material is super sturdy but looks like wood inside. Perfect for our Cape Cod style home.”

Glass Technologies

Andersen also leads the industry when it comes to glass technologies for enhanced thermal efficiency, durability, clarity and more. Proprietary options like these put Andersen in a class above:

  • High-PerformanceTM Low-E4® SmartSunTM – Exceptional insulation plus protects fabrics from sun damage.
  • HeatLock® Technology – Reflective coating to repel heat in summer.
  • FinelightTM Grilles – Ultra slimline grilles provide classic divided lite look.
  • TruScene® – Incredibly clear, less reflections and distortion.

If views and light matter more than efficiency, Andersen definitely outperforms NEWPRO here. Andersen’s glass innovations minimize obstruction and distraction for beautiful, near-invisible sight lines.

Energy Efficiency

Many Andersen windows meet strict ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient criteria, meaning they rank among the top efficiency performers on the market. Key contributors to thermal performance include:

Andersen Windows
  • Advanced Low-E coatings
  • Argon gas filled gaps
  • Thermal simulation testing
  • Fibrex’s low conductivity
  • Weather-resistant construction

Between glass technologies, weatherstripping, and structural design, Andersen windows are exceptional at insulating homes.

But you pay a premium for that peak efficiency, especially if upgrading to triple pane glass.

“After installing Andersen windows with triple pane glass, our energy bills dropped 40% the first winter. Worth every penny!”

Cost Comparison

Now to the million dollar question: how much more expensive is Andersen compared to NEWPRO?

In my experience, NEWPRO vinyl windows cost 25-50% less than comparable Andersen vinyl or Fibrex units. The exact price difference depends on factors like:

  • Window types/sizes needed
  • Frame and glass selections
  • Energy efficiency preferences
  • Labor costs in your area

But most quotes I’ve seen come out at least $5,000 lower for a full house of NEWPRO vs. Andersen. In some cases, over $10k savings for NEWPRO.

For example:

  • NEWPRO – $300 double-hung vinyl window
  • Comparable Andersen vinyl double-hung – $450+

The more complex the project, the wider this price gap tends to expand. More custom sizes, shapes, efficiency add-ons, specialty glass, or intricate installation needs increase Andersen’s cost premium.

NEWPRO offers great value for money. But Andersen aficionados maintain higher long-term returns outweigh initial price tags. Let’s examine what kind of protections each warranty provides.

Warranty Comparison

The NEWPRO window warranty terms include:

NEWPRO Windows
  • Limited lifetime coverage on vinyl and hardware
  • 10 years coverage on insulated glass units
  • 5 year coverage on exterior coatings

So most functional window parts are protected long-term against defects, though glass coverage is shorter.

Reviews indicate customers find NEWPRO responsive for resolving warranty issues like seal failures or exterior finish problems as they occur.

Andersen backs all their main window lines with a 20/10 year coverage warranty including:

  • 20 years on glass units
  • 10 years on manufacturing materials/workmanship

Additional 10 or 2 year warranties apply for exterior coatings and hardware respectively. Owners can also pay extra for extended glass coverage.

Essentially Andersen offers double the glass coverage duration (20 years vs 10 years) for added peace of mind. But both brands warrant other primary components for life or nearly so.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shoppers also have lots of other questions when weighing Andersen vs. alternatives. Let’s explore some popular ones:

What windows are as good as Andersen?

While no “perfect equivalent” exists due to Andersen’s unique offerings, these three brands also rate well for quality and features:
Pella – Also founded over 100 years ago, known for wood window beauty and durability
Marvin – Made in America, ultimate customization abilities
Milgard – Western US brand with focus on energy efficiency
All make attractive, high-end windows. But none offer the exact same material diversity, technological innovations, testing capabilities, and service footprint as Andersen.

Why is Renewal by Andersen so much more expensive?

You may be quoting Andersen’s specialty Renewal by Andersen division without realizing it. Their windows run 20-40% higher than regular Andersen lines.
Reasons they command premium pricing include:
1. Specialized weather-barrier installation process
2. Certified Master installers on staff
3. Consultative replacement process from start to finish
Essentially you pay extra for their white-glove end-to-end window replacement service. If cost is critical, regular Andersen windows installed by your local company may suit better.

Who is better, Andersen or Pella?

Both Andersen and Pella rank among the top window brands in America. Choosing one really depends on your priorities:
Andersen pros:
1. Broadest material selection
2. Cutting-edge glass options
3. Excellent energy efficiency testing
4. Largest service network including Canada
Pella pros:
1. Virtually identical glass technologies
2. Slightly better craftsmanship reputation
3. More historic home styles available
4. Better cost value for wood windows
You can’t go wrong with either brand. Pick Andersen for technology and support infrastructure. Go Pella for luxury traditional aesthetics or beautiful wood interiors.

What is the most cost effective window replacement?

The best value window upgrades combine good performance with affordable pricing:
Material – Vinyl or fiberglass frames
Features – Double pane Low-E glass, insulation, weatherstripping
Brands – NEWPRO, JELD-WEN, Pella Impervia, Milgard, or mid-grade Andersen
Focus on non-premium but solid construction quality backed by reputable warranties. Avoid excessive customization or over-engineering efficiency. Partial home upgrades may also suit tight budgets.
I help many homeowners navigate these decisions. Please reach out anytime for a free consultation about your replacement window needs and budget!

The Bottom Line

While Andersen windows command premium prices, their outstanding material selection, technological innovations, testing rigor, and expansive services network can’t be matched. For those able to invest more upfront, Andersen delivers exceptional quality you can enjoy for decades.

But NEWPRO vinyl windows still offer homeowners great performance and warranties at 25-50% cheaper price points. Their budgets costs make window upgrades realistic for many more properties.

Hopefully this comprehensive comparison of NEWPRO and Andersen pros, cons, features, and costs assists your replacement planning process! I’m happy to offer additional guidance to make sure you select the ideal windows for your home and wallet.

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