Medallion Cabinets Vs. Kraftmaid (2024): In-depth Differences And Features

Are you looking for the best kitchen cabinet around the market and are confused about Medallion cabinets and Kraftmaid? Then this blog post is designed for you.

From this blog post, you will get to know about a detailed comparison between Medallion cabinets vs. Kraftmaid cabinets so that you pick the best one for you.

I have covered the main differentiating factors between the two to help you make the ultimate buying decision.

So, without further delay, let’s get started with it.

A Quick Comparison Between The Two Cabinets Brands

I know time is the most precious thing, so this part is my little effort to help you in deciding on the purchase without so much time for it. So, here you go.

SpecificationMedallion CabinetsKraftmaid Cabinets
MaterialIt is made of plywood, and it is clear coat-sealed from inside to make it last for long.The material of the Kraftmaid cabinet is natural birch wood grain laminate.
QualityConsidering the overall review from most of the users, the quality is considered as higher end.The Kraftmaid cabinets are to some extent durable. So, it comes with excellent quality.
PriceIt comes with significant pricing. Though it is expensive, it would cost less considering the overall cost it would take for Medallion cabinets.
FinishingMedallion cabinets come with great finishing.Kraftmaid cabinets do not come with a great finish as Medallion cabinets.
Better varnishThe varnish job is impeccable.The varnish work is not as better as the other counterpart.
Custom colorMedallion cabinets come in so many varieties of colors.For Kraftmaid cabinets, you will not be having a custom coloring option for your cabinets.
Customer serviceIt has got a very higher satisfaction rate among the users when it comes to customer service.It has better customer support.
DurabilityThese cabinets are durable as claimed by the manufacturer.This is not as durable as the other counterpart as the finishing works often wear off.

Now you know about the basic differentiating aspects between Medallion cabinets and Kraftmaid. If you are still having a hard time making the decision, then the next section of the blog is for you.

Key Differences Between Medallion Cabinets And Kraftmaid

This part of this blog is to guide you about all the factors that I have already mentioned earlier in detail. By having some more information, you may be able to make a better decision between the two cabinets.

  • Materials Of The Cabinets
Medallion Silverline kitchen cabinet

The overall quality of the cabinets and the durability depend a lot on the material in which it is being built.

Medallion cabinets and Kraftmaid both are very well known among users, but they come with very different materials.

Medallion cabinets are made of plywood, whereas Kraftmaid cabinets are made of natural birch wood grain laminate.

  • Quality Of The Cabinets

The quality is a bit subjective since both the cabinets come with their loyal users for years.

But, considering the majority of the users of the Medallion cabinets, they consider it as a high-end cabinet for their home. But Kraftmaid cabinets are of excellent quality while being budget-friendly to some users.

Considering the pricing, the users are satisfied with the quality of the Kraftmaid cabinet quality as well.

  • Pricing Of The Cabinets

It is a major decision-making factor while investing a good amount of money in their home. The pricing differs between the two cabinets.

Though both Medallion cabinets and Kraftmaid come with significant pricing, Kraftmaid cabinets cost less compared to Medallion cabinets. Due to this factor, some users say they ended up purchasing Kraftmaid cabinets.

  • Finishing Of The Cabinets
Kraftmaid Cabinet

The finishing work makes the difference in the look when you are thinking about purchasing a cabinet for your home.

Any user having some personal experience would agree that finishing work of Medallion cabinets is better than the Kraftmaid cabinet.

In fact, due to the weaker finishing job of the Kraftmaid cabinet, it wears off very easily. It seems to be a significant disappointing factor for the users of the cabinet.

  • Better Varnish Work

The overall look of any cabinet depends a lot on the varnish work of the external surface. Medallion cabinets come with an impeccable varnish job, whereas for Kraftmaid cabinets it is not as flawless as this.

This makes a lot of difference when it comes to comparing the look of both of the cabinets.

  • Custom Colors 

Naturally, people would want different colors for their customized cabinets. So, to match their tastes, there need to be multiple options available when it comes to picking the color.

Here in this feature, Kraftmaid cabinet lacks as it does not have any custom color option available for its user. On the other hand, Medallion cabinets come with so many options of colors that the users can pick.

  • Customer Service Quality

The satisfaction of the users depends a lot on how much support they are getting from the manufacturer after the purchase. Both of the brands seem to have a good reputation when it comes to providing customer support.

Medallion cabinets users are very highly positive regarding the support they keep providing to them after the purchase.

  • The Durability Of The Cabinets

When it comes to durability then the Medallion cabinet is the winner here, and considering this point so many of the users preferred to invest in these cabinets.

On the other hand, Kraftmaid cabinet external finishing work often wears off. So, making it durable is a pretty hard job for any user.

Features Of Medallion Cabinets:

Construction and Materials

  • All-wood construction using high-quality hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry for durability
  • Plywood sides, backs, tops and bottoms provide stability and prevent warping
  • Dovetail joinery on drawers for strength
  • Full extension drawer glides allow full access to drawer space
  • Soft-close hinges prevent slamming of doors

Finishes and Styles

  • Available in a range of stain colors from light to dark for customizable look
  • Painted finishes also offered in wide variety of paint colors
  • Variety of door styles such as shaker, raised panel, and slab
  • Matching wood accessories available like corbels, feet, and crown molding

Storage and Organization

  • Wide range of storage and organizational options
  • Drawers featuring full extension glides for maximum access
  • Interior cabinet storage solutions like roll-outs, spice pull outs, and lazy susans
  • Wastebasket rollout cabinets for recycling and trash needs
  • Accessory drawers for storage of utensils, cookware, and more

Durability and Warranty

  • Kiln-dried wood ensures durability and prevents splitting or cracking
  • High quality construction allows for years of heavy use
  • Limited lifetime warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship

Key Features Of Kraftmaid Cabinets:

Construction and Materials

  • All-wood construction using oak, maple, cherry, and hickory for durability
  • 3/4″ thick cabinet sides, backs, tops and bottoms provide stability
  • Dovetail joinery on drawers for superior strength
  • Full-extension drawer glides for full access to contents
  • Soft-close hinges prevent slamming of doors

Finishes and Styles

  • Available in a range of stain colors from light to dark
  • Painted finishes offered in variety of colors like white, black, gray
  • Variety of door styles like shaker, raised panel, slab, and recessed panel
  • Matching trim and accessories available like crown molding

Storage and Organization

  • Wide range of storage and organizational features
  • Roll-out trays, lazy susans, and pull-out shelves for optimized space
  • Wastebasket cabinet pull-outs for recycling and trash needs
  • Spice storage pull-outs and tray dividers
  • Drawers with cutlery dividers and utensil trays

Customization Options

  • Fully customizable with choice of door styles, finishes, and storage accessories
  • Design your own cabinet layout for specialized kitchen needs
  • Matching furniture pieces like islands, pantries and hutches available

Warranty and Quality

  • Limited lifetime warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship
  • Quality construction with durable finishes built to last for years
  • Made in the USA

Which Cabinet Will Be The Best Pick For Your Home?

So, here comes the most difficult question to answer. Which one should you pick for your home?

Well, by now you must have seen all the pros and cons of Medallion cabinets and Kraftmaid cabinets. It is needless to say that if you consider all the aspects, then Medallion cabinets remain ahead of Kraftmaid cabinets.

But the catch here is the pricing of both the cabinets. If you have a budget constraint, you may want to go for the Kraftmaid cabinets.

I think you can do so as well because the satisfaction from a particular thing can be subjective sometimes.

I hope, by considering all your tastes and circumstances, you have already picked the suitable one for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Medallion Cabinets good quality?

It is very well known among the users due to the quality that it brings in. Medallion Cabinets come with a mixture of durability, functionality, and fashion. It is a perfect blend that would anyone ask for at a great value. The perfect finishing look adds another edge to the overall look of this cabinet.

Are KraftMaid cabinets made in the USA?

Yes, it is made in the USA. It is a cabinet that is being made rather than assembled.

Where are Medallion cabinets manufactured?

Medallion supports the communities living in the USA. That is why they chose to produce their products in the USA. These cabinets are being manufactured in Minnesota, Oregon, and Indiana. It is an initiative from the manufacturer to hold on to the heritage of the local people living there.

What type of plywood is best for cabinets?

When it comes to making cabinets, then A-grade plywood is the best one to pick.

Wrapping Things Up

As you know about all the significant differentiating factors of Medallion cabinets vs. Kraftmaid, I am sure you must have made up your mind by now. Whichever you pick to purchase, you need to make sure that it serves your purpose well.

Remember, only you know about how much budget you have and what is your ultimate need. 


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