Shiloh Cabinets Vs. Kraftmaid (2024): Main Differences

Searching for the best cabinet choices between Shiloh and Kraftmaid? Here is a detailed comparison of Shiloh vs Kraftmaid cabinets for you to choose wisely.

We have tried to include comparisons between the two on every aspect that matters for your buying decision. Go through the article to know which one is better between the two.

Without further ado, let’s see who wins the battle!

Quick Comparison Between Two Cabinets

MaterialMaple laminateNatural birch wood grain laminate
QualityAbove AverageExcellent
Product VariationVariation in finishesVariation in colors and designs
Cost    MediumExpensive
Availability  MediumHigh

Key Differences Between Shiloh And Kraftmaid Cabinets

  • Build Material
Shiloh cabinets
Shiloh Cabinets

Both Shiloh cabinets and Kraftmaid cabinets are made of the same material: plywood. However, Kraftmaid has 3/4th of solid wood as well.

Both brands have different options and upgrades available from where you can choose which option would be best for you or which one you prefer.

Starting with Kraftmaid cabinets. They are made of plywood and have natural birch wood grain laminate in their standard construction.

There are also upgrade options that add variety to how cabinets will be constructed. The options include a matching laminate interior and a matching veneer interior. From here on, you can choose anyone you prefer.

Now coming to Shiloh cabinets, aside from plywood as its main construction material, it comes with a maple laminate. This kind of laminate is considered one the best for durability.

It also lasts for generations after generations.

  • Design and Quality

Both the cabinets are of good qualities and designs but there remain some factors or variations which make them different from each other. Let us see the variations one by one with clear descriptions.

Kraftmaid cabinets have been in existence for a very long time. They are always in vogue. People seem to like their semi-customizable options.

Kraftmaid cabinets come in different styles for people with different tastes. They have classic and contemporary, traditional and luxury, and simple and light designs. People of any taste can choose and buy something they like.

Coming Shiloh cabinets, they also come with a variety of options. They can be customized and have many ranges of customization options.

These cabinets are also famous for their huge collection and options of finishes available. As finishes are a very important part of the furniture, customers tend to focus on them as well.

  • Product Variation
Kraftmaid Cabinet

Now comes variations of products.

Shiloh cabinets might have a less number of options for designs of cabinets but they are really good when it comes to finishes.

They have different types of finishes for different types of furniture available at their shop.

Standard paints and stain collections, aged technique, custom paint program, etc. options are available at the Shiloh website or any outlet of Shiloh.

Kraftmaid has a huge variety of color palettes and designs. They also have this feature of visualizing your cabinets and consulting with professionals before buying the cabinets.

You won’t have to do the extra job of finding the perfect cabinet from a thousand options. The experts will help you choose and filter out some of the options for you. It makes your task easier.

  • Durability

Both the cabinets are durable but Kraftmaid cabinets can be called a bit more durable than that of the Shiloh cabinets.

This is because the Kraftmaid cabinets are made of 3/4th of solid wood besides plywood. That is why it is more durable than Shiloh cabinets.

Most cabinets are usually made of solid wood, but Shiloh cabinets are made of all Plywood which gives it a weightless feature.

However, it has a bit less strength, longevity, and durability than the Kraftmaid cabinets because of the 3/4th part solid wood used in them.

  • Cost Variations

Both the brands have different offerings and their price ranges are also different from each other. The Shiloh cabinets range from around $7k up to $25k or more.

This depends on what things you are including. The cabinet prices will definitely range according to their specifications.

The price range of Kraftmaid is a bit higher than the Shiloh cabinets. These range from $15k to $30k or even more. This too depends on the specifications you choose for your cabinet. Because their cabinets can be of many types.

  • Availability

Both the brands are available in the market, but Kraftmaid is more easily available than Shiloh.

Although worldwide shipping is not as popular for either brand, they ship to many states in the US and also a few countries. Kraftmaid ships to more countries than Shiloh.

Kraftmaid also has the benefit of launching before Shiloh. However, Shiloh is doing a great job in expanding its business to a greater extent. Both brands have a good and loyal customer base to sell their cabinets to.

  • Service

Both brands are doing really well in the market and have retained a good number of loyal customers. Their service is the most important thing which attracts their customers.

Although both brands are doing well, reviews are higher for Kraftmaid than that of Shiloh. Shiloh started from a small family business and now earning millions.

So, it took a good amount of time to grab a major portion of the market and it is still improving.

Shiloh Cabinets Key Features

High-Quality Construction

  • Mortise and tenon cabinet construction
  • 3/4″ solid wood dovetail drawers
  • Full extension drawer guides for easy access
  • Soft-close hinges on doors
  • Choice of 1/2″ or 5/4″ cabinet fronts

Shiloh uses top-notch construction like dovetail drawers, mortise and tenon joinery, and soft-close hinges for durability and smooth function. Drawers easily glide out fully on metal extension guides.

Variety of Wood Species

  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Hickory
  • Cherry
  • Thermofoil

Whether you love the richness of oak, prefer contemporary maple, or want dramatic cherry, Shiloh offers all the most popular wood species. Thermofoil provides a budget-friendly option.

Customizable Storage Solutions

  • Roll-out trays
  • Spice pull-outs
  • Tiered drawers
  • Wastebasket cabinets
  • Appliance garages
  • Lazy susans

Shiloh has specialized storage solutions to optimize any kitchen’s workflow. Keep spices organized, neatly store trash bins, and efficiently access baking pans with their storage amenities.

Wide Range of Finish Options

  • Stains
  • Paints
  • Glazes
  • Distressing

With over 50 finish options from antique white paint to java glaze, you can find your perfect color palette. Specialty finishes like distressing provide extra character.

Quality Hardware

  • Soft-close hinges
  • Full-extension drawer glides
  • Concealed 6-way adjustable hinges

Shiloh hardware is built to last and provide smooth, quiet operation. Parts like drawer glides are rated for 75-100k open/close cycles.

KraftMaid Cabinets Key Features

Dovetail Drawer Boxes

  • Dovetail joinery for superior strength
  • Drawer boxes made from solid hardwood
  • Full-extension drawer glides for easy access

KraftMaid uses solid wood dovetail joinery on their drawers for durability. Drawers glide smoothly on metal ball-bearing extensions.

Warp-Resistant Cabinet Boxes

  • Made from 3/4″ furniture board
  • Reinforced with corner braces
  • Engineered for stability

KraftMaid boxes are specially engineered with 3/4″ thick furniture board and corner braces to minimize warping and sagging over time.

Soft-Close Drawers and Doors

  • Whisper-close drawers and doors
  • Prevent slamming and noise
  • Enhanced functionality and lifespan

Soft-close glides, hinges, and catches prevent slamming and provide easy, quiet operation. Upgrades durability.

Decorative and Functional Hardware

  • Sleek wire pulls
  • Decorative knobs
  • Soft-close hinges
  • Concealed 6-way adjustable hinges

KraftMaid offers a huge selection of top quality decorative hardware as well as functional hardware like soft-close hinges.

Storage Innovations

  • Pantry pull-outs
  • Tiered cutlery dividers
  • Spice storage
  • Appliance garages
  • Wastebasket pull-outs

Specialized storage solutions from Knape & Vogt maximize kitchen efficiency. Keep everything organized!

Which One Will Be the Best Fit for Your House?

Shiloh cabinets
Shiloh Cabinets

Honestly, there is no correct answer to this question.

Although the differences and comparisons might make you inclined toward Kraftmaid more you never know which designs would meet your preferences.

Both brands are very good to use and have good reviews as well. So, we would suggest you explore both options before purchasing your cabinets.

Because, at the end of the day, it is your house which would look good or bad depending on your decisions.

Apart from these, if you really have to get an answer then we would suggest different ones for different suggestions. If you are low on your budget and want to look for some minimalistic cabinets for your house, go for Shiloh.

Again, if you want insets then Shiloh is definitely better than Kraftmaid. Its finishes are also good. But if you want more durability, color variations, and great service and availability, then choose Kraftmaid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Kraftmaid and Shiloh cabinets.

Is Kraftmaid costlier than Shiloh?

The costings would depend on what type of cabinet you are purchasing. It would depend on what design, color, finish are you wanting to buy.

Which one among Shiloh and Kraftmaid cabinets look good?

Both have an amazing collection of designs. You just need to explore and find the one which suits your preference and taste.

Which one is stronger among the Kraftmaid cabinet and Shiloh cabinet?

Usually, Kraftmaid cabinets are known to be stronger because of their use of solid wood along with plywood. Solid woods says for a longer period than plywoods but plywoods are also light-weighted.

How much does it cost to install Kraftmaid cabinets?

The installation costings for Kraftmaid cabinets would cost between $100-$300. Some costs might add up due to location and the number of laborers needed to install it.

Final Words

In the end, there is no actual winner in the battle of Shiloh cabinets vs Kraftmaid because it entirely depends on your situation and preferences to choose between one of these.

Now that you know how to judge your situations and match your preferences, choose wisely between these two.

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  1. Nobody uses solid wood standard on sides of box construction. Built in decor ends or field applied are solid wood like a door.
    Shiloh is all plywood construction not melamine.
    There finishes are fantastic

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