Kubota Disc Mower Reviews 2023: Is It Worth It?

Looking for the fastest and most efficient ways to chop your lawn’s grass?

Lucky you, as your search may finally be over! Grabbing the best disc mower can be pretty tricky amidst all the different versions, multiple features, and brands.

So, what to do? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Read along to know some of the best features of the Kubota disc mowers and why this purchase can be the best fit for your household!

Features Of Kubota Disc Mower

Kubota Disc Mower

What’s better than owning a disc mower with efficient horsepower that can glide along the lawns with zero interruptions? Nothing, I bet. Other than such seamless features, Kubota disc mowers have more to offer.

So, let’s dive in to see what they are!

  • Usability

Homeowners like me love a few tweaks that can amp up regular disc mowers’ versatility and use. Fortunately, Kubota isn’t far behind in that game.

These disc mowers allow various speed selections that enhance users’ chances of switching between a few speed ranges, thus, having a seamless and desirable cut for different grassy areas.

Moreover, Kubota also possesses a few wheel height adjusting features that leads to easy-to-use and quicker operation.

However, one of the best perks that I seem unable to get enough of is the headlight implementation in Kubota disc mowers. A key element to obtaining a perfect leveled grass cut is often missed out due to lower visibility or missed spots, and Kubota has taken care of that well!

  • Cutting Quality

Kubota has a maximum cutting height of 102mm, which is a must-have for optimum results in severe conditions such as extreme heat or cold.

Additionally, unlike other models, the mulching specification in these disc mowers can chop grass finely.

This also means the finely chopped grass is later deposed on the lawn, fertilizing it for the following weather conditions. And a lucky bonus is that you don’t have to empty out the box later.

There are about three different height features for the cutting settings with up to 107cm of cutting width. With a maximum of 4.1 cutting height ratio, 190cm turning radius, and 25mm minimum height for grass cuts, you can acquire green and lush grass in no time!

  • Performance

What makes the Kubota disc mower a top-tier selection? Good question. The answer lies mainly in its uninterrupted, smooth performance, where the engine is constructed with an OHV for better fuel economy and heightened power.

Moreover, such structures are only found in high-end models, which is a huge plus. The engine size on average for the Kubota models is around 0.51, which means that these disc mowers come with more significant than average horsepower.

  • Electrical Features

I personally love that the Kubota disc mowers are entirely cordless, which makes them suitable and versatile for different uses and highly portable. Your workspace will not be within specific boundaries anymore.

But that’s not all. Kubota disc mowers are self-propelled and require less effort to push and pull around grassy areas. The self-propelling action and the gas or electrical start make the operations smoother.

These enable high rotary powers, with around 15l worth of maximum fuel tank capacities and 9km/h speed.

  • Product Variety

Kubota brings a wide range of disc mower selections to the table. People often get confused about which product to acquire as Kubota makes a vast range of disc mowers with differing height, weight, speed, operating, and horsepower features.

However, some of these models are perfect for larger grassy areas and others for smaller ones. Similarly, some of the varying horsepower, speed and cutting width, and height differ based on the operation needed.

The key is to match these versatile features to specific needs before the splurge.

  • Construction

There’s no better way to put it, but this – Kubota is built for any and every weather and grassy condition. The structure is of such excellent quality that it can beat and withstand almost any external condition without breaking down or interruptions.

The built-in Kubota is completed by experts who only rely on grade-A materials for reliable finishes, maintenance, maneuverability, and operation. The durable framing, ergonomic design, reliable engine power, and speed range are some features you shouldn’t ever have to sacrifice.

These features eventually lead to high efficiency, precision, and power, thus, letting the disc mowers tackle any external conditions.

What Could’ve Been Better With Kubota Disc Mower?

We’ve gone through some outstanding benefitting features of the Kubota disc mowers. But like any other product, it has a few drawbacks too.

First, the Kubota disc mower doesn’t own the highest ease of movement due to the absence of levers. A few other brands in the market comes with levers that make mowing the lawn easier as they pivot smoothly.

Moreover, the Kubota mower’s build quality isn’t of the highest grade either, resulting in many users receiving a few flimsy parts that need to be tightened to be replaced sooner. Watch this video for your better understanding.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Who makes Kubota disc mower?

Deutz-Farh, PZ, and Vicon implemented the Greenland Company in 1990 with Thyssen Bornemisza as the proprietor. The Kverneland Group of Norwegians acquired Greenland and Vicon later in 1998.

How fast can you mow hay with a disc mower?

If you have the highest horsepower, you can drive through grass fields with close to no limits. Horsepower of 15 or greater mph is preferable for tractors to move safely and quickly.

Did Kubota buy Vicon?

Kverneland Group acquired Kubota Group in 2013. This rebranding created significant developments in the organization’s market share, services, and product lines.

Which is better drum or disc mower?

Drum mowers are lightweight compared to disc mowers and have lower horsepower. Disc motors function as hydraulic lifts, which have handy features in smaller fields. Thus, they can capture and slash heftier amounts of grass per path.

Final Words

And there you have it, our Kubota disc mower reviews that will shoo away all your ‘ifs’ and ‘whats’. You can simply be the judge of it all now and compare this disc mower with other brands, their features, and models to make the best decision.

Investments like these don’t come around daily; thus, it’s vital to hit it on the nail the first time. Good luck!

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