Difference Between Champion XC92YC And RC12YC Spark Plugs

A common misconception is that Champion XC92YC and RC12YC are both the same spark plugs. However, there are specific differences between the two options for your lawnmowers.

Here, I will take you through the talk on Champion XC92YC vs. RC12YC spark plugs.

So, if you want the best solution for your engine and something perfect for your engine, then this will help you. Stick until the end of this article to find out how each is different and where you should be using each of them.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsChampion XC92YCChampion RC12YC
Top materialAlloy steelMetal
Type of spark plugStandard plugResistor-type spark plug

Champion XC92YC Vs. RC12YC Spark Plugs: In-depth Differences!

  • The Material At The Plug Top
Champion XC92YC Spark Plug
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The crucial difference you can notice between the two options is the top material. This can lead you to decide which is the better option for your purpose.

The XC92YC has alloy steel as the top material. Because of that, you get good sturdiness coming from it.

Also, in some engines, you may need alloy steel. Otherwise, the plug isn’t just compatible with the engine.

For the RC12YC, the top material you have is just regular metal. This allows the spark plug to be used in more cases compared to the XC92YC.

So, if you need a spark plug with alloy steel on top, Champion XC92YC is the way to go. But if there are no special requirements, then you can go with the RC12YC as well.

Keep in mind that both spark plugs have the same core material. Because of that, there won’t be much difference in performance.

  • Gap Available On The Spark Plug

Both the spark plugs come with different spark plug gaps on them. The spark plug gap is significant in determining the proper use of your spark plug.

In the XC92YC spark plug, you get a large gap of around 0.5inches. Since the gap is large, the engine needs too much power to ignite the plug. As a result, you can’t use this spark plug for a smaller engine.

On the other hand, the RC12YC spark plug has a gap of around 0.035inches. You can see the difference between the gap is quite significant. This spark plug will easily work on a smaller engine and will have enough power for ignition without any trouble.

Is there are better spark plugs in terms of the gap? Well, there is no clear answer to that. It all comes down to the purpose. If you have a smaller engine, you pick the RC12YC. But if you have a powerful engine, you can go with the XC92YC.

  • Type Of Plug
Champion RC12YC Spark Plug
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The key difference between these two spark plugs is their types. You may already know that there are several types of spark plugs.

Here, you are dealing with a standard and a resistor type.

The RC12YC spark plug is a resistor-type spark plug.

This means the plug can resist some of the energy when the engine is putting out spark energy, making it difficult to ignite.

As for XC92YC, you get a pretty standard and powerful spark without resistance. This makes it very easy to start ignition.

That’s why many racing plugs are standard plugs with no resistor because they need a quick and easy ignition to get more speed.

Now, coming to the choice between the two, there is no better option. You must go through your needs and see whether you need a resistor-type plug or a non-resistor one.

  • Pricing

Finally, coming to the pricing, you get an apparent difference that can help you decide on the spark plug. You have to consider the requirement for your engine first. The price factor may help you decide on one if you can use either of these plugs.

Simply put, XC92YC is a much more expensive spark plug than RC12YC. So, if you are looking to save up on some money and can make do with the RC12YC, that’s your go-to option.

Which Spark Plug Is Better For You?

Champion XC92YC Spark Plug

Honestly, there is no better option at all. You must examine your machine or vehicle and see what it needs.

If you need a resistor-type spark plug, you go with the RC12YC.

But if you need a non-resistor type spark plug for a powerful engine, then XC92YC is the option you have to pick.

Also, remember that RC12YC is a better-suited spark plug for smaller engines.

So, RC12YC is recommended without any second thoughts for anyone with a smaller engine.

However, always make sure that the spark plug you are getting is compatible with your engine. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time, money, and effort.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is equivalent to champion RC12YC?

The equivalent to the Champion RC12YC spark plug is the NGK Pro-V BKR5E spark plug.

What do the numbers and letters mean on a Champion spark plug?

The first letter you see on a champion spark plug determines the type of spark plug you have. If there is an R, then it’s a resistor type. The following letter tells you about the shell design. The number indicates the heat range of the spark plug. Then, the two letters usually indicate some uniqueness. Lastly, there is the gap designation of the spark plug.

What does the Q mean on a Champion spark plug?

The letter “Q” on a champion spark plug means that there is a wire wound inductive coil. This coil helps in reducing RFI in such a way that it doesn’t affect the ignition.

Is Champion Spark Plug qc12yc the same as RC12

No, even though they have the same heat range, you can’t use them for the same purpose. QC plugs work well for fuel-injected engines. In contrast, the RC12 is a resistor-type spark plug.


Wrapping it up, now you know the difference between Champion XC92YC and RC12YC. You can see there aren’t too many differences to go through.

However, some significant differences can impact the purpose of getting the spark plug entirely.

So, make sure to go through them; the most important factor is checking the compatibility. You must make sure you can use the spark plug for your engine before everything else.

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  1. Hello Ralph…thanks for the informative article. We service many Briggs standby generators with the Vanguard 993cc motor. We have always used the RC12YC plug per Briggs, but the new PowerProtect units are shipped from the factory with the XC92YC plug, even thought the motor is the same. I called tech support and they said just keep using the RC12YC. I am not sure if the 993cc motor is considered large or small, so I was hoping you might be able to supply me with some advise regarding this issue. Thanks in advance.

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