Homestretch Furniture Vs. Ashley Furniture (2024)

Comparing Homestretch Furniture with Ashely Furniture may not be appropriate because Ashely is a big brand. Ashely furniture has branches worldwide, and it opens up for several people to start their own furniture business with Ashely branding.

On the other hand, Homestretch furniture is a younger brand and doesn’t have a wide variety of products.

These brands offer a similar warranty period of only one year. In addition, Ashely’s furniture prices vary from location to location and product to product.

Comparatively, Homestretch provides a variety of Sofas for offices, rooms, living rooms, and other places. Yet, this is not the whole story!

A Brief Comparison Table

Factors To DescribeHomestretch FurnitureAshely Furniture
About Each BrandThe brand came into being in 2010, and since then, they are a reputable furniture manufacturerAshely has been here since 1970, and they have a vast legacy in manufacturing furniture items
Brand’s PopularityStandardHigher
Products VarietyFurniture, Mattresses, Outdoor, Kids, Baby & Toddler, Organization, Bath, Bedding, Décor, Rugs, LightingJust Furniture
Furniture Items IncludeSofas, Loveseats, Sectional Sofas, Sleeper Sofas, Futons, Reclining Furniture, Recliners, Accent Chairs, Ottomans, Coffee Tables, End & Side Tables, TV Stands, Living Room Sets, Sofa & Loveseat Sets, Coffee & End Table SetsSofas, Loveseats, Recliners, Lift Chairs, Sectionals, Leather, Custom Comfort
Furniture For PlacesLiving Room, Bed Room, Home office, Home Theater, Accent Furniture, Entryway, Small Spaces, Sets, Kitchen and Dining RoomDo not provide any classification, but you can fit the furniture in most rooms.
Manufacturing Location wiseAshly Furniture is produced in a variety of places that, include India, China, Vietnam, California, and moreThey are only manufacturing their furniture in the USA
Warranty On FurnitureOnly 1 yearOnly 1 Year
Material in ProductionAshely manufactures their furniture with various materials, including metals, leather, wood, etc.This product usually deals in sofas and chairs, so their products are often made with wood only
Customer’s RecommendationsHigherLower

Key Differences Between Homestretch And Ashely Furniture

  • About Each Brand
Ashley Furniture
Ashley Furniture

When comparing these brands for their reputation, history, and other factors, Ashley is way bigger, way more famous, and a highly reputed brand worldwide.

They came into the industry in 1970 and are now known worldwide.

The brand has helped many startups, vendors, and small businesses worldwide.

With more than 20,000 storefronts on the planet, the brand has a name on everyone’s tongue for its remarkable services and many products.

But on the other hand, Homestretch is a younger brand that came in 2010. In its starting days, it still strived for more reputation and had a very short production facility.

But they come with various Sofa selections for every specific place and area. Besides, their customer service is good, and they provide home installation and delivery in the United States.

  • Brand’s Popularity

Significantly, Ashely is more famous worldwide, and they have a massive portfolio of happy customers with comprehensive reviews.

Compared to that, Homestretch is busy trying to sell more and more products. They do not have such high-value popularity worldwide and do not come with a comprehensive portfolio.

Hence, one can find a reason for selecting either brand based on trust, durability, and other factors.

  • Products Variety

A big brand indeed sells more variety of products than a newly developed one. Keeping these spirits high, you can find many products at Ashely.

They deal with many Furniture products, Baby and Toddler Products, Mattresses, Bedding, Rugs, Lighting, organization, etc.

One can find this brand the right place to meet his basic desires for the best home products in the range.

In contrast, when you browse the Homestretch website, they only offer you furniture that includes different variety of sofas. It means you will have more reasons to choose Ashely over this brand.

  • Furniture Items Include
Homestretch Furniture
Homestretch Furniture

In that specific furniture items category, Ashely still wins.

Because it covers almost all of your house, depending on what you need to place at a specific location or room, this brand offers you tables, chairs, beds, sofas, living room sets, and more.

It means a customer can have the furniture he wants to give as a dowery or place it in his newly built house from Ashely.

But you may not find such a wide variety of furniture products while browsing Homestretch. Because they bring chairs, sofas, and loveseats, other types of sofas, Custom comfort also means sofa and more things related to sitting. This point also states that Ashly is a winner.

  • Material in Production

When production is enormous, the usage or material selection to producing such a massive quantity also varies.

Ashley makes furniture with almost all types of wooden, metal, and composite materials. Instead, Homestretch only gives you this furniture construction by using wood.

  • Furniture For Places

Ashley strives to cover almost all places where there is a need for a chair, table, bed, sofa, or other essentials. It includes your bedrooms, offices, home theaters, entryways, kitchen and dining rooms, Living rooms, and more.

At the same time, you can have sofas and other sitting products from Homestretch and place them anywhere you want. They do not classify the furniture types for covering certain places.

  • Manufacturing Location wise
Homestretch Recliner Sofa

A prominent difference between Ashley and Homestretch is their locations of production.

With great pride, Ashley operates in more than 150 countries worldwide.

They have manufacturing units and vendors in Asia, America, China, and other regions.

However, you will find the Homestretch operating only in the United States of America.

  • Warranty On Furniture

A good similarity between both brands is that they offer 1-year furniture product warranty to only the official buyer.

Like, if you have sold your house to someone else with the furniture, you will not be able to claim that warranty, nor that new owner of your house.

  • Customer’s Recommendations

We can see more people recommending Ashely furniture and fewer people recommending Homestretch.

Some customers don’t even know about homestretch furniture because they hear this name for the first time.

Which Brand’s Furniture Is Better?

From the factors explained above, I believe you can easily judge and decide. Because now, in the past, and future, Ashely will always be superior to a furniture brand like Homestretch.

No justification is needed because Ashely has an undeniable and unbreakable reputation in America and the world. So, how can I opt for Homestretch when Ashely is there?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Material Is Homestretch Furniture Made Of?

They use wooden materials, including oak and plywood construction, to manufacture their furniture.

Where Is Homestretch Furniture Made?

The Homestretch furniture is made in northeast Mississippi, United States of America.

Who Makes High-Quality Recliners?

Brands like Ashely, Mcombo, and Waldo are considered the leading options for buying high-quality recliners.

What Brand Is Comparable To Lazyboy?

The Lazyboy has competitors Havertys, Joybird, Wayfair, and Ethan Allen.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, it’s not reasonable to find confusion between Homestretch Furniture and Ashley Furniture because Ashely always comes at the top. With such a high value, more employees, operations in the world’s leading countries, and other qualities, Ashely has become the favorite choice of most furniture buyers.

I’ve also purchased Furniture from Ashely for my newly built home, and it’s performing complaint-free. Their services were remarkable, and they also offered me a discount. I am happy with Ashely!

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