Havertys Vs. Ethan Allen: A Furniture Comparison

When it comes to home furnishings, Havertys and Ethan Allen are two major players in the furniture retail industry. Both offer a wide selection of living room, bedroom, dining room, and home office furniture in various styles.

While they have some similarities, there are also key differences between Havertys and Ethan Allen when it comes to their products, prices, and shopping experience.

This comprehensive guide will compare and contrast Havertys and Ethan Allen furniture to help you determine which retailer is better suited for your home furnishing needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

CriteriaHavertysEthan Allen
Brand OriginsFounded in 1885 in Atlanta, GAFounded in 1932 in New York
Store TypesShowrooms and full-service storesShowrooms and design centers
Number of LocationsOver 120 stores across 16 statesOver 300 stores globally
Furniture StylesTraditional, contemporary, casual, eclecticTraditional, contemporary, transitional, cottage
Custom Order OptionsCustom fabrics, features for sofas/sectionalsWide range of customization services
Quality ReputationMiddle to upper-middleUpper-middle to high
Price RangeMiddle to upper-middleUpper-middle to high
Delivery FeesFree on orders over $999Free on orders over $3000
White Glove DeliveryAvailable for feeComplimentary with purchases

Now let’s dive deeper into the key pros and cons of each furniture brand:

Havertys Furniture Overview

Haverty's Furniture

Havertys Pros

  • Approachable pricing for middle to upper-middle income households
  • Good selection of living room furniture and mattresses
  • Regular sales, discounts, and interest-free financing promotions
  • Helpful non-commissioned sales associates
  • Convenient locations across the Southern and Midwest US

Havertys Cons

  • Quality and construction not on par with high-end brands
  • Limited selection of luxury and custom furnishings -Fewer customizable options than other retailers
  • Primarily US-based manufacturing

Ethan Allen Furniture Overview

Ethan Allen Pros

  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Coordinated collections with a range of customization options
  • Classic traditional styling with some contemporary and cottage looks
  • US-based manufacturing and craftsmanship
  • Complimentary design services

Ethan Allen Cons

  • Significantly higher pricing than average furniture stores
  • Furniture skews towards traditional aesthetic
  • Limited selection of casual and modern styles
  • Requires large upfront investment and long lead times for custom orders
  • Hit or miss customer service between design centers

Key Differences And Similarities of Havertys And Ethan Allen Furniture

Ethan Allen Sofa
Ethan Allen Sofa
  • Brand Reputation and History

Both Havertys and Ethan Allen have been around for over 85 years, but they took different paths to becoming furniture retailing giants.

Havertys started as a single home furnishings store in Atlanta in 1885. The company expanded across the Southeast and Midwest by opening stores in large regional markets. They focus on provide furniture and mattresses at approachable price points for middle class households.

Meanwhile, Ethan Allen was founded in 1932 in New York as a manufacturer of early American reproduction furniture. The company grew through a vertical integration model, operating its own manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and retail design centers.

Ethan Allen positioned itself as a luxury furniture brand known for quality craftsmanship.

While Havertys has more retail locations across 16 states, Ethan Allen has a larger international presence with stores in the US, Canada, and Europe.

  • Furniture Styles and Collections

Both retailers offer furniture selections across several style categories like traditional, contemporary, and casual. However, each brand has strengths in terms of their collections and aesthetic.

Ethan Allen collections are dominated by classic 18th century American and European antique reproductions with lots of ornate details. They offer coordinated collections where living room, bedroom, and dining room pieces have matching looks.

This makes it easy to outfit an entire room. Ethan Allen also has some options in the cottage and modern farmhouse styles.

Havertys has a wider range of looks from sleek contemporary to rustic lodge to tropical casual. They offer more variety across traditional, transitional, and modern furnishings.

Havertys furniture styling tends to be simpler without as much elaborate ornamentation. They have design consultants to help put together eclectic personalized looks.

  • Customization and Quality
Havertys Bedroom Set
Havertys Bedroom Set

A major difference between the two brands is the level of customization offered.

Ethan Allen has a wider range of ways to customize your furniture – from fabrics and finishes to ornamentation details and dimensions.

This allows you to create tailored pieces. However, custom Ethan Allen furnishings require a longer lead time and larger financial investment.

The level of quality and craftsmanship is also superior at Ethan Allen. Their products use premium solid wood construction, hand-crafted detailing, and high-end materials.

The quality control of an in-house manufacturing process allows Ethan Allen to ensure consistent standards. Their products are built to last for generations.

Havertys has some customizable options for fabrics and features on sofas and sectionals. But their customization capabilities are more limited overall.

When it comes to quality, most Havertys furniture is mass-produced with less attention to detail. Durability and longevity is not on par with higher-end brands.

  • Pricing and Value
Vintage Ethan Allen Classic Furniture
Vintage Ethan Allen Classic Furniture

The most obvious difference between the two brands is pricing.

Havertys offers furniture and mattresses at approachable price points accessible to middle income households.

Their products cost 20-50% less than comparable items at Ethan Allen.

Ethan Allen commands luxury furniture prices on par with other high-end retailers like Baker, Restoration Hardware, and Pottery Barn.

The premium pricing reflects the better materials, construction quality, and longevity of Ethan Allen furniture. Custom-designed pieces have the highest prices.

Havertys offers better value for budget-conscious shoppers who still want style and quality. Ethan Allen represents a major furniture investment, but the pieces become family heirlooms.

  • In-Store Experience

The in-store shopping experiences also diverge between Havertys and Ethan Allen.

Havertys has large retail showrooms in many major metro areas. Their stores showcase room displays across their various lifestyle collections.

Havertys sales associates earn commissions, so some customers feel pressured. But associates will also help you compare options to find the right furniture within your budget.

Ethan Allen utilizes a design center model. Their showrooms have vignettes showcasing the range of their collections in fully designed room settings.

Customers can meet with a professional complimentary design consultant who will understand your needs and style vision to make personalized recommendations. The design service aims to take the guesswork out of furniture shopping.

Havertys Vs. Ethan Allen: Which Is Better?

Ethan Allen's New Collection
Ethan Allen’s New Collection

When choosing between Havertys and Ethan Allen, there are several factors to consider based on your budget, taste, and priorities.

Havertys is likely the better choice for furniture shoppers who:

  • Have a budget under $3,000 per room
  • Prefer a more casual contemporary or eclectic aesthetic
  • Want good quality without paying for luxury materials
  • Plan to frequently change up their home’s style
  • Appreciate lower-pressure sales experience

Ethan Allen is preferable for discerning shoppers who:

  • Are willing to invest $5,000+ per room for heirloom furniture
  • Love classic traditional style with ornate detailing
  • Expect top-notch quality craftsmanship and materials
  • Want extensive customization options to create bespoke pieces
  • Value design expertise to outfit their entire home

There is no definitive winner between these two major retailers. Determine whether your budget and style align more closely with accessible and approachable Havertys furniture or luxury and customized Ethan Allen furnishings.

For the best of both worlds, you can also mix and match select accent pieces from each brand throughout your rooms. With some careful comparison shopping, you’ll be equipped to furnish an elegant and comfortable home suited to your unique needs.

FAQ About Havertys and Ethan Allen

What is comparable to Ethan Allen?

Some other furniture brands comparable to Ethan Allen in terms of quality, style, and pricing include: Baker, Broyhill, Drexel Heritage, Hooker Furniture, Lane Venture, Restoration Hardware, Thomasville, Universal Furniture.

Is Ethan Allen high end furniture?

Yes, Ethan Allen is considered a high-end luxury furniture brand. Key factors that make Ethan Allen high end include:
1. Premium quality materials like solid hardwoods, fine veneers, and top-grain leathers
2. Hand-crafted construction and detailing by skilled American artisans
3. Coordinated collections with extensive customization options
4. Status as a long-standing heritage furniture maker since 1932
5. Classic traditional designs drawing from 18th century influences
6. Higher price points ranging from $2,000-$10,000+ per piece
The combination of outstanding craftsmanship, customizable options, luxury materials and enduring traditional styles cement Ethan Allen as a premium high-end furniture brand.

Is Havertys high end?

No, Havertys would not be categorized as high-end furniture. Havertys occupies an upper-middle tier in terms of quality and pricing. Key factors that position Havertys as mid-range versus high-end furniture include:
1. Mostly mass-produced furniture with less hand-crafting
2. More affordable plentiful woods and decent leathers
3. Simpler detailing and less ornate styles
4. Strong value proposition within a $500-$2,000 per piece range
5. More casual contemporary and transitional looks
6. Less customization available compared to true high-end brands
Havertys offers better quality and service than discount big-box retailers. But their manufacturing methods, materials, and styling are not on the luxury level.

What furniture is similar to Havertys?

Some other furniture stores that offer similar styles and quality at comparable price points to Havertys include: Ashley Furniture, Raymour & Flanigan, Rooms To Go, Mathis Brothers, Living Spaces, Morris Furniture, Gardner-White.
These brands provide an array of furniture across traditional, contemporary, and casual designs with upper-middle pricing. They compete with Havertys for value-driven shoppers looking for stylish furniture without luxury prestige.

Wrapping Up

When furnishing a home, Havertys and Ethan Allen both offer extensive selections from living rooms and bedrooms to dining sets and home office. Key differences come down to pricing, quality, customization, and aesthetic preferences.

Consider your budget, how long you want your furniture to last, your preferred decorating style, and the level of personalization you want. This will steer you towards Havertys for affordability and approachable styling or Ethan Allen for heirloom-quality investment pieces with classic designs.

Finding the right balance of quality, functionality, and appearance for your home furniture is a big decision. Carefully compare brands like Havertys and Ethan Allen to make the choices that align with your lifestyle and vision.

The right furniture can become a welcoming backdrop for all your home’s precious memories for years to come.

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