FRP Adhesive Alternative (2024): Are Those Really Worth It?

Many people go through a rough time with FRP adhesives because there tends to be a huge shortage of these adhesives. So, many projects almost halt due to this lack of FRP adhesive supply.

In that scenario, finding an FRP adhesive alternative almost becomes a necessity.

That’s what I will bring here for you today. I dug deep into the internet and found some amazing alternative options you can try as FRP adhesives.

So, if you also suffer from a lack of FRP adhesive supply, this article is the perfect solution.

FRP Adhesive Substitutes For Your Construction Project

I would recommend going for that if there is a way to get the original FRP adhesives. But if you can’t find that or it’s just not available to you, then you can try out the following choices.

  • Loctite Power Grab
  • Bostik D-2001
  • Mapei Ultrabond
  • Contact Cement
  • Liquid Nails

Most of the alternatives I got here are products from different brands. You can check out other products as well if you find something similar. It’s just that these are the reliable choices that can work for your projects overall.

  • Loctite Power Grab
Loctite Power Grab

One of the best alternative options you can find out there for FRP adhesives is Loctite power grab.

The adhesion strength of the Loctite power grab is very impressive.

They are pretty versatile in use at the same time. You can use this adhesive in different scenarios.

Whether it’s a wet surface or a non-porous surface, it doesn’t matter.

The curing time for the adhesive is also pretty low.

So, you don’t have to wait for long hours to get the Loctite power grab working on your project. The only thing is that the adhesive is solely meant for use in FRP.

  • Bostik D-2001

Here’s another option that you have available almost anywhere you go.

It’s a strong adhesive for construction projects, especially with a concrete wall. They have a pretty sturdy adhesion that keeps the construction works under control.

The only problem with Bostik D-2001 is that while they are good for construction projects, they might not be the best for FRP adhesives.

I mean, they work pretty well and provide you with decent results. But if you want the best adhesion, this is not your option.

At the same time, if you can’t find the proper FRP adhesives, then this can be an excellent alternative option to try out.

  • Mapei Ultrabond
Mapei Ultrabond

Mapei ultra bond is a very popular choice when it comes to adhesives for flooring.

There are plenty of different variants that are perfect for different purposes.

For FRP flooring, I think any of the variants should work. It’s a very high-performing adhesive, so your results are pretty satisfying.

The only thing about the adhesive is that they aren’t suitable for all FRP installations.

You can’t use these adhesives for all kinds of FRP projects. The results you get from the adhesive aren’t as good as using official FRP adhesives.

  • Contact Cement

A lot of people try to use contact cement as their primary adhesives when they are dealing with FRP projects. And honestly, I think this is a good alternative that you can try out for FRP adhesives.

Especially because of the availability of contact cement, it’s a great option to pick as an alternate.

I don’t think you should have any complaints about the results you get from this adhesive. Sure, it’s not meant for the FRP purpose, but it can get the job done for the most part.

This should work as long as you are looking to get a permanent ban on the FRP material.

  • Liquid Nails
Liquid Nails

Liquid nails are a renowned brand that manufactures high-quality adhesives for many different purposes.

They have a completely separate line for FRP adhesives. You can get their FRP adhesives, and you should be good.

I would say they are as good as regular FRP adhesives.

You can easily replace them with the ones you would use in general. The only thing about Liquid nails FRP adhesives is the fact that they can be a bit expensive.

Having said that, if you genuinely need FRP adhesives and can’t seem to find them anywhere, liquid nails are the most reliable option you can get to.

Typically, using these construction adhesives should get you by whenever you work on an FRP project. The only troubling part is that some adhesives might not work in some cases.

So, you will need to try out different ones to see which one works out for your case.

  • Titebond Fast Grab FRP Adhesive

Titebond Fast Grab FRP Adhesive is one of the best alternatives. The adhesive is specially designed for FRP panels.

Moreover, it is ideal for bonding FRP to non-treated plywood, drywalls, etc. The flexibility of the Fast Grab makes it crack-resistant to temperature changes.

Because of the nonflammable design, you can use it as an FRP adhesive alternative without any tension. Also, the effortless installation process makes it a convenient option.

  • Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive
Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

You can use Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive as an FRP substitute.

Though the glue is not specially made for the FRP project, it can meet your requirement.

This glue is well known for its powerful bond in all weather conditions.

Moreover, it can be used on most surfaces, including fiberglass.

The adhesive is 100% waterproof and can maintain the bonding under water. On top of that, after getting dry, it becomes crystal clear.

Like any other FRP adhesive, Gorilla is incredibly durable in harsh weather conditions. So, ultimately the glue is not made for FRP, but it will do the job perfectly as an alternative.

However, I recommend using the proper FRP glue for the best outcome.

  • Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive

The Titebond Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive is an excellent alternative to FRP glue. As a member of the GREENchoice family, it carries some of the features of Fast Grab.

However, it might not do a great job like the FRP adhesive. But you won’t be disappointed. Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive does a perfect job on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Moreover, it is mold and moisture-resistant. Ultimately you will be pleased for a long time with the performance.

So if you don’t have FRP adhesive, you can use Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive for your FRP projects as a substitute. The straightforward installation process, minimal cleanup, and strong stickiness will help to get your job done.

  • Weldwood FRP Adhesive

Weldwood is a fantastic adhesive for FRP projects. Compared to other adhesive substitutes, Weldwood is easier to trowel.

The adhesive has a latex-based formula implemented to ensure robust bonding. You can use this glue to attach your FRP panels to gypsum wallboard, plywood, concrete, and plaster.

Moreover, Weldwood dries off quickly. So you face less hassle while installing it. But the only downside is Weldwood is recommended for only interior use.

 Hence, if you are willing to use your FRP adhesive outside of the house, you should avoid this substitute. However, it is a superb choice for interior FRP projects.

Is FRP adhesive Worth It?

FRP Adhesive

I mean, sure, there are other alternative options you get to see for FRP panels, but they aren’t the best ones.

You don’t get the same result as you would get from FRP adhesive.

So, the alternative options are just temporary solutions that you can try out.

But if you are thinking of the best results for your FRP projects, I have to say, FRP adhesives are the way to go.

They are perfect for all situations. The adhesion you get from the FRP adhesives is very strong, and you won’t have any trouble with longevity.

So, considering everything, I would say FRP adhesives are for sure worth it. But they run out of stock very quickly. Considering that, it’s always better to know some alternate options.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can I use Liquid Nails for FRP?

Yes, you can find several FRP adhesives options available from Liquid nails. They provide excellent strength and quality. You won’t have any issues with the adhesion, so you won’t have to bother too much.

Can you use floor adhesive for FRP panels?

Yes, you can use floor adhesives for FRP panels. Although, not every option out there will work here. You have to make sure you are getting an adhesive that comes with excellent strength. It has to adhere to the FRP panels and create a strong bond; otherwise, it’s just a waste.
Not all floor adhesives are capable of doing that. So, you have to get the ones that are strong in adhesion.

Can I use tile adhesive for FRP?

Most of the time, the adhesion in tile adhesive isn’t enough for FRP. With FRP panels, the adhesion must be very strong and have proper curing time. With tile adhesives, you don’t get the same results.

Can you glue FRP to plywood?

Yes, you can use a specific FRP adhesive to glue FRP and plywood together. Just make sure you are getting the correct adhesive for the right purpose.


Summing it up, it’s always good to know about FRP adhesive alternatives. The main reason is that you don’t get the best availability in the FRP adhesives.

They run out of stock very fast no matter where you are searching.

Luckily, there are several other alternate options you can find out there. These adhesives may not be the best solution for working on FRP panels.

Still, they are pretty decent in function. You will get good results from the adhesives.

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