Big Lots Vs. Ashley Furniture: Which Furniture Retailer Is Better?

Furnishing your home can be an exciting yet daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Two popular furniture retailers that often top shoppers’ lists are Big Lots and Ashley Furniture.

But which one is better for your needs?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Big Lots and Ashley Furniture to help you decide which retailer is the best fit for your style and budget. We’ll break down the key differences between these two furniture giants across a range of factors including:

  • Pricing and affordability
  • Quality and construction
  • Style and selection
  • Shopping experience and services
  • Company reputation and reviews

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of Big Lots vs Ashley Furniture so you can furnish your home with confidence. Let’s dive in!

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsBig LotsAshley Furniture
PricingVery low, discounted pricesHigher regular retail pricing
QualityLower quality materials and constructionBetter quality materials and durable builds
SelectionLimited, constantly changing assortmentExtensive collections and coordinating pieces
Shopping ExperienceWarehouse store feel, disorganized displaysRefined showrooms, helpful sales associates
ReputationMixed reviews, complains of low qualityMixed reviews, complains about delivery issues
Best ForBudget shoppers who prioritize price over longevityShoppers willing to pay more for quality, selection, service

Key Differences Between Big Lots And Ashley Furniture

Big Lots Furniture Store
  • Pricing and Affordability

One of the biggest factors that draws customers to Big Lots is the low prices and large assortment of discounted items. As an off-price retailer, Big Lots specializes in selling brand name products at up to 60% off typical retail prices.

The store offers significant cost savings on everything from furniture and mattresses to home decor, seasonal items, and more.

Ashley Furniture, on the other hand, features regular retail pricing that aligns with the higher quality construction of their furniture. While not the most budget-friendly option, they do offer frequent sales and special financing offers to help make their furniture more affordable. Their prices are competitive with other similar mid-tier furniture stores.

When it comes to affordability, Big Lots has the clear advantage. The extreme discounts make it possible to furnish an entire home on a tight budget. Ashley Furniture is better suited for shoppers willing to pay more for better quality that will last longer.

  • Quality and Construction

Speaking of quality, this is an area where Ashley Furniture really shines compared to Big Lots. As one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world, Ashley Furniture controls the end-to-end production process for the majority of their products.

This allows them to closely monitor the materials and workmanship that goes into each piece. Most of their furniture features durable hardwood frames, premium upholstery, and sturdy hardware.

Meanwhile at Big Lots, product quality can be hit or miss. While you’ll find some decent quality furniture mixed in, much of it won’t withstand years of regular use. The bargain prices come at a cost in longevity and construction.

Some of the furniture may wobble or feel flimsy. And upholstery is prone to pilling or loosening over time.

When comparing quality, Ashley Furniture is the clear winner, providing better craftsmanship and more durable builds that will hold up well for years to come. The superior quality comes at a higher price point though.

  • Style and Selection
Ashley Bed
Ashley Furniture

Both Big Lots and Ashley Furniture offer a wide range of furniture styles to suit any home aesthetic.

Big Lots has an eclectic, always-changing selection of affordable furniture pieces and home decor items.

You can find everything from traditional dining sets to quirky accent chairs and boho-inspired wall decor.

They offer quick updates for short-term living situations where you don’t want to splurge on investment pieces.

Ashley Furniture provides a coordinated collection of furniture that makes decorating easy. Their extensive choice of styles ranges from contemporary to farmhouse, traditional to modern. You’ll find living room sets, bedroom sets, dining sets, and accent pieces designed to blend seamlessly together. This makes it simple to give an entire room or home a cohesive, polished look.

When it comes to selection, Ashley Furniture wins out with more furniture collections and decor options to mix and match. Big Lots has a limited revolving inventory that may not always have matching pieces available to complete a set.

  • Shopping Experience and Services

The in-store shopping experience can also be quite different between these two retailers. Big Lots has a warehouse aesthetic with stacked furniture and jumbled displays. While you can sometimes find great deals on hidden gems, the disorganization makes shopping a chore. Customer service is hit or miss depending on who is working.

Ashley Furniture showrooms are nicely merchandised to showcase complete collections. Decorated room settings give you a preview of how the pieces can be styled in your home.

Sales associates provide personalized service to help you find perfect pieces for your needs. Ashley also offers professional interior design services for a fee.

Both retailers offer e-commerce websites for online furniture shopping as well. This provides a convenient browsing and buying option if you prefer shopping from home.

Overall, Ashley Furniture stores are designed to provide a more enjoyable and service-oriented shopping experience compared to Big Lots. But if you don’t mind digging and don’t need guidance, Big Lots can be an exciting treasure hunt.

  • Company Reputation and Reviews

When it comes to customer satisfaction and company reputation, both Big Lots and Ashley Furniture receive mixed reviews.

Big Lots Furniture
Big Lots Furniture

Big Lots is known for low prices, but also for lower quality control.

Reviews highlight the hit-or-miss nature of shopping here. Items may arrive damaged or defective.

Customer service responsiveness can be lacking.

But when you find great discounted deals on furniture that holds up, shoppers are pleased with the value.

Ashley Furniture gets kudos for stylish furniture with good quality construction. But some customers report issues with damage during delivery, late deliveries, and difficulty reaching customer service.

There are also complaints about pushy sales tactics in stores. When things go smoothly, most customers are thrilled with the furniture at the price point.

Ultimately, each retailer has strengths and weaknesses that seem to balance out in overall brand reputation. It pays to read recent reviews before purchasing to set proper expectations.

Big Lots And Ashley Furniture: Which Is Better?

So when considering this battle of the furniture giants, is Big Lots or Ashley Furniture better?

Here’s a quick recap of the key differences:

  • Big Lots has lower prices and more discounts, while Ashley Furniture focuses on everyday value pricing.
  • Ashley Furniture clearly wins for quality of materials and construction.
  • Ashley Furniture has a wider range of coordinated furniture collections and styles.
  • The shopping experience is more refined at Ashley Furniture, compared to the chaotic warehouse vibe of Big Lots.

For most furniture shoppers, Ashley Furniture presents the better overall value and shopping experience. You’ll pay more than rock-bottom Big Lots prices, but the increase in quality and selection is worth it for long-lasting pieces. The ability to decorate in a consistent style is also a major plus.

Big Lots makes sense for the budget-conscious shopper who prioritizes price over longevity and needs mismatched pieces. The random selection can be fun to sift through if you have time and a flexible vision.

Beyond the differences, here are a few key similarities:

  • Both retailers offer online shopping with in-store pickup options.
  • Nationwide stores provide broad accessibility for most shoppers.
  • Styles range from traditional classics to contemporary trends.
  • Frequent sales and promotions make prices more affordable.

Looking at the full picture, Ashley Furniture emerges as the winner for anyone wanting nicely made furniture for a reasonable mid-tier price. Big Lots is ideal for those who can’t afford much but need basic furniture staples. Keep reading for more details on getting the best deals at each retailer.

How To Get the Best Deals At Big Lots?

While prices are already low at Big Lots, you can maximize savings with these money-saving tips:

Ashley Furniture
Ashley Furniture
  • Check for weekly doorbuster specials advertised in the Big Lots weekly ad or online. These limited-time deals often offer 50-75% off.
  • Ask about price matching. Big Lots will match local competitors’ prices to give you the lowest price.
  • Sign up for the Big Rewards loyalty program. You’ll earn points with each purchase to unlock special perks and bigger discounts.
  • Shop holiday sales like Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day for even deeper discounts.
  • Check clearance areas which get replenished often. You can find floor models, overstock items, and more at clearance prices.
  • Take advantage of the warranty and replacement plan options to protect your budget furniture purchases.

With some persistence and the right timing, you can land some incredible deals at Big Lots that stretch your decorating dollars.

How To Get the Best Deals at Ashley Furniture?

While Ashley Furniture may seem expensive compared to Big Lots, there are ways to save here too:

  • Ask about price matching at your local Ashley Furniture HomeStore. They may match competitors’ prices within a certain radius.
  • Sign up for email alerts to receive notifications about sales, limited-time promotions, and special financing offers.
  • Shop during major sales like the Anniversary Sale, Memorial Day Sale, Labor Day Sale, and yearly Clearance Sale. Discounts can range from 10-30% off.
  • Take advantage of special financing options like no interest if paid in full within 12-60 months. This allows you to break up payments over time.
  • Purchase floor models which are often significantly discounted but still in great condition.
  • Consider bundled packages that allow you to get a bedroom, dining, and living room set together at a bundled price.

While Ashley Furniture may not be the bargain paradise that Big Lots is, well-timed sales and special offers can make the prices much more wallet-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Big Lots And Ashley Furniture

Is Ashley Furniture considered high end?

No, Ashley Furniture is generally not considered high-end furniture. Instead, it falls into the mid-tier category, offering better quality and styling than budget furniture stores but at prices much lower than luxury designers.

Who makes the best quality couches?

Some of the brands known for manufacturing high-quality sofas and couches include: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, Ethan Allen, Lane Home Furnishings, Bassett Furniture Industries, Hooker Furniture, Bernhardt Furniture Company, Century Furniture.
Many of these brands are sold through specific stores or dealers rather than big box furniture retailers.

Is Ashley Furniture good for the price?

Overall, yes – Ashley Furniture offers pretty good quality and durability at reasonable price points compared to similar mid-range furniture stores. The wide variety of styles and frequent sales make it easy to find deals. While not the highest-end, most customers find Ashley Furniture to be a solid value purchase.

Does Broyhill own Big Lots?

No, Big Lots and Broyhill are two separate furniture brands and companies. Broyhill is a furniture manufacturer originally founded in 1926 that now operates as part of the Heritage Home Group. Big Lots is an American discount retailer that sells a variety of products including furniture. Big Lots may sell some imported furniture manufactured under the Broyhill brand, but the two companies are not affiliated.

Final Recommendations

As you decide where to purchase your next furniture pieces, keep this advice in mind:

Choose Big Lots If:

  • You are furnishing on an extremely tight budget
  • You don’t need furniture that will last for years
  • You like hunting for treasure amidst chaotic displays
  • You appreciate great deals and discounts over quality

Choose Ashley Furniture If:

  • You want better quality that will last for years of use
  • Coordinated collections and matching sets are important to you
  • You want a refined shopping experience with helpful service
  • You’re willing to invest more for value, selection, and durability

While your budget and needs should drive your final decision, for most shoppers, Ashley Furniture provides a better balance of reasonable prices, durable quality, and a positive overall shopping experience. But never count out Big Lots if you just need basic furnishings as cheaply as possible.

Whichever retailer you choose, take your time to evaluate all options and read recent reviews before purchasing. This will ensure you select furniture that best fits your lifestyle and space within your budget.

Happy deal hunting!

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