Room & Board Vs. Ethan Allen Furniture: A Detailed Comparison

When furnishing your home, choosing between quality furniture brands like Room & Board and Ethan Allen can be a difficult decision. Both companies offer stylish, well-crafted pieces for every room in your home.

However, there are some key differences between these two brands that are worth considering.

This article provides an in-depth comparison of Room & Board versus Ethan Allen furniture. We’ll look at the history of each brand, their style and quality, price points, customization options, and more.

We’ll also provide a pros and cons overview of each brand to help summarize the key points. Read on for the details to determine which furniture company is the better fit for your home décor needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

FactorRoom & BoardEthan Allen
StyleContemporary, modern aestheticTraditional, classic aesthetic
QualityHigh-end materials and constructionHigh-end materials and construction
Price RangeMid-priced, $799 – $2799 for most piecesLuxury prices, $1000+ for most pieces
CustomizationSome fabrics, leathers, and dimensions can be modifiedHighly customizable options available
Delivery & SetupFree shipping, Self-assembly or fee for assembly serviceFree shipping, White Glove assembly included
Warranty1 year warranty on defects3-5 year warranties on defects and damage

Style and Quality Comparison of Room & Board And Ethan Allen Furniture

One of the biggest differences between Room & Board and Ethan Allen is their design aesthetics and the quality craftsmanship of their furniture.

  • Room & Board Style
Couch From Room And Board
Couch From Room And Board

Room & Board’s modern, contemporary style features clean lines and minimal ornamentation.

Their sofas and chairs make use of squared arms and boxy shapes.

Upholstered pieces have smooth, sleek fabrics and leather options without tufting or buttons.

Wood furnishings have simple, straight lines and often feature a natural or light wood finish.

Overall, the Room & Board aesthetic can be described as airy, bright, and pared down. Their showrooms display their products in expansive, art gallery-like spaces.

  • Ethan Allen Style

In contrast to Room & Board’s modern items, Ethan Allen specializes in traditional styles like Colonial, French Country, and English Manor. Their pieces have elegant curved lines and details like turned wood legs, carved ornamentation, and nailhead trim.

Upholstered living room and bedroom furniture often features rolled or pleated arms, skirts, welting, and tufting. Ethan Allen uses rich wood finishes, ornate metal accents, and vibrant patterned fabrics to create a classic, opulent look.

Their products are shown in room vignettes with crown molding and chandeliers to complete the formal ambiance.

Quality Comparison

Vintage Ethan Allen Classic Furniture
Vintage Ethan Allen Classic Furniture

In terms of quality, both Ethan Allen and Room & Board manufacture furnishings using premium materials and solid construction methods.

Room & Board partners with independent workshops to produce their American-made line.

For example, their Benchmark upholstered items consist of hardwood frames, eight-way hand-tied springs, and down blend cushions.

Benchmade wood pieces are crafted from solid wood rather than veneers or particleboard.

Ethan Allen furniture is also made in America in their own manufacturing facilities. Their frames use mortise and tenon joinery for durability. Customers can select premium details like down and foam cushions, hand-tufting, and fine leather upholstery.

So when it comes to quality, Ethan Allen and Room & Board are comparable. Both brands provide well-made furniture built to last using high-end materials. The main difference lies in the overall styling and aesthetic of their pieces.

Price Point Comparison

When shopping for new furniture, cost is often an important factor to consider. Room & Board and Ethan Allen products do sit at slightly different price points.

  • Room & Board Pricing

Room & Board’s regular collection offers mid-priced furnishings. Their sleeper sofas cost $1695-$2195. Dining tables run from $799 for smaller pieces to $2799 for a large 12-footer. Upholstered chairs are priced in the $699 to $999 range depending on size and style.

Some lines like their Benchmade custom furniture or vintage mid-century reproductions can be more expensive. But overall, their products fall into an approachable middle ground for quality furniture.

  • Ethan Allen Pricing

Ethan Allen leans towards the high-end of the price spectrum. Their sofa prices start around $2,279 and run up to $5,374 for a large roll-arm piece. Dining room chairs are $329 each for simple Parsons chairs and up to $489 for an ornate upholstered seat.

Bedroom furniture and dining tables also skew higher at Ethan Allen compared to Room & Board. For example, a queen size Ethan Allen bed costs $1,259 to $3,244 depending on the style.

Expect to pay luxury-level prices for their customizable upholstered pieces and finely crafted wood furniture.

Sales and Discounts

Room And Board Furniture
Room And Board Furniture

Luckily, both brands do offer sales throughout the year to help make their furniture more affordable.

Room & Board runs sales on select items in their outlet section, and also provides 15% off coupons to use site-wide or on certain categories.

Ethan Allen frequently offers 25% off your total purchase during holiday sales events.

Signing up for email lists with each retailer is a good way to find out about upcoming promotions.

Customization Options Comparison of Ethan Allen And Room & Board Furniture

Ethan Allen stands out from Room & Board when it comes to their wide range of customization offerings.

Ethan Allen Custom Choices

Ethan Allen allows you to truly make their furniture your own with custom fabrics, leathers, finishes, configurations, and more. Some of their most popular customizable items include:

  • Sofas – Choose from hundreds of fabric and leather options. Modify the overall style, arms, cushions, legs, and dimensions.
  • Sectionals – Configure a sectional uniquely to your living room layout by selecting the number of seats, layout, configuration, and features.
  • Beds – Pick the height, headboard style, size, wood color, and fabric upholstery. Adjustdrawer configurations on storage beds.
  • Dining chairs – Select from different leg styles, fabrics, finishes, and upholstery details.

Work with an Ethan Allen design consultant to craft your dream living room, bedroom, or dining space.

Room & Board Customization

Room & Board offers less customizable options compared to Ethan Allen. But they do allow some modifications on select upholstered furniture:

  • Fabric and leather upgrades – Choose from dozens of fabric and leather grades to customize sofas and chairs.
  • Dimension changes – Alter the depth and width of seats and backs on upholstered pieces.
  • Sectional configuration – Adjust the layout and design of sectional components.

Their Benchmade line also provides over 500 fabric choices and customizable dimensions for a more tailored fit.

So for truly one-of-a-kind furniture suited precisely to your tastes, Ethan Allen surpasses Room & Board when it comes to customization. But Room & Board does allow some modifications to better match their products to your needs and style preferences.

Delivery, Setup, and Warranties Comparison

Ethan Allen's New Collection
Ethan Allen’s New Collection

Key logistical considerations for any furniture purchase include delivery fees, assembly, and warranties. Here’s how Room & Board and Ethan Allen compare when it comes to these services.

Delivery and Setup

  • Room & Board offers free shipping on all purchases. For assembly, you can choose between free Do-It-Yourself setup or pay an added fee for Room & Board Delivery and Assembly service.
  • Ethan Allen also provides free shipping on all orders. They include their White Glove In-Home Delivery service standard for a more tailored experience. This includes assembly and placement of items in your home by their delivery team.


  • Room & Board offers warranties to cover manufacturer defects. Upholstery and case goods have a 1 year warranty. Their wood furniture warranty ranges from 3 years to lifetime depending on the product.
  • Ethan Allen provides slightly longer warranties. All of their items come with a standard 3 year warranty, covering both defects and structural damage. Customers can purchase an extended 5 year warranty for an additional fee.

For most customers, Room & Board’s free DIY delivery and Ethan Allen’s White Glove assembly and placement service will provide sufficient options. Both brands provide at least a 1 year warranty but Ethan Allen offers longer warranty terms in some cases.

Pros and Cons Comparison

To summarize the key points, here is an overview of the major pros and cons of Room & Board versus Ethan Allen:

Room & Board Pros

  • Modern, contemporary aesthetic
  • Mid-priced products with frequent sales and discounts
  • Some custom fabrics and leathers available
  • Free shipping on all purchases
  • 1 year warranty covers defects

Room & Board Cons

  • Less customizable than Ethan Allen
  • Warranties shorter than Ethan Allen
  • Delivery requires self-assembly

Ethan Allen Pros

  • Traditional, elegant style
  • Highly customizable furniture with design consultants
  • White Glove delivery and assembly included
  • 3-5 year warranties cover defects and damage

Ethan Allen Cons

  • More expensive price points
  • Limited to classic styles only

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is comparable to Ethan Allen?

Some brands that are comparable to Ethan Allen in terms of traditional style and customizable options include: Thomasville, Lexington, Bernhardt, Baker Furniture, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn.
These brands offer similarly ornate, classically designed furniture that you can customize with different fabrics, finishes, and configurations.

Is Ethan Allen furniture good quality?

Yes, Ethan Allen is known for making high quality furniture. Their products use solid hardwood frames, quality joinery construction, premium upholstery options, and expert craftsmanship. Customers report Ethan Allen furniture lasting for decades with proper care. Their products come with multi-year warranties to guarantee against defects as well.

Why is Room & Board furniture so expensive?

Room & Board is not the most expensive furniture store, but it’s priced slightly higher than budget brands because of the quality materials they use. Their furniture is made in America from solid wood, genuine leathers, and durable fabrics. Sturdy hardwood frames and artisanal construction result in long-lasting pieces that warrant a higher price compared to mass-produced furniture. Frequent sales and coupons help offset the prices.

Who are Ethan Allan competitors?

Ethan Allen’s main competitors include:
1. Restoration Hardware for luxury traditional furniture
2. Pottery Barn for customizable classic styled furniture at approachable prices
3. Ashley Furniture for similarly wide selection of living room and bedroom sets
4. La-Z-Boy for quality customizable upholstered furniture
5. IKEA for affordable furniture with some custom options
Each of these retailers offers different variations of customizable, traditional home furnishings at various price points to compete with Ethan Allen.

Wrapping Up

Based on this detailed comparison, the choice between Room & Board and Ethan Allen comes down to your style, budget, and customization preferences.

If you want affordable modern furniture with some ability to customize fabrics, then Room & Board is likely the better pick. Their mid-century and contemporary pieces create bright, relaxed spaces.

For traditional styling with ornate details, plus the ability to fully customize your furniture, Ethan Allen is a great option. Their products make beautiful formal living rooms and dining spaces, though the luxury pricing may be prohibitive for some budgets.

Whichever brand you select, inspecting furniture quality and construction in person is advised. Test out sofas and beds to ensure comfort. Be sure to measure furniture dimensions against your room space too.

Take advantage of warranty coverage, discounts, and delivery options. With some smart shopping, you’re sure to find the right furniture to fit your home and lifestyle needs from either Room & Board or Ethan Allen.

We hope this detailed brand comparison helps provide insight as you shop for your ideal furniture pieces. Furnishing a home is a highly personal experience. Take the time to review all the options from Room & Board and Ethan Allen to create rooms you’ll love coming home to.

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