Arhaus Vs. Restoration Hardware: In-depth Differences

Eager to decorate your house with the best-handpicked hardware?

But the Arhaus and Restoration hardware war must be getting in the way, am I right? Well, their main differences include the quality, price, and longevity of the products.

However, there’s more to this story, and we will elaborate on all of them, plus some of their less prominent distinctions. Thus, keep reading if you’re intrigued to know all about these brands and their products.

Let’s dive in!

A Quick Comparison Table

DesignModern & classicalContemporary
SelectionOver 100 stylesOver 100 styles
MaterialsSturdyLess sturdy
Return Policy14-60 days, conditions applied30 days, conditions applied

Key Differences Between Arhaus And Restoration Hardware

  • Design & Look
ARHAUS Home Decor And Furniture
ARHAUS Home Decor And Furniture

Restoration Hardware specializes in 100% original wooden furniture, such as oak veneers.

However, some of their projects also incorporate MDF and plywood as needed.

Restoration also focuses on traditional furniture with accents that cater to the mid-century, rustic, and contemporary eras.

Even though they pinpoint some of the users’ modern needs and artistic demands, they never fail to remain true to their roots and origin.

On the other hand, Arhaus compares closely with Restoration because their work and designs are pretty similar. However, Arhaus strikes an excellent balance between international and USA-based designs tailored to a broader consumer span.

  • Quality

It’s integral that such hefty investments last long, right?

Now, the Arhaus and Restoration hardware may be similar in many ways but not regarding quality. However, due to the solid construction and intuitive manufacturing methods, Arhaus hardware tends to last a really long time.

Fortunately, users who might spend a little extra on Arhaus get their buck’s worth from this furniture’s high longevity and unparalleled quality. However, in contrast, some users were quite underwhelmed by some Arhaus furniture’s performance over the years.

Some of these pieces of furniture broke apart sooner than generic brands even though they claim a lifetime warranty. However, this case isn’t valid for all Arhaus items; thus, you must be highly picky while splurging.

To sum up, both companies manufacture furniture that lasts long, there may be some exceptions in user preference. In contrast, it’s also said that Arhaus lasts longer because a lot of Restoration hardware is built and manufactured in China.

And users believe that the manufacturing of those hardware lack excellence thus, longevity.

  • Selections
Restoration Hardware Furniture
Restoration Hardware Furniture

As we all know, Restoration and Arhaus hardware doesn’t back down regarding variety.

Restoration has over six kinds of dining table options, over five cabinet collections, and more than ten styles and designs of beds, coffee tables, and other decors to choose from.

And if this didn’t sound hefty enough, buckle up because there’s more.

Even though Restoration and Arhaus specialize in their hardware, they have an abundance of textiles, lighting, windows, rugs, arts, and other outdoor hardware furniture and options that you could divulge in. Sounds amazing.

Additionally, Arhaus isn’t lagging in this game of versatility either. They proudly present over eight different kinds of tables and storage alone! Arhaus also has an exquisite and wide array of selections in their seating, bedroom, outdoor, and office furniture.

Luckily, with both brands, rest assured, you will find something that will tap into your preferences and your home’s aesthetics.

  • Material

Restoration Hardware takes much-deserved pride in its handcrafted products. And rightfully so, as their materials such as aluminum, iron, metal, fabrics, foam, shagreen, leather, and kiln-dried wood, among other raw materials, are grade-A, sourced purely, and constructed in a manner that still feels untouched yet contemporary.

Moreover, Restoration has a few customized products that use the same authentic materials with a finishing of the users’ choice.

This is another excellent addition to their offering, as customers love the one-to-one consultations while receiving the artfully designed hardware of their choice later.

Arhaus has distinct and intricately placed care, details, and storyline in their hardware and other offerings and lines compared to Restoration.

Users attain high satisfaction from the first purchase because they always utilize sturdy, top-tier, and durable materials such as crystal, glass, rattan, wicker, marble, and petrified solid wood.

Needless to say, users know what to expect with this long line of offerings as Arhaus only focuses on sturdy, stable, and highly durable products; most of their products turn out as such too!

  • Price

Arhaus product ranges start from around $20 and can steeply climb to approximately $20,000. Phew, we know it’s one of the biggest splurges you and your house might go through.

But, factoring in solely the price isn’t fair. Instead, we must know about customers’ perceived value and satisfaction with such a hefty price tag.

Luckily, Arhaus doesn’t waver regarding consistent performance throughout its lifetime hardware journey. As a result, users’ price value and satisfaction are closer to the 10/10 mark than any other high-end brand.

Moreover, most of their high-end price tags are due to their philanthropic and eco-conscious missions and projects.

Thus, if you’re willing to spend while doing less to no harm to the environment, Arhaus will comply. Lastly, they also come with 14 to 60 days return policies with conditions applied, so that’s a huge relief!

In contrast, Restoration hardware has an affordable price range, with their lowest bid at around $50 and the highest at about $15000. But, when user after-sales satisfaction and price-over-value considerations are countered, Restoration hardware needs to keep up if they want to beat Arhaus.

Some users think the products have mid-range value offerings and satisfaction compared to the price point and could last longer with a better build. The models come with a return policy of 30 days with conditions applied.

Which Furniture Brand Is Better For You?


Still, wondering which hardware is best for you?

First, let’s boil down what we know and clear the air.

Now, there are two factors to consider before making the splurge; price and your specific needs.

Fortunately, both brands have a long line of selections to choose from, so it’s safe to say you will not return home empty-handed.

However, Arhaus costs more than Restoration hardware, and that might be the cut-off point for many.

But hold up, if you love enjoying your investments for the long run, Arhaus should be your choice. Since the products last longer, users don’t mind the temporary extra splurge.

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of contemporary, customized, and unique designs, Restoration hardware has the answer to your dreams. Their consultation team and personal touch bring the best-customized results within a budget, so it’s a win-win!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Arhaus same as Restoration Hardware?

Both Arhaus and Restoration are American retail chain brands that sell home furnishing and furniture. Additionally, they source their work from all over the globe.

Is Restoration Hardware considered high end?

Restoration Hardware is well renowned for its high-end furniture and luxury items. In addition, they offer various interior designing consultations alongside shop-by-room deals.

Is Arhaus owned by Pottery Barn?

Arhaus is owned by a private equity firm named Freeman Spogli & Co and operate in Ohio.

Is Restoration Hardware furniture real wood?

Restoration hardware promises 100% wooden, solid construction and low-VOC polish, which isn’t harmful to users and the environment.


So, we’re at the end of this Arhaus and Restoration Hardware comparison article, but we have a winner. It’s obvious that Arhaus hardware has the upper hand in this tug of war due to unmatched durability, sturdy construction, longer lifespan, and consistent performance.

We know that some of their models might be luxuriously priced, but hey, if it’s your forte, make the splurge! However, if you’re adamant about saving money while keeping your interior tasteful, Restoration hardware will not disappoint!

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