Rove Concepts Vs. Restoration Hardware: A Detailed Comparison

When it comes to home furnishings, Rove Concepts and Restoration Hardware are two of the biggest names in the business. Both companies offer high-end furniture and decor with a focus on luxury designs and quality craftsmanship.

However, there are some key differences between the two brands that are worth examining when deciding which one is right for your home.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at Rove Concepts vs. Restoration Hardware, including:

  • An overview of each company’s origins and brand identity
  • A comparison of their product offerings, quality, and styles
  • An analysis of their pricing and value
  • Pros and cons of shopping with each retailer

By the end, you’ll have all the details you need to determine if your home furnishing style aligns more with Rove Concepts’ modern minimalism or Restoration Hardware’s vintage industrial charm.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsRove ConceptsRestoration Hardware
StyleContemporary, mid-century modernTraditional, vintage-inspired
MaterialsSolid hardwoods, top-grain leatherReclaimed woods, distressed finishes
QualityPremium, made in EuropeMore inconsistencies reported
CustomizationAvailableLimited options
Pricing20-50% below Restoration HardwarePremium markup
Brand ImageAffordable luxuryEstablished high-end name
AestheticClean lines, neutral paletteOrnate details, jewel tones

Comparing Product Offerings of Rove Concepts And Restoration Hardware

Now that we’ve introduced the origins and styles of each brand, let’s take a closer look at how their specific product categories compare.

  • Living Room Furniture
Restoration Hardware Furniture
Restoration Hardware Furniture

Both Rove Concepts and Restoration Hardware offer high-quality living room furniture like sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, and tables.

However, the materials and silhouettes differ drastically between the two aesthetic approaches.

Rove Concepts living room collections feature sleek, low-profile contemporary designs.

Neutral linen or microfiber upholstery is accented by tapered wood or metal legs. The lines are very clean and geometric.

Restoration Hardware living room pieces have a noticeably vintage vibe. Button-tufted leather sofas or club chairs with turned wood feet feel plucked from an English study. Slubby cotton slipcovers and carved clawfoot legs add to the old-fashioned charm.

When it comes to quality, both brands use top-grain leathers, durable wood frames, and high-density foams. However, Rove Concepts offers more customization of fabric, size, and configuration. Restoration Hardware provides a more curated, static assortment.

  • Bedroom Furniture

For the bedroom, Rove Concepts and Restoration Hardware take the same divergent styling approaches.

Rove Concepts beds have low-profile padded headboards and angular metal frames. Their case goods feature clean-lined fronts with tapered legs and integrated handles. The subdued color palette creates a relaxing, minimalist retreat.

Meanwhile, Restoration Hardware bedrooms have an ornate antique feel. Elaborate carved wood beds with tufted leather or linen headboards set the stage. Distressed dressers and armoires provide ample storage space. The overall effect feels gracious and genteel.

Both brands construct their bedroom furniture from quality hardwoods and veneers. However, Rove Concepts offers more mixing and matching of pieces across collections to create personalized spaces.

  • Dining Furniture

In dining room furniture, we see the sharpest contrast between the Rove Concepts and Restoration Hardware styles.

Rove Concepts dining sets have an airy, almost ethereal quality. Lucite, acrylic, and glass are paired with sleek metal frames in bronzed, rose gold, or polished nickel finishes. The overall vibe is smooth, modern, and subtly glamorous.

Restoration Hardware dining rooms feel weightier and more robust. Substantial wood tables and chairs have carved pedestals, turned legs, and visible joinery. The presence is much heavier and more traditional than Rove Concepts’ lightweight transparency.

Both brands use durable, high-quality materials that can withstand everyday use. But Rove Concepts offers more small-space options like nesting tables and compact consoles suited to urban living.

  • Home Decor & Accents

Beyond furniture, both Rove Concepts and Restoration Hardware provide a wide range of home decor and accents to complete your space. This includes items like:

Rove Concepts furniture
  • Throw pillows
  • Throws & blankets
  • Wall art
  • Decorative objects
  • Tabletop accessories
  • Rugs
  • Pendant lighting

The accessories follow the same divergent aesthetic approaches we’ve seen in the furnishings.

Rove Concepts offers sleek ceramic vases, modern abstract art prints, and nubby linen pillows in muted tones.

Meanwhile, Restoration Hardware features weathered glass hurricanes, impressionist-style artwork, and velvet pillows in jewel-box colors.

Overall, Rove Concepts accessories enhance the clean, contemporary environment. Restoration Hardware’s accents add layers of ornate allure. Both add welcome personality and visual interest to any living space.

Comparing Quality & Craftsmanship

When investing in higher-end home furnishings, quality and craftsmanship are top concerns. You want pieces that will stand the test of time. So how do Rove Concepts and Restoration Hardware compare?

Overall, both brands offer exceptionally made products using natural, premium materials. However, based on widespread customer feedback, Rove Concepts furniture consistently receives higher marks for quality and durability.

Some of the factors that set Rove Concepts apart include:

  • Hardwood frames made from solid beech rather than lower-quality particleboard or engineered woods
  • Higher-density foam cushioning that resists sagging and indentation
  • Durable top-grain leathers rather than bonded leather which can crack over time
  • Precision engineering and strict quality control at their European workshops
  • Meticulously wrapped and protected delivery of each piece of furniture

While more traditional in style, Restoration Hardware furnishings also command premium prices. Yet they seem to lack some of the structural integrity and craftsmanship of Rove Concepts’ offerings based on customer reviews. Their products may not endure years of regular use as well despite the high price points.

Comparing Pricing & Value

Restoration Hardware Furniture
Restoration Hardware Furniture

Now let’s talk money—a key factor when shopping for high-end home items. In terms of cost and value, how do Rove Concepts and Restoration Hardware stack up?

Overall, Rove Concepts provides greater value relative to price across all categories. As a direct-to-consumer retailer, they cut out distributor and retail markups. So despite Rove Concepts’ focus on luxury materials and craftsmanship, their prices are generally 20-50% less than comparable Restoration Hardware pieces.

For example, at the time of writing:

  • A mid-century style 89” linen sofa is $1,895 from Rove Concepts, while a similar 94″ linen sofa is $3,295 from Restoration Hardware.
  • A solid oak dining table is $1,660 from Rove Concepts, while a comparable oak dining table is $2,995 from Restoration Hardware.
  • A leather accent chair is $729 from Rove Concepts, while a near-identical leather chair is $1,995 from Restoration Hardware.

Given the lower prices for items of comparable quality, most buyers find greater overall value from Rove Concepts. You can furnish an entire home for less than a single room at Restoration Hardware.

The exception may be if you have your heart set on a specific, exclusive Restoration Hardware piece. In that case, the premium pricing may be justified by your personal style preferences.

But for overall budget-savvy shopping of equivalent products, Rove Concepts is the clear winner.

Pros and Cons of Rove Concepts

Now that we’ve done a detailed comparison, what are the biggest pros and cons of each brand? Let’s recap the major advantages and disadvantages of shopping with Rove Concepts versus Restoration Hardware.


Rove Concepts Furniture
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Contemporary, minimalist aesthetic
  • 20-50% savings compared to Restoration Hardware
  • Custom sizing and configurations available
  • Helpful customer service and delivery teams


  • Limited brick-and-mortar locations
  • Fewer ornate/traditional design options
  • Lower brand recognition and prestige than Restoration Hardware
  • Shorter return window (30 days vs. 100 days at Restoration Hardware)

Overall, if you gravitate toward sleek, modern design and appreciate customization at lower price points, Rove Concepts is likely the better choice between these two retailers. Their streamlined buying process and superb craftsmanship make furnishing your contemporary space a pleasure.

Pros and Cons of Restoration Hardware

How about the key upsides and downsides when furnishing through Restoration Hardware?


  • Established luxury brand name and prestige
  • Unique vintage-inspired aesthetic
  • Wide range of ornate, upscale collections
  • Can view and test pieces in-store before buying
  • Generous 100 day return policy


  • Premium pricing, lower value for money
  • Limited customization options
  • Lower quality ratings compared to Rove Concepts
  • Longer delivery times due to distribution model

Restoration Hardware is the go-to for antique-inspired flair you won’t find anywhere else. Their products tell a distinctive story. But you’ll pay up for the privilege through their retailer markup.

Ultimately, Restoration Hardware is the superior choice if you adore their specific aesthetic motifs you can’t find at lower price points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Rove Concepts a luxury brand?

Yes, Rove Concepts is generally considered a luxury furniture brand. They use premium quality materials like full-grain leather and solid hardwood frames. Their designs feature impeccable tailored craftsmanship. And their direct-to-consumer pricing is on par with high-end retailers for comparable pieces. While still more affordable than brands like Restoration Hardware, Rove Concepts occupies a luxury echelon for contemporary furnishing style and quality.

Is Rove Concepts made in China?

No, Rove Concepts partners with small European workshops, mainly in Poland and Germany, to produce their furniture. This allows them to oversee quality control and construction techniques. Rove Concepts is transparent about their sourcing and production. Focusing on smaller European artisans enables them to maintain superior craftsmanship standards compared to mass manufacturing.

What country is Rove Concepts from?

Rove Concepts was founded in Vancouver, Canada by Karl Lagerfeld and Evren Kumas in 2009. Their headquarters and leadership team remain based in Vancouver. However, their products are all handmade in Europe through their network of contract workshops. This combination of Canadian founders and European craftsmanship is part of what distinguishes Rove Concepts’ unique approach.

What style is Rove Concepts?

Rove Concepts’ style is best described as contemporary, mid-century modern, and Scandinavian minimalism. Their streamlined silhouettes and muted color palette create an upscale yet relaxed aesthetic. Rove Concepts furniture features clean lines, tapered legs, smooth fabrics, and geometric shapes reminiscent of mid-century modern designs. Their spare, uncluttered look aligns with Scandinavian simplicity and hygge lifestyle philosophy. Overall, the style conveys casual sophistication perfect for urban professionals and design aficionados.

Wrapping Up

In summary, when comparing Rove Concepts vs. Restoration Hardware, there are clear trade-offs:

Rove Concepts offers better value, quality, and customization for sleek, contemporary spaces. Restoration Hardware provides unique ornate designs yet at premium prices.

Here are some final recommendations on when to choose each brand:

  • If you want affordable, designer-quality furniture, choose Rove Concepts
  • If you prefer a sleek, modern aesthetic, choose Rove Concepts
  • If you appreciate custom tailoring pieces to your space, choose Rove Concepts
  • If you love weathered, antique-inspired looks, choose Restoration Hardware
  • If you desire prestigious name brand home furnishings, choose Restoration Hardware
  • If you want an extensive selection of ornate collections, choose Restoration Hardware

We hope this comprehensive comparison helps provide clarity so you can play to each retailer’s strengths. Rove Concepts and Restoration Hardware both offer excellence—it just depends on your personal style and budget needs. Furnish on!

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