Zephyr Vs. BEST Range Hoods: Which One To Select?

Zephyr offers six types of range hoods, whereas BEST provides seven types of range hoods. More color options and filter types are available for Zephyr than BEST. Zephyr has a relatively lower CFM range, whereas BEST has a higher CFM range.

Can’t find a reliable range hood to get off the buildup of excessive odor from your kitchen? Zephyr and BEST range hoods manufacture top-quality hood ranges to minimize the cooking exhaust, chemicals, and smoke.

Let’s dive into Zephyr and BEST range hoods comparison.

A Quick Comparison Table

Wondering how to differentiate Zephyr from BEST? Here is a small table to give you a quick idea of both types of range hoods.  

SpecificationsZephyr Range HoodsBEST Range Hoods
TypesSix types of range hoodsSeven types of range hoods
Size ranges21 inches to 63 inches21 inches to 63 inches
ColorTen color options3 to 4 color choices
CFM Range250 to 1300290 to 1500
Blower TypesExternal, In-line, and InternalExternal, In-line, and Internal
Filter typeBaffle,  Hybrid Baffle, Mesh, and Pro BaffleHybrid Baffle, Aluminum Mesh, and Mesh.
Lighting TypeAmbient, Fluorescent, Halogen, and LEDHalogen and LED
WarrantyMulti-year warrantyLimited Warranty
PriceModerate to higherModerate

In-Depth Comparison Between Zephyr And BEST Range Hoods

Since range hoods are a long-term investment, you want to get the best bang. That’s why it is crucial to learn these below-mentioned factors in detail.

  • Types
Zephyr Under-Cabinet Range Hood
Zephyr Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Zephyr range hoods are available in 6 types: downdraft, outdoor, insert, island, and under-cabinet.

However, they also have many series for various kinds.

BEST range hoods are available in 7 types:  built-in, chimney wall-mount, downdraft, outdoor, pro-style, and under-cabinet.

Each of them is made for a particular purpose.

  • Size Ranges

Both brands offer 21 inches to 63 inches range hoods. The ideal size depends on your cooking surface. It needs to be a minimum of 6″ wider than the cooking surface.

Usually, 24″, 30″, or 36″ range hoods are the most widely used products for households. But if your cooking surface is too narrow or too wide, you can choose uncommon sizes.

  • Color Options

Zephyr is available in 10 color options: stainless steel, matte black, satin gold, black, black mirror, white, and matte white glass. But stainless steel is the most common option.

In contrast, only 3 to 4 color options are available for BEST range hoods, such as stainless steel, white, and black finish. Stainless steel is a common choice since it prevents corrosion and rust.

  • CFM Range

The CFM Range for Zephyr range hoods is 250 to 1300, whereas BEST range hoods have a 290 to 1500 CFM range. Higher CFM range hoods are better if your kitchen has a gas stove.

But you can choose moderate-rated CFM range hoods for electric stoves. To figure out the right CFM level, you need to calculate the BTUs of your stovetop.

  • Blower Types

Both brands offer External, In-line, and Internal range hoods. External range hoods have an outer vent to clean the hot gases efficiently

An internal range hood has a blower mounted inside the hood. It is located closer to the cooking space and continuously filters such harmful contaminants.

  • Filter Type
BEST Chimney Range Hood
BEST Chimney Range Hood

Zephyr range hoods are available in four filter options, whereas BEST range hoods have only three.

Baffle filters can be operated at higher temperatures and need less cleaning.

Mesh filters are inexpensive and easy to wash in a dishwasher.

They have a lighter structure. Hybrid Baffle filters effectively remove cooking particles, particles, and oils.

  • Lighting Type

Zephyr range hoods are available in four lighting options. Its ambient lighting ensures comfortable illumination levels and no harm to your eye health.

In contrast, BEST range hoods have only two types of lighting. Its Halogen lights can quickly illuminate light. You can even dim it fully. LED lights provide powerful lighting at less cost.

  • Warranty

Zephyr offers two years warranty for its consumable-free parts, five years for consumable-free compressors, and one year for labor.

On the other hand, BEST range hoods have five years parts warranty and two years labor warranty. This makes it more convenient to choose since you can be worry-free.

  • Cost

Zephyr range hoods are available in the low, mid-range, and premium price ranges. On the contrary, BEST range hoods have a low and moderate price.

High-end models from Zephyr range hoods have many innovative features such as ACT™, Bluetooth® Speakers, PowerWave™ Blower, Zephyr Connect, etc.

Which Range Hood Is The Best For Your Kitchen?

Before choosing a particular range hood, make sure you consider some essential factors like its style, fan power, noise level, exhaust system, filters, controls, coverage, etc.

Zephyr range hoods are a more approach choice if you prefer to choose from different colors and lighting options. They have many advanced features, making them a top choice. Here is a little demo of it for you.

On the contrary, the BEST range hoods are a better pick if you need higher fan power. This brand also offers a better warranty than Zephyr.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are best range hood brands?

Cosmo, BEST, Zephyr, ProLine, IKTCH, Hauslane, Broan, ZLINE, etc.,  are the top quality brands for range hoods.

Which company is best kitchen hood?

Though many famous brands are available in the market, Fotile, Broan-NuTon, and Z Line are the three most reliable brands for range hoods.

Is Zephyr a good brand?

Zephyr manufactures high-quality range hoods for indoor and outdoor purposes. Their well-construction, advanced designs and features, and wide range of products make them a top choice.

Are Zephyr hoods loud?

Zephyr range hoods are powerfully quiet. You can enjoy a noise-free environment while doing your task in the kitchen. The noise level can be around 5.5 sones on average. However, higher settings may produce a little noise compared to the low settings.

Bottom Lines

When choosing a reliable range hood for internal or outdoor purposes, the machine needs to be highly functional to remove the air pollution caused by cooking. Its fan or blower motor should have the perfect consistency to remove odors, heat, and smoke from the kitchen.

We have already gone through a detailed discussion on Zephyr vs. BEST range hoods. You can go for either option if it seems appropriate to you. Zephyr brand can be a good choice for premium quality range hoods and BEST for mid-range products.

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