Lacanche Vs. Wolf Range: Which One To Choose?

Lacanche Ranges are made of stainless steel, cast iron, and porcelain enamel materials. In contrast, manufacturers use special alloy steel to make Wolf Ranges. The first one has 5000 to 18,000 BTU burner options, whereas the latter has 9200 to 20,000 BTU burner options.

When it comes to choosing cooking ranges, both Lacanche and Wolf are two top choices. A kitchen range allows you to cook several different things at one time in its oven. Let’s see more about Lacanche and Wolf Range.

A Quick Comparison Table

A small table can give you a quick idea regarding kitchen ranges from both brands. This will help you learn the primary details.

SpecificationsLacanche RangeWolf Range
MaterialsStainless steel, cast-iron, and baked porcelain enamelthick hot rolled, pickled, and oiled low-alloy steel
Product LineupElectric, Electric Fan Convection, and Gasall gas, dual fuel, and induction
Cleaning PerformanceSimple to cleanSelf-cleaning option
FinishBrass, chrome, brushed stainless, nickelStainless steel
Sizing options30, 36, 48, 60 inches24, 30, or 36 inches
Burners5000 to 18,000 BTU burners9200 to 20,000 BTU burners
Warranty3 years limited warranty2 years limited warranty

In-Depth Comparison Between Lacanche And Wolf Range

Before buying either option, considering all essential factors will help you decide how much value you will get from it.

  • Materials
Lacanche Range
Lacanche Range

Lacanche range is made of stainless steel, cast iron, and baked porcelain enamel.

These cooking ranges are not prone to get affected by scratch, temperature, and corrosion.

Plus, the heat level of these kitchen stoves will not fluctuate. They remain hot for a long time.

They have hardwearing and non-stick properties and are not prone to getting affected by chemical attacks.

On the contrary, Wolf ranges are made of thick hot rolled, pickled, and oiled low-alloy steel to add a precise shape and give them more tolerance capabilities.

Besides, this type of material has excellent hardenability to withstand high temperatures. Its pickled and oiled metal surface ensures increased protection from rust and carbon scale.

  • Product Lineup

Lacanche ranges are available in Electric, Electric Fan Convection, and Gas types. In contrast, Wolf offers all gas, dual fuel, and induction types ovens.

If you want to cook more quickly and thoroughly, choose Electric Fan Convection model. Induction ranges are a practical choice for saving energy up to 70%.

  • Cleaning Performance

Lacanche ranges have a non-porous porcelain-on-steel finish to make the cleaning task simple, quick, and safe. You just need to use mild soap and water to clean them.

On the contrary, Wolf ranges have a self-cleaning option. Its sealed burner system makes the cleaning task smooth and easygoing.

  • Finish

Lacanche range is a more versatile option for color or finish options. You can get them in Brass, chrome, brushed stainless, and nickel finishes.

However, Wolf ranges are only available in Stainless steel finish. But you can customize the knob color, such as red, black, or stainless steel.

  • Sizing Options
Wolf Range

Lacanche ranges are available in four sizing options, from standard to highly large.

You can use them for cooking, boiling, grilling, broiling, stir-frying, etc.

Contrastly, Wolf offers three sizing options for their cooking range.

Their small option is a perfect choice for a small family. Using the appliance as an oven and a stove comes in handy.

  • Burners

Lacanche offers 5000 to 18,000 BTU burners for its cooking ranges. You can achieve both lower and higher heat with this option. Plus, it comes in handy for low-heating cooking and simmering.

Wolf ranges have 9200 to 20,000 BTU burners for its products. Boiling a large pot of water or cooking a huge pasta pot is simple and less time-consuming with this range.

  • Durability

Though both brands make high-quality kitchen ranges, products from Lacanche are slightly more durable than Wolf. After all, these ranges are made from combined materials.

However, Wolf ranges can last long since they are made from alloy steel. But stainless steel is the best choice for cooking ranges due to its durable, stain-resistant qualities.

  • Warranty

Lacanche offers 3 years limited warranty for its cooking ranges from the date you purchase them. You will not have to pay anything to fix faulty materials or workmanship during this period.

On the contrary, Wolf ranges have 2 years limited warranty. You will get the same warranty for all parts and labor. They will repair or replace if the materials or workmanship become defective.

  • Cost

Compared to Wolf ranges, Lacanche ranges have a higher price tag. Their premium materials, better warranty, and advanced features make them a slightly expensive option.

You may need to pay several thousand more dollars to own a Lacanche range. Considering all its important factors is crucial if you are buying a kitchen range for the first time.

Which Cooking Range Is Better For You?

Wolf is a reliable option if you prefer to choose an affordable option for cooking items that need a higher temperature. They have self-cleaning options for hassle-free cleaning.

Whether it is baking, roasting, or toasting, Wolf will not make you despair. Their damper door system, soft motion design, and ball-bearing structure make them a top choice.

In contrast, Lacanche ranges are a premium choice. It is available in several color choices, sizing options, and a better warranty period.

What we love more about Lacanche ranges is their sleek design. It adds a luxurious appearance to your kitchen. Their user-friendly functions make them a workhouse for your family.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Lacanche ranges worth it?

Though Lacanche ranges have a higher price tag, they are highly durable and functional to use as a long-term investment.

What is comparable to Wolf range?

Viking, Lacanche, and Thermador are Wolf ranges’ three best competitive brands.

How long does a Lacanche last?

A Lacanche range can last a minimum of 15 years. However, some parts may need to be repaired or replaced after a particular time.

Is Wolf range the best?

Wolf ranges are a top choice regarding power, control, iconic design, consistent temperature, and reliability.

Final Thought

Which option appears a better choice Lacanche vs. Wolf Range? Since both brands are reliable, choosing either option will not be wrong.

However, you want to consider your cooking requirements, family size, and using purposes before choosing a kitchen range.

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