Window World 2000 Series Vs. 4000 Series Windows

Window World 2000 Series is mainly entry-level siding windows that have an advanced locking system. In contrast, Window World 4000 Series is a high-end window that has a unique panel locking design.

When it comes to high-quality windows at competitive pricing, Window World is one of the best choices. The brand has several series collections. Here, we will walk you through the difference between Window World 2000 and 4000 Series.

Let’s know them in detail!

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsWindow World 2000 SeriesWindow World 4000 Series
Window typeEntry-level windowsPremium high-end windows
Locking SystemAn advanced locking systemA unique panel locking design
Frame Thickness0.44-inch thick1-1⁄4-inch thick
Nailing hemDouble-thick Nailing HemRolled-over Nailing Hem
TextureGrain and smooth textureOnly grain texture
Finish26 color options30 color options
Course linesFlat course linesStraight and true course lines

Key Differences Between Window World 2000 And 4000 Series Windows

  • Window Type
Window World 4000 Series
Window World 4000 Series

Window World 2000 Series has entry-level siding windows. They have a curb appearance to grab attention easily.

In addition, this type of window requires minimal Maintenance.

Their easy-to-use function makes them a top choice for regular homes.

Contradictorily, Window World 4000 Series has a collection of premium-high end windows.

It has a robust anchoring system to hold the glass and frame securely.

The main advantage is that it reduces yearly maintenance and upkeep costs.

Their fade-resistant design ensures the original retention for a prolonged time.

  • Locking System

Window World 2000 Series comes with an advanced locking system. It can keep the siding windows in position even in extreme weather conditions.

This type of window is weather-resistant. Hence, water and high-speed windows can’t affect their performance.

In opposition, Window World 4000 Series has a unique panel locking design. It provides increased security and a better occupant sense of safety.

You can effortlessly shut and open the windows. This type of locking system also holds hinges and other accessories securely.

  • Frame Thickness

Window World 2000 Series has a 0.44-inch thickness. This type of window is perfect for a regular house. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to install them.

Contrarily, Window World 4000 Series has a 1-1⁄4-inch thickness. They are highly durable and have improved structural properties.

Seasonal expansion and contraction will affect its performance. Plus, this type of window is highly resistant to shattering.

  • Nailing Hem

Nailing hum is a must to take extra wind load. They also resist tear-off issues for the individual panel. Window World 2000 Series comes with a double-thick nailing hem that provides excellent rigidity.

Due to its higher structural integrity, you can even install this type of window on uneven wall surfaces. 

On the other hand, Window World 4000 Series has Rolled-over Nailing Hem. They can effortlessly endure doubled, dispersing pressure.

This type of nailing hem has better stiffness and resistance than regular options.

Even negative wind load pressure will not break the grass panel easily. The super strong hem can take a load up to 180 mph wind speed.

  • Texture

Window texture needs to be matched our home appearance. After all, it impacts the overall look of our interior area.

Window World 2000 Series is available in both Grain and smooth texture. The smooth texture is pretty versatile, as you can paint almost any color. It can hold the paint for a long time.

Standing up against common nicks and scrapes is easygoing for them.

Oppositely, Window World 4000 Series has only grain texture.

Grain texture doesn’t make the objects precisely perfect. Things usually have a wood grain pattern to create minor imperfections.

This makes the objects more real and clear, with a rigid sense of integrity

  • Finish
Window World 2000 series windows
Window World 2000 Series Windows

Window World 2000 Series comes with 26 color options, such as silver gray, sage gracol, English Wedgewood gracol, almond gracol, classic cream gracol, etc.

They also offer cameo gracol, colonial yellow gracol, deep granite gracol, quiet gracol, etc.

Conversely, Window World 4000 Series is available in 30 color options, such as woodland green gracol, wicker gracol, vineyard grove gracol, Victorian grey gracol, etc.

The company also has deeper finishes, such as misty shadow gracol, Russett red gracol, timberstone glat gracol, etc.

  • Course Line

Window World 2000 Series comes with Flat course lines. They run horizontally over the window surface, not upright.

On the flip side, Window World 4000 Series has straight and true course lines. Neither course lines are bad. It depends on our preference.

  • Price

Window World 2000 Series comes at an affordable price. You will save a lot if you want to install several windows in your house.

In contrast, Window World 4000 Series is a little bit expensive. The manufacturer uses premium-quality materials and hardware to make this series. The best part is that it will be a long-term investment while performing smoothly.

Which Window Series Is Better For You?

We have already discussed all essential aspects of both window series. Now, it is time to choose a particular option.

Window World 2000 Series appears great if you prefer less expensive and basic windows.

If you live in an area where the temperature is not too extreme, it will not be bad at all.

But, Window World 4000 Series is overall a better choice if you want a premium option.

We don’t make household improvements every day. Installing the best windows means you get the best performance and added value for your house.

But make sure to choose a compatible option that suits your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are Window World windows so cheap?

Window World windows are affordable because their quality is not as good as some high-end options. 

What brand of windows does Window World use?

Associated Materials Incorporated (AMI) and MI Windows and Doors (MIWD) manufacture all windows of Window World.

Are Window World windows worth it?

Window World windows are a great choice if you want affordable, customizable, and professionally installed windows.

What are the best windows on a budget?

Champion Windows, Castle Windows, Window World, Marvin Windows, Andersen, etc., offer good-quality windows at an affordable price.

Final Words

Are you still confused about choosing between Window World 2000 and 4000 series windows? Window World 2000 Series is excellent if you prefer more affordability and customization.

However, Window World 4000 Series is overall a better pick due to its high-quality material and hardware. They will surely last for decades.

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