Why Is Tormek So Expensive And Is It Worth It?

A sharp blade is one of the most valuable sharpening tools you can have in your arsenal, especially if you’re deep into woodworking. For fast sharpening all of your edge tools, it’s second to none!

A dull edge tool not only makes a simple task more difficult and time-consuming but also poses a safety hazard. 

So here comes the need for the tool Tormek for sharpening these woodworking tools. So, why is Tormek so expensive? Should you invest in it?

Well, let’s find it out!

Why Is The Price Tag of Tormek Is So Expensive?

There is no denying that the pricing of the Tormek tool is costly. You can’t simply purchase it out of whim. It is a significant investment that you are talking about and before buying this you require proper research of it.

So, why this tool is so expensive?

Well, multiple reasons are behind this extraordinary pricing of the tool.

  • Provides The Best Sharpening Solution
Tormek T-8 sharpening system

I am sure for many years, you have been looking for getting external assistance when it comes to sharpening your edge tools.

There was no way that you could do it yourself with utmost expertise. 

So, here comes Tormek to get you out of the problem that you have been facing for years.

Whoever has invested in the tool has given positive feedback on the outcome.

According to the users of this tool, they have not found any better solution to sharpen the tool so far.

  • Provides Great Control

Many people say that this particular tool is not very quick, which is to some extent true. But it is more important to remain careful while working with such a tool, to be honest.

But the best part is the jigs that come with this tool allow super control while working with the sharp tools. It is extremely essential to do such a job.

As you pay a ton of money for owning this product, you must get the top-class result out of it. When it comes to ensuring control over the tool, you have that.

  • Very Much Durable

Once you invest in this tool to get all your sharpening job done, expect to get that tool intact for many years to come.

Tormek is very renowned when it comes to durability. It does not wear away anytime soon.

So it is worth every penny that you spend for getting it for a long time. You will get your job completed without having to do many of the complex tasks.

The process of working with it is pretty straightforward.

  • Lifetime Stone Replacement Offer

For certain periods of the year the manufacturer of Tormek provides a Lifetime stone replacement offer to the customers. That means if the stone is for some time wearing you down then it can be possible to get up to 3 stones.

Pretty amazing deal, right?

The potential customers find such offers amusing as a result they tend to not hesitate when it comes to investing in this tool.

  • Getting Perfect Edge

When you have picked Tormek for sharpening expensive knives or any such sharp tool, expect to get the best result from it. You will be amazed to see how perfect the edges of those tools will appear to be.

Once you have got sharp tools through the Tormek, you will be able to see the best outcome whenever you will start using the tool.

  • There Are Fewer Chances Of Devaluing

People are more likely to invest in the tool or any such stuff which is not going to go down in terms of price anytime soon.

When they invest in products that tend to go down in price when something new comes will make them feel that they have lost their hard-earned money,

Well, this is not true for Tormek.

The users say that they have seen that after their purchase, the price of the Tormek has not reduced much.

It makes them feel they have made the best decision of investing in this tool.

  • Provides User Manual

This is not easy to start using a tool just in a second. You need to research and get to know how other people are doing it.

The manufacturers of Tormek have again saved tons of your time by selling the product with a user manual. Just having a read of this guide will be enough to get your job done.

  • Blade Angle Set Up By Jig

The jigs that come with this tool help you to angle the sharp tool at any angle to get the job done according to your will. As I have already mentioned earlier, you get to do the job having proper control over it as well.

  • Multiple Tools

Tormek is not just a random sharpening tool, it comes with many tools to do so many types of jobs that you may require. So, it is a package of tools. 

Many people do not understand this point and thus remain reluctant to invest in a single tool.

So, these are some prominent aspects that can validate the expensive pricing of Tormek. If you think all these features are worth your money, then you can also give them a try. 

Is Putting Your Money On Tormek Worth It?

You may be wondering if spending your hard-earned money on a Tormek is worth it.

Well, if you think about it, there’s a steep learning curve to getting good results with the other sharpening tools. Even after spending hours, learning what kind of edge each tool requires, you may not understand if your tools are at their best state regarding sharpness.

With a Tormek, you can sharpen every day, and get consistent results every time. You’ll also get more comfortable sharpening in general over time.

It means when you need to use an unfamiliar tool or knife at home or maybe, you will not have any trouble knowing how to put an edge on it properly.

Then it may be helpful for you if you get to know about the words of the existing users. They say that their knives are sharper than ever before now as they use their Tormek regularly.

Moreover, with the practice of working with it regularly, you will certainly improve your skills substantially.

You can invest in it if money is not an issue for you. But if you feel skeptical about the product you can rent it if available, then get to know about its functionality of it personally.

I am sure, it is very unlikely that you will be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a water-cooled sharpening and an electric sharpener?

Water-cooled sharpening with no risk of overheating the steel and exact replication to sharpen your tools with unbeatable precision. The electric sharpener is exactly the opposite of it.

What is the best tool for removing metal?

Tormek is comparatively slower than a high-speed grinder at removing metal.

What are the benefits of using a Tormek?

The Tormek stone is of higher quality and more durable than the other tools for doing the job of sharpening.

Wrapping Thing Up

Why is Tormek so costly?

This is for the functionality that it brings in when it comes to sharpening a tool. But yes, the cost is a considerable factor, when it comes to deciding on investing in a pricey tool.

If you are so amazed by the tool to purchase, you should certainly do it. When it comes to spending a good fortune on it, well, you can rent it to your neighbors in need sometimes.

After all, this is not a tool that is going to be an integral part of your life on an everyday basis.

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