Tormek Vs. Grizzly Wet Grinder (2024): Which Sharpener To Choose?

We often get frustrated with choosing the wrong sharpeners. You want to ensure your sharpening tool is cutting your preferred item precisely. But when it loses its sharpness, performing the job will be hard.

Tormek and Grizzly are the two renowned brands that make high-quality sharpeners. We often feel confused about deciding between Tormek vs. Grizzly wet grinder.

Let’s some important details about both of these.

Quick Comparison Between Tormek And Grizzly

Consider checking this brief overview of both brands from this comparison table.

PerformanceMore efficient workingDecent working experience
SuitabilityIdeal for heavy usageIdeal for regular usage
VoltageSlightly higher voltageRegular voltage
DurabilitySuper durableAverage durability
Special FeaturesAn included componentsQuiet operation
PriceHighly ExpensiveAffordable
Warranty8 years1 year

Primary Differences Between Tormek And Grizzly Wet Grinder

A lot of dissimilarities exist between Tormek and Grizzly sharpening machines. Check out these noticeable differences to learn how they differ from each other.

  • Quality
Tormek Wet Grinder
Tormek Wet Grinder

A sharpener quality is important to avoid experiencing somewhat frustrating sharpening.

Compared to Grizzly sharpeners, Tormek has better construction to produce uniform full-width shavings.

Your sharpening object will be as thin as you can imagine. You don’t need to waste time to hone it on a stone, a piece of glass. They will be ready to use instantly. 

On the contrary, Grizzly sharpeners have an average quality, which you can use for sharpening issues.

But you may need to use a stone or glass to hone it further.

  • Performance

When you want to sharpen chisels and plane blades, not all sharpening tools can make sharp edges like the Tormek. After all, they are made to show exceptional performance.

Since most Tormek works at 90 RPM, it gives unbeatable control on the sharpening method and avoids burning the end of your chisel or plane iron.

In contrast, many Grizzly sharpeners can run at 110 RPM, which can provide you with an excellent sharpening experience.

They include perfect leather stropping to ensure optimal safety for the item you want to sharpen. This provides a better user experience. Watch Tormke’s performance here!

  • Suitability

Can you use a typical sharpener to sharpen all the items? Obviously not! Most of them are suitable for a particular purpose.

Tormek brands sell many well-constructed sharpeners that you can use on plane irons, chisels, turning tools, carving gouges, hand tools, knives, drill bits, and so many other things.

In contrast, you can use Grizzly for different common items such as knives, cutting tools, cutters, drill bits, etc. But using extra objects such as Waterstones or sandpaper might be necessary to get a better edge. 

  • Voltage

Voltage plays a key role in determining machine efficiency. A higher voltage system can offer more efficient and reliable performance than a lower voltage.

Compared to Grizzly sharpening machines, Tormek has a slightly higher voltage system. Thus, Tormek machines are less prone to losing energy due to resistance.

However, it will cost more electricity cost than a lower voltage system. So, using a Grizzly machine means your monthly electricity bill will be minimal.

  • Durability

Durability is an important factor when choosing a sharpener. Ultimately, it is a long-term investment, and you want to get the best value from it.

Tormek machines are incredibly durable. They can last easily 20-25 years while using them normally. But regular maintenance and occasional use may extend up to 30 years or more.

On the contrary, Grizzly sharpeners are not as durable as the Tormek. But proper care will ensure decent durability of 5-10 years, depending on your sharpening approach.

  • Special Features

Each sharpener has some unique features to offer to be uniform from the competitors.

For example, Tormek sharpeners include all the essential tools needed to sharpen your cutting tool efficiently. This saves your time and money from making an additional purchase.

Tormek sharpeners are more versatile to use since you can control the speed. This gives you the flexibility to work on various items because you can increase or decrease their speed based on the cutting tool you want to sharpen.

On the contrary, a Grizzly sharpening machine has almost a quiet operation. This allows you to concrete more on your work since you are not bothered with the unnecessary sound. 

Another notable feature of Grizzly sharpener is that their wheel runs in a water bath to keep the cutting tool cool. Hence, the extra friction won’t cause the tool’s warming or heating issues.

  • Price
Grizzly Wet Grinder
Grizzly Wet Grinder

Price plays a key role when choosing a particular sharpener machine. Compared to Grizzly, Tormek is highly expensive.

For example, Tormek T-8 Original will cost approximately $800 as per the official website of Amazon.

On the contrary, basic sharpeners like Grizzly Industrial G9717-6″ Bench Grinder will cost approximately $100.

All those prices are subject to change anytime!

Generally, it may appear surprising to pay such a huge amount of money to own a Tormek sharpener.

But according to many users, it is worth the price you spend due to its superior performance than other machines.

  • Warranty

The quality of a product is often ensured by its warranty. The higher is the warranty, the better is the quality.

Tormek offers 8-years limited warranty for their products, so it is not hard to see why they last for a long time. After all, they are made to last.

In contrast, Grizzly offers only a one-year limited warranty for its sharpening machine. But the incredibly low price you pay to own the product is not that bad.

Which One Will Be The Best Fit For Your Work?

Here comes the trickiest part. Though Tormek and Grizzly have decent quality, Tormek is far better than the other option. Nevertheless, paying a considerable amount of money is necessary to own a Tormek sharpening machine.

But according to many reviewers, it is worth the price you pay. The way it helps you utilize the scary sharp method is worth mentioning. It can make your cutting tools razor-sharp.

Some people may say they are overpriced. However, we don’t see any similar quality products with the preferred price people wish for.

A nice thing about the product is that this machine is professional-grade, suitable for most heavy use shops.

On the contrary, if you want an affordable option and occasionally use it for household purposes, you can go wrong with the Grizzly wet grinder.

They can easily take a load of regular use. However, don’t forget to stick to the right sharpening method.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Tormek wheels fit Wen?

Since Tormek wheels come in a standard size, they can easily fit most Wen models.

What are CBN grinding wheels used for?

People generally use CBN grinding wheels for cutting, sharpening, or removing metal from any tough surfaces.

What belt grinder is used on forged in the fire?

Though a wide range of options is available, The Brodbeck grinder is one of the top choices to use on the forged-in fire.
They are simple to use, made to last, and more importantly, easy-going for configuration. Their attractive rock-solid design deserved extra appreciation too.

What are green grinding wheels used for?

Generally, people use green grinding wheels to sharpen carbide tools in their tool rooms.

Final Thought

Sometimes, we have to choose from the best quality product or a standard one. The price of a Tormek is excessively high that many people may not afford it.

But if you are planning to use a sharpening machine for decades, you will never go wrong with Tormek —after all, they are made to last for a long time.

But if you want an affordable option that can easily last for several years and is easy-going for typical tasks, you can choose the Grizzly brand without any doubt.

Hopefully, you got a decent idea of Tormek vs. Grizzly wet grinder from the above discussion.

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  1. I’ve read 34 articles about Tormek wet grinders and copy grinders . No one addresses weather the arbor size makes putting a Tormek wheel on a Grizzly machine? Or if rod diameter of tool rest allows buying Tormek excess orientation? Also can I put Tormek or Jet, convex honing wheels on the end of honing wheel shaft?
    I own a new Grizzly and would like to buy several wheels and jigs that only Tormek makes. WILL THEY FIT? ANYONE?

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