Why Is Article Furniture So Expensive And Is It Worth It?

Furniture hunting is one of the toughest jobs around. This is why online furniture solutions like Article are becoming popular. Article furniture is convenient but expensive.

High-quality product material, overseas shipping costs, expert involvement, big product range are the main reasons why Article furniture is so expensive.

Good things cost more, but some good things like Article furniture cost a little too much. For some people, the price range is borderline suspicious.

Suspicion or not; if you’re wondering about the reason behind Article’s price range, here is a detailed explanation for you.

Reasons Why Article Furniture Is So Expensive

Article does have solid reasons for their seemingly higher price tags. High-quality product material, overseas shipping cost, expert involvement, and big product range- these are the most notable reason why Article’s furniture is priced so high.

Here’s how these reasons actually contribute to a higher price tag.

  • High-quality Product Material
Article Furniture Sofa Couch

Article mostly sources their furniture from overseas.

But their products actually have the better build quality and higher quality standards.

So the initial products cost more and its drives up the base cost. This is why Article furniture is expensive.

Most outsourced products usually come from places where the production cost is low. This is possible because they’re less strict about the raw material and the overall quality of the product.

That doesn’t mean every outsourcing business is bad, but this is the most common scenario.

Article doesn’t deal with this. It only deals with sources that can supply high-quality products. These products are held to a much higher quality standard because of Western regulations.

And the raw material also has to be very high quality.

Using high-quality raw materials means the base cost is already high. Add good build quality on top of that, the cost gets higher.

These things drive up the overall production cost and of course, there is shipping. So the retail price of Article furniture also jumps higher.

  • Overseas Shipping Cost

This is a big reason why Article furniture price goes so high. Self-designed or completely outsourced, all Article furniture comes from overseas.

Most sources have a pretty high shipping cost which makes the retail price go higher for the furniture.

Most businesses outsource their products to cut costs. They go for sources where the product price is lower and the shipping methods are cheap enough to not unbalance the overall cost.

That works for other things, but not for furniture.

Article furniture pieces are mostly sourced from East and Southeast Asia. That can make you think the production cost is dirt cheap. That’s not the case because Article only brings high-quality products, and their shipping issue is a little sensitive.

Furniture is a sensitive thing. They’re prone to shipping damage especially when the distance is half the world. So they have to make sure that the furniture reaches the headquarters without being damaged.

These extra safety measures make the shipping cost go higher.

That, plus the source countries usually have a higher shipping cost in the first place. Both factors together drive up the shipping cost more than regular shipping and that affects the retail price.

  • Expert Involvement
Living Room WIth Article Furniture

Article furniture ensures quality for their furniture pieces and they have experts to make sure of that.

But expert involvement also means higher production cost, which then drives up the end price for consumers.

If you want to make sure your products are high-quality, you’ll need people who know what high quality is.

And that’s what Article does.

The sourced furniture already meets the quality standard for the most part, but they have experts to make sure there is no slip-up in quality.

Not just that, they also have in-house designers for their original furniture pieces. Those need some extra steps.

Making sure the design is feasible, providing design options, finding the right material, and relaying everything to the manufacturing sources – the whole process has to be done very carefully.

This is where the professionals come in, to make the process smoother. But professional involvement means increased labor costs.

This increases the overall production cost, and that drives up the retail cost for consumers.

  • Big Product Range

More products, more sourcing, and higher cost. That’s how it works. Since Article sources lots of pieces from different countries, the overall prices add up. That’s why the end prices are higher than you’d expect.

Since Article outsources its furniture pieces, having a big product range comes with a little extra cost. Big product range means they have to source them from multiple sources and on a big scale too.

Plus there is shipping cost for different sources and for temporary storage in the base country. Granted, they don’t need any physical outlets but they need a storage facility to process everything nonetheless.

So all in all, they do have to pay for an inventory space even though they’re online-based.

This raises the overall production cost and affects the retail price. That’s why Article furniture is expensive.

Is Article Furniture Worth It?

Article Furniture

If you have ever done furniture shopping, you know the answer to that.

You’ll have to go to different shops, look for pieces, find them in a good price range, and safely get them home.

Article cuts down all the hassles and makes furniture shopping easier for you.

Article has a pretty big range of mostly modern-style furniture.

They also come in different cushioning and trimming options, from minimal-looking to extravagant velvet.

Their pieces are made of high-quality material and they hold up very well against the test of time.

The biggest ick for online furniture outlets is the difference in real life.

Most people skip online shopping because they don’t want to end up with something they don’t actually like and be stuck with it. Article has an amazing return policy to solve that too.

So, is Article worth it? Definitely yes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Article a reputable brand?

Yes, Article is one of the top furniture brands you’ll come across.

Is Article made in China?

Partially, yes. Article furniture pieces are mostly outsourced from China, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia.

What kind of style is Article furniture?

Article has mostly modern-style furniture.

Who makes Article furniture?

Article furniture pieces are outsourced from India, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia.

Final Verdict

Good things are supposed to cost more, but sometimes they cost a little too much. Article is one of the furniture brands that fit in this category. So if you’re wondering why is Article furniture so expensive, this article is a good place to start.

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