Why Are Yankee Candles Cheaper At Walmart?

Yankee Candles are an iconic American brand known for their high-quality, long-lasting scented candles. Walk into any Yankee Candle store and you’ll find yourself immersed in fragrance, with candles and home décor items artfully arranged to inspire and delight.

However, as much as people love the signature candles, even devout Yankee Candle fans have wondered: why are they so much cheaper at Walmart?

There are several reasons why Yankee Candles cost less at Walmart compared to other retailers like Yankee Candle’s own stores. Understanding the factors behind the price difference can help consumers make the most of getting their favorite Yankee scents on a budget.

Reasons For Yankee Candles Being Cheaper At Walmart

Here are real reasons!

  • Higher Volume and Buying Power at Walmart
  • Different Profit Margins for Walmart and Yankee Candle Stores
  • Walmart Loss Leaders Bring in Shoppers
  • Different Sales and Promotions
  • Walmart Sells Large Jar Candles
  • How Walmart Sells Yankee Candles
  • Walmart’s Everyday Low Prices Versus Yankee Candle’s Prestige

Need more explanation? Okay, here we go!

Higher Volume and Buying Power at Walmart

Yankee Candles

One of the biggest reasons Yankee Candles are marked down at Walmart simply comes down to the retail giant’s unparalleled size and sales volume.

With over 4,700 stores in the United States alone, Walmart has incredible buying power that allows them to make deals with suppliers to offer lower prices to customers.

Walmart moves huge quantities of products, so they can buy candles in bulk from Yankee Candle at a discounted wholesale price.

Even after marking up the retail price, Walmart can still afford to sell the candles cheaper than other retailers, passing those savings on to the consumer.

Smaller businesses and specialty shops simply can’t match the bargaining power Walmart has to negotiate lower prices.

This works out great for budget-conscious shoppers who want premium Yankee scents at more affordable Walmart prices. Just because they cost less at Walmart doesn’t mean the candles are inferior quality – they’re still 100% authentic Yankee.

You just get them for less thanks to Walmart’s massive buying power with suppliers.

Different Profit Margins for Walmart and Yankee Candle Stores

Another factor that allows Walmart to offer cheaper prices is differences in profit margins between mass retailers and specialty shops.

Yankee Candle brand stores have higher overhead costs due to elaborate interior designs and staffing requirements. To maintain their signature ambiance and robust customer service, Yankee Candle needs to incorporate those costs into product pricing.

Conversely, Walmart runs on a leaner business model focused on efficiency to drive down costs. With sparse store interiors, budget-friendly fittings, and lower staffing levels, Walmart keeps its overhead expenses in check.

The mass merchant passes those savings directly to customers through lower prices.

Yankee Candle stores also have less purchasing power than Walmart for their supplies and materials. Between the overhead and lack of buying power, Yankee Candle’s profit margins need to be wider, leading to higher prices.

But at efficient Walmart locations with lower operating costs, profit margins can be slimmer while still making money on volume. So Walmart can sell authentic Yankee at much lower prices and still be profitable.

Walmart Loss Leaders Bring in Shoppers

Yankee Candles

Walmart strategically employs loss leading pricing on some items, including Yankee Candles, to get customers through the doors.

Loss leaders are products priced below cost in order to stimulate other profitable sales.

While Walmart may take a small loss on the candles themselves, the discount draws buyers who then fill their carts with higher margin purchases.

Big name brands like Yankee Candle work well as loss leaders for Walmart.

Seeing the famous candles priced low sparks interest and gets shoppers heading to Walmart, where they’ll also grab groceries, clothes, electronics, and impulse buys with much wider profit margins.

Even though Walmart takes a hit on the Yankee Candles, more total sales across higher margin products makes up the difference.

It’s a strategic move, allowing Walmart to offer an appealing bargain on a popular brand that won’t always be available at such low prices. For shoppers, it means scoring legitimate savings on Yankee Candles that drive traffic and sales at Walmart.

The tactic works – those Yankee Candle deals are a reliable way to fuel sales all around the store.

Different Sales and Promotions

Another contributor to the pricing difference is the sales, deals, and promotions run separately by the two retailers. Both stores regularly run special offers to drive sales, but the timing and discount levels vary.

For example, Yankee Candle routinely offers promotions like buy-one-get-one free or $10 off $35. Meanwhile, Walmart drops Yankee Candle prices for holiday sales events or Rollbacks. The stores have different promotional calendars, so candle costs fluctuate.

With diligent sale tracking, there are periodic opportunities to stack savings at Yankee Candle, combining store promotions with discounted Walmart pricing. But in general, Walmart tends to push lower base prices, while Yankee Candle relies more on percent-off sales.

Combined with their different purchase volumes, operational costs, and merchandising tactics, the two retailers end up offering Yankee Candles at very different price points.

Walmart Sells Large Jar Candles

An additional factor contributing to the price gap is that Walmart primarily sells Yankee Candle’s large 22-24 ounce jar candles rather than other sizes or specialty lines. The standard large jars are the most mass market, widely available candles with the broadest appeal.

Yankee Candles

Meanwhile, Yankee Candle stores sell the full product line including pillars, tumblers, filled candles, accessories, and home fragrance items beyond just the classic large jar candles.

Items like candle accessories, reed diffusers, wax melts, and scented oils command higher price points and margins.

Many non-jar candles also have higher proportional costs for Yankee Candle, due to production variables and lower sales volumes.

With lower pricing due to volume on their core jar candles, Walmart chooses to stock those as their primary Yankee Candle offering because they can be priced the lowest.

Shoppers find the best deals on the classic jar candles at Walmart, while Yankee Candle stores provide the destination for the fuller range of candle styles and home fragrance products.

So between Walmart’s focus on the high-volume classic jar candles and Yankee Candle offering a much wider range of products, it makes sense for the prices to differ. But for the iconic 22oz jar candles, Walmart’s pricing is hard to beat.

How Walmart Sells Yankee Candles

Beyond just product selection, there are some other differences in how Walmart and Yankee Candle sell candles in-store that impact pricing.

Most Yankee Candle locations use visual merchandising to showcase products in an engaging, upscale way. Candles are elaborately staged on fixtures and tables throughout the store to create an immersive shopping atmosphere.

Extras like music, decorations, and scented air add to the sensory experience.

Walmart takes a far more utilitarian approach, displaying candles on basic shelves in a compressed area of home fragrance products. Candles are densely packed together to maximize space rather than artistically fanned out. There’s minimal sensory stimulation or décor.

The extensive visual merchandising at Yankee Candle raises operational costs and demands higher margins to support. But Walmart’s pared-down, functional displays keep expenses in check so prices stay low.

For shoppers just wanting to find and purchase candles efficiently, Walmart’s straightforward approach gets the job done.

There are also major differences in customer service between the two retailers. Yankee Candle prides itself on attentive associates who enhance the shopping experience through personalized fragrance consultations, gift recommendations, and more.

Walmart staffing is much sparser, with employees focused on general operations rather than customized candle services.

Again, Yankee Candle’s fuller customer service requires more labor budget and higher product margins. Walmart makes do with leaner staffing to maintain lower operational costs and candle prices.

So shoppers benefit from Yankee Candle’s expertise if they need it, or Walmart’s discounts if they don’t.

Walmart’s Everyday Low Prices Versus Yankee Candle’s Prestige

Ultimately, pricing comes down to the different overall branding, pricing strategies, and shopper demographics the two retailers cater to.

Walmart built its reputation on rock-bottom prices through efficiency, buying power, and aggressive cost controls. Their focus is on delivering savings and value to mainstream America. Yankee Candles priced affordably year-round fits Walmart’s brand identity.

Meanwhile, Yankee Candle established itself as a premier retail destination mecca for candles and home fragrance. Their stores offer an immersive, sensory escape for candle lovers seeking indulgence, gifting, and trial of new scents. Prestige pricing helps maintain the brand’s upscale image.

There’s certainly overlap between Yankee Candle and Walmart shoppers, especially for the iconic jar candles. But the two brands aren’t going after exactly the same customer bases or experiences. Each retailer prices to align with their brand positioning and shopper profiles.

For those wanting Yankee quality at Walmart savings, the price difference means you can afford more jars of your favorite scents for everyday use. Or splurge on a special accessory, gift set, or new fragrance to treat yourself at a Yankee Candle store.

There are good reasons why Yankee costs more at one place than another – so take advantage of the deals where you find them!

Frequently Asked Questions About Yankee Candles at Walmart

What’s the difference between Yankee Candle and Yankee Candle Home Inspiration?

Yankee Candle and Yankee Candle Home Inspiration are actually the same company and candles. Yankee Candle launched the alternate “Home Inspiration” branding in 2020 to differentiate their candles sold through mass retail partners like Walmart from those sold at Yankee Candle stores. It allows the company to protect its premium Yankees Candle branded image for its own stores, while still supplying candles to mass merchants under a distinct label. The candles themselves are identical – only the name on the label differs. So shoppers can confidently buy Yankee/Home Inspiration candles at Walmart knowing they are getting genuine Yankee quality at the lower Walmart pricing.

What has happened to Yankee Candles?

Over the years, some shoppers have noted changes in Yankee Candle’s product quality, scent strength, burning time, etc. This is primarily due to Yankee tweaking formulas, moving manufacturing, and altering ingredients to control costs. For example, they reduced candle weights by 2 ounces in 2013 but kept jar sizes the same. Wicks, wax blends, and fragrances have also been changed over time. However, the core product remains recognizable as Yankee Candle, albeit with some minor downgrades amidst company growth and cost controls. Many devotees feel today’s Yankees still burn cleanly but lack the punch of decades past.

Are Aldi candles as good as Yankee?

Aldi’s own Huntington Home brand candles are very comparable to Yankee Candle in terms of scent throw, burn time, and wax quality, but are much more affordable. Aldi candle fans suggest similar scents to favorite Yankees. With prices up to 75% less, Aldi’s candles are an extremely budget-friendly alternative offering close to Yankee Candle performance at a fraction of the cost. Aldi also sells Yankee-inspired dupes like fruity Sangria Punch mimicking Yankee’s Pink Sands. So those wanting excellent candles without the Yankee price tag should try Aldi’s Huntington Home brand.

Is Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle better?

This depends on personal preference, as both brands offer high-quality, long-lasting, appealing scented candles. Bath & Body Works has more variety and youthful novelty scents with clever packaging, while Yankee Candle features more sophisticated, natural fragrances. Yankee Candle jar candles provide around 150 hours of burn time compared to Bath & Body Works’ jar candles at 45-50 hours. But for budget buyers, Bath & Body Works candles often go on sale for around $10-$15 versus Yankees normal $27. Overall, Yankee Candles last longer and use higher purity scents, but Bath & Body Works offers comparable performance at lower prices with trendier branding.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are several legitimate reasons why Yankee Candles are priced significantly lower at Walmart compared to Yankee Candle’s own retail stores. Walmart’s immense size and purchasing power allows them to buy candles at wholesale prices that smaller retailers can’t match.

Yankee Candle stores have higher operating costs due to visual merchandising, premium real estate, and extensive customer service. Walmart also employs loss leader pricing, strategically taking a hit on Yankee Candles to draw customers in for higher margin purchases.

While Yankee Candle caters to luxury fragrance shoppers, Walmart appeals to mainstream bargain hunters. But the bottom line is that for budget-conscious Yankee Candle fans, Walmart offers the perfect place to score the iconic jar candles at impressive discounts.

Savvy shoppers can take advantage of the difference in pricing structures between the two retailers.

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