Bath & Body Works Vs. Yankee Candle: In-depth Differences

Scented candles can transform any space by adding comforting fragrance and ambiance. Two of the most popular candle brands on the market are Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle.

But which one offers the best quality and value for your home?

This comprehensive guide compares Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle across factors like scent throw, ingredients, variety, pricing, and more. Whether you’re looking for sweet fruity scents or classic aromas like lavender, we’ll help you determine which brand suits your scent preferences and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsBath & Body WorksYankee Candle
ScentsMostly proprietary, fruity/gourmandMany classic/nostalgic
Fragrance IntensityVery strong scent throwModerate scent throw
Wax TypeParaffinBlended (paraffin, soy, palm)
PriceLower, frequent salesHigher, fewer sales
JarsTrendy decorative designsClassic minimalist design

Now let’s explore the pros and cons of each brand in more depth.

Bath & Body Works Candle Overview

Bath & Body Works offers a huge selection of 3-wick candles in decorative jars. Here are some of the key benefits and drawbacks of this brand:


Bath & Body Works Candle
  • Strong scent throw: Bath & Body Works candles are infused with fragrance to the max, ensuring an intense and long-lasting aroma in your space. The three wicks also distribute the scent efficiently when lit.
  • Proprietary scents: Most of the candles feature unique, proprietary fragrance blends you won’t find anywhere else. The scents often evoke feelings or experiences, like “Strawberry Pound Cake” and “Endless Weekend.”
  • Trendy containers: The jars come in a variety of stylish designs that can double as decor. Some feature crystalline textures or faceted glass for a glamorous look.
  • Frequent sales: Bath & Body Works runs sales on candles very frequently, such as “3-wick candles for $10” or similar promotions. This makes them budget-friendly.


  • Limited classic scents: You won’t find many tired-and-true aromas like lavender or eucalyptus. The focus is more on gourmand and novelty fragrances.
  • Strong scent can be overpowering: Some may find Bath & Body Works’ super-fragrant candles to be too strong or headache-inducing in enclosed spaces.
  • Mostly paraffin wax: The wax used is paraffin, derived from petroleum, rather than natural waxes. This may be a drawback for some eco-conscious consumers.

Yankee Candle Overview

Known for their signature white jars, Yankee Candles offer familiar scents reminiscent of holidays, seasons, and memories. Here are the main pros and cons of this brand:


Yankee Candle
  • Classic and nostalgic scents: Yankee Candle features time-honored aromas you know and love, like pine, cinnamon, vanilla, clean cotton, and wildflower. Their scents evoke coziness and nostalgia.
  • High-quality wax blends: Their candles are made from a proprietary blend of paraffin, soy, and palm waxes for an even, long burn. The soy content makes them somewhat eco-friendlier.
  • Minimalist jars: The simple white glass jars have an understated, classic design perfect for any decor. The lids also help the candles burn evenly.
  • Long history: Yankee Candle has 50+ years of candle-making expertise. Their candles are tried-and-true.


  • Moderate scent throw: While the aromas are pleasing, the scent spread is more subtle compared to Bath & Body Works. Yankee Candle aims for lighter, less overpowering fragrances.
  • Higher prices: Expect to pay around $27 or more per large 22-ounce Yankee Candle jar versus $14.50 for a Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle when not on sale.
  • Fewer exciting scents: Those looking for more adventurous, gourmand scents won’t find as many with Yankee. The focus is on classics.
  • Less frequent sales: Yankee Candle rarely offers sitewide sales like Bath & Body Works. The discounts are usually sent directly to loyalty members instead.

Detailed Comparison of Bath & Body Works And Yankee Candle

Now let’s do a deep dive into how Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle stack up across some of the most important factors for candle buyers.

  • Scents and Fragrance Variety

When it comes to scent options, Bath & Body Works is the clear winner in terms of selection. They offer well over 100 different fragrances between their core collection and seasonal candles.

The scents span fruity, floral, gourmand, fresh, and more. Yankee Candle has a solid repertoire of around 80 scents, but many are just reproductions of classics.

Bath & Body Works Candle
Bath & Body Works Candle

In terms of proprietary vs. classic scents, Yankee Candle takes the lead.

Almost all their scents will smell familiar, while Bath & Body Works focuses more on unique fragrance creations.

However, Bath & Body Works does have its own versions of classics like Eucalyptus Spearmint and Mahogany Teakwood.

For indulgent gourmand fragrances, think Bath & Body Works.

Scents like Strawberry Pound Cake, Pecan Waffles, and Cinnamon Caramel Swirl are tailor-made for foodies. Yankee does have bakery-inspired candles, but they aren’t as plentiful or richly decadent.

  • Fragrance Intensity & Longevity

Bath & Body Work candles are renowned for their super-strong scent throw that fills up a room quickly. The combination of potent fragrance oils and having three wicks makes them BABW’s candles longer-lasting and more pungently scented than most competitors.

Yankee Candles take a lighter approach to fragrance. While you’ll still smell them in the air, the aroma is less intense than Bath & Body Works candles when burning side-by-side. Yankee aims for a cozy, subtle effect compared to Bath & Body Works’ sometimes in-your-face scents.

In terms of longevity, Bath & Body Works again has the advantage. Their candles tend to retain their scent for many more hours of burn time before losing intensity. With Yankee Candles, you may notice the smell dropping off sooner as the candle burns down.

  • Candle Ingredients
Yankee Candle

When it comes to wax, Yankee Candle uses a blend of paraffin wax along with soy wax and a bit of palm wax.

The soy wax content (around 10%) makes their candles somewhat more eco-friendly and natural than an all-paraffin formula.

Bath & Body Works candles are 100% paraffin-based.

Both brands use quality fragrance oils to scent their candles.

However, Bath & Body Works uses a heavier hand, sometimes even double-wicking or triple-wicking their strongest fragrances. Yankee aims for more subtle scent diffusion. Essential oils are rarely if ever used by either brand.

On the whole, Yankee Candle has a small edge for candle ingredients thanks to the inclusion of soy wax and a lighter touch with fragrance. But neither candle is fully natural or organic.

  • Jars & Packaging

The aesthetic appeal of the candle jars and packaging also matters for decor. Here it’s a split decision.

Bath & Body Works has the upper hand for stylish and eye-catching jar designs. Their facets, colors, iridescent finishes, and crystal textures provide plenty of visual interest. Yankee Candle jars are simple and classic but also a bit plain by comparison.

For gift-giving, Yankee Candle may have an advantage. Their minimalist white jars feel elegant and sophisticated without being over-the-top. Bath & Body Works’ flashy jars are stunning but not to everyone’s taste.

When it comes to packaging waste, Yankee Candle comes out ahead. Their lids are reusable and designed to enhance the burn. Bath & Body Works’ plastic lids end up in the trash.

  • Burn Time & Quality
Yankee Candles

Both brands deliver quality candles with even wax pooling and 35-45+ hour estimated burn times for a 22-ounce to 24-ounce large jar.

Yankee Candle’s inclusion of palm and soy waxes in their blend results in a slightly longer, cleaner burn.

But Bath & Body Works isn’t too far behind for burn performance.

One advantage of Yankee Candle’s simple lidded jars is that they prevent issues like tunneling. With Bath & Body Works’ open-topped jars, the wax surface can become uneven or develop holes if the candle isn’t burned evenly. Proper wick trimming helps optimize their burn.

On the whole, Yankee Candle is the safer choice for even, mess-free burning, but Bath & Body Works performs well too as long as the wicks are managed.

  • Value & Cost

When it comes to price and sales, Bath & Body Works pulls ahead as the more affordable option. Their 3-wick candles often retail between $14.50 to $16.50 when not on sale, compared to around $27 to $29 for Yankee Candle’s 22-ounce jars.

However, Bath & Body Works also runs very frequent promotions like “3-wick candles for $10” or “All candles $12.” Yankee Candle rarely does sitewide sales. You have to wait for coupons sent to loyalty members instead of being able to stock up on any sale.

For budget-savvy buyers who like scoring deals, Bath & Body Works provides better value and more affordable ways to build your candle stash. Yankee Candles cost more upfront, but their scents may be worth splurging on for some.

  • Availability

In terms of accessibility, Bath & Body Works is the clear winner. They have over 1,600 retail stores across North America compared to just 600 The Yankee Candle stores regionally. Yankee Candle is also not available from big-box stores like Bath & Body Works.

So for shoppers wanting to smell and browse candles in person instead of buying online, Bath & Body Works provides far more convenient access. Their ubiquity makes it easy to keep your collection stocked up.

FAQ: Key Questions About Bath & Body Works And Yankee Candles

What is the best scented candle brand?

There is no definitive “best” brand – it depends on your scent preferences and priorities. But two of the top contenders are Bath & Body Works if you love strong, novel fragrances, and Yankee Candle for nostalgic classics.

Is it worth it to buy Bath and Body Works candles?

Bath & Body Works candles are very much worth it for their amazing throw, unique scents, trendy jars, and affordable prices during sales. The quality is excellent for the low prices when on promotion.

Is Yankee Candle high-quality?

Yes, Yankee Candle is known for their expertise in candle-making and high-quality paraffin-soy-palm wax blends. Their subtler scents and classic jars have appeal too. But their prices are also higher.

What is special about Bath and Body Works candles?

Bath & Body Works candles stand out for their proprietary, hyper-fragrant scents you can’t find elsewhere. Their candles have an intensity that makes them noticeably strong and long-lasting. The decorative jars are also trendier.

Summary: Evaluate Your Candle Preferences

When it comes to Yankee Candle versus Bath & Body Works candles, neither brand is objectively “better” overall. The right candle comes down to your scent preferences, budget, and priorities around things like designer jars vs. minimalist packaging.

If you love punchy, unique scents, look no further than Bath & Body Works, especially during a sale. For nostalgic classics at a higher price point, Yankee Candle is an excellent choice. You really can’t go wrong with either brand for quality and performance. Let your nose guide you to your favorites.

With this comprehensive comparison of scent notes, wax blends, packaging, and more, you now have all the details to decide which brand suits your candle needs. May your home always be filled with delightful, welcoming fragrance.

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