Oil Perfumery Vs. Oakcha: Which One Should You Pick?

Perfume is an art in itself. This is why so many people love trying out different perfumes. Oil Perfumery and Oakcha are two popular brands when it comes to perfumes.

Oil Perfumery is mostly rollerballs, lasts for less time, and is less close to the original. Oakcha perfumes are sprays, last longer, and are closer to the original.

Perfume is an expression of personality. That’s why people try out a fragrance before they commit. Oil Perfumery and Oakcha- both are popular options for this, but which one should you choose?

Here is a comparison to help you out.

A Quick Summary of The Comparison

FeatureOil PerfumeryOakcha
PackagingMostly rollerballs, leaking is pretty commonMostly sprays, leaking isn’t very common
Projection and longevityGood projection, lasts for less timeBetter projection, lasts for a longer time depending on skin type
Closeness to originalGoodBetter

Key Differences Between Oil Perfumery And Oakcha

Oil Perfumery
Oil Perfumery

Being sister brands means both perfume brands are very similar in most ways.

They might be more similar than different, actually. But there are still elements that make both of them stand out.

Packaging, projection and longevity, closeness to original- these are the most major differences between Oil Perfumery and Oakcha perfumes.

Let’s see how the differences work out in both brands.

  • Packaging

One of the key appeals of perfumes is their packaging. For these two brands, the competition is more on practicality and less on aesthetics.

Oil Perfumery mostly focuses on rollerballs and their packages are less sturdy. Oakcha is more focused on sprays and their packaging holds up much better.

Oil Perfumery releases its fragrances as rollerballs. They’re smaller and very convenient to carry. If you’re traveling, these are really good options for perfumes.

The problem is, a lot of the times, Oil Perfumery roller bottles aren’t exactly the strongest. Leaking perfume bottles is the one significant complaint they get all year round.

And it isn’t just during shipping, sometimes the bottle is just defective. They do change the units quickly, but it is still an issue.

Oakcha won’t have you deal with anything like this. Their packaging looks more like standard perfume packaging and they hold up pretty well.

Leaking bottles aren’t impossible, but it is pretty rare. The only problem is, the perfume bottles aren’t always travel-friendly.

  • Projection and Longevity

As with any perfume, longevity is one of the key points consumers consider. Oil Perfumery fragrances have good projection and feel less oily.

Oakcha perfumes on the other hand last longer overall but they can feel too oily for people. But the projection is significantly better on them so that’s a plus.

Oakcha Perfume

Both Oil Perfumery and Oakcha have pretty long-lasting perfumes, but there are layers to them.

Oil Perfumery fragrances are rollerballs, so the projection isn’t as intense as you’d think.

They roll smoothly and cling to your skin though, that’s a plus.

Oil Perfumery fragrances are also less oily. This can make the fragrance dissipate faster, depending on your skin type.

If you want projection, Oakcha is your best bet.

Their spray bottles have better projection and stay on for a pretty long time. The perfumes are oilier than most which pretty much determines how long the fragrance will last.

For some skin types, it makes the fragrance cling to your body better. For others, it makes the fragrance dissipate faster.

  • Closeness to Original

Most perfumes on both brands’ product lines are inspired by popular fragrances from different brands, so closeness to the original fragrance is a valid point. Oil Perfumery fragrances go close to the original, but not as much as Oakcha fragrances.

Oil Perfumery fragrances can be very similar to the original fragrance, but it depends. Some products are very close to the original, others not much.

All in all, the fragrances are 70% close to the original fragrance they were inspired from. But this isn’t consistent, some Oil Perfumery products land a little too far from the inspiration.

Oakcha does much better in this department. Their fragrances are very close (almost over 80% close) to the originals, especially Lost Cherry and Love, Don’t Be Shy dupes. They’re also more consistent with the quality so you’ll have a better idea of the fragrance you’re eyeing.

Which Brand Should You Go For?

Oil Perfumery and Oakcha are sister brands, so the difference between them is pretty minimal. And that actually makes it harder to choose a single brand.

They’re both known for being pretty close to the original perfumes and lasting long. It definitely helps in decision making if you have a personal preference you’d like to focus on.

Oil Perfumery

You can always mix and match, and rely on different brands for different perfumes because there is no single winner in this.

But if you’re looking to pick just one, that’s possible too. You’ll just have to do a little pros and cons calculation rundown.

If you’re looking for something more portable and convenient, Oil Perfumery rollerballs are perfect for you.

They come in travel sizes that are easier to carry and convenient to pack in your bag.

Oil Perfumery fragrances also last a decent amount of time but that can change depending on your skin type.

Not just that, Oil Perfumery fragrances are more on the affordable side of the spectrum. So if you want to try out popular fragrances before committing but don’t want to break the bank, Oil Perfumery is a very good option.

The problem with Oil Perfumery is its packaging. The bottles tend to leak. Most of the time it happens during shipping, but sometimes you might just end up with a defective bottle.

Plus the fragrance is notoriously short-living, and can only get around 70% close to the original.

If you’re looking for something more fancy, Oakcha is a solid choice. Their perfumes are sprays so they have better projection, and the packaging is better too.

The perfume is pretty close to the original inspiration for the most part so you’ll have a better idea of the original. Oakcha perfumes also last longer on your skin so that’s a plus.

The only problem is, the perfume is on the oily side. That can either help the fragrance stick around longer or dissolve faster, it depends on your skin type.

Plus they’re more on the expensive side too. But if you can spare the extra few bucks, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Overall, Oakcha is the better choice in this case. But if you want something more convenient or affordable, Oil Perfumery is a really good option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is perfume oil better than perfume?

That depends on what you’re looking for. Perfume oils are more beneficial for your skin, but the fragrance might not always last as long as regular perfumes.

Which perfume has the strongest fragrance?

Anything that is labeled Eau de Parfum (EDP) will have a strong scent. EDP contains 10-20% perfume oil which is the highest percentage among fragrances.

What fragrance oil lasts the longest?

Patchouli, sandalwood, white musk, tuberose- these are some of the strongest lasting fragrance oil notes.

Which fragrance is best for perfume?

That depends on your taste and personality. But white musk, sandalwood, and fruity notes are very popular fragrance notes for perfumes.

What is the strongest version of perfume?

The strongest type of perfume is Eau de Parfume (EDP for short).

Final Verdict

Perfumes are intricate things. What you like and what you don’t like depends on a lot of factors, so debates like Oil perfumery or Oakcha are mostly pointless.

But if you had to pick one, Oakcha would be the objectively better choice. and if you want something portable or affordable, feel free to go with oil perfumery.

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