Triumph Adventure II Flooring Reviews 2024: Is It Worth Buying?

When choosing hardwood planks for flooring, considering the wood’s species, solidness, stability, grade, width, and finish is essential. Though many brands are available, not all of them are reliable. I have decided to go for the Triumph Adventure II flooring review.

This type of wood plank is a favorite option among many households. It has a classic, unique and contemporary look. Also, it adds a rustic feel. Several colors and sizing options are available for this adventure II flooring.

Let’s learn more about this hardwood plank.

Features of Triumph Adventure II Flooring

Triumph Adventure II flooring

Why should you choose the Triumph Adventure II flooring over other flooring options? Here are the top reasons that will give fair reasons to select it for your house.

  • High-Quality Vinyl Wood

This plant flooring is made of stone plastic composite (SPC) luxury vinyl. It can add a solid feel and look. The installation and maintenance task appears simple since it comes with an attached 1.5mm cork underlayment.   

What’s more, the hard surface of this wood is solid and durable. It can add tremendous value to your house if you have a plan to sell the house in the future.

  • Ceramic Bead Surface Coating

This high-quality plant wood surface is equipped with ceramic bead surface coating. It is impressively resistant to scuffing below the surface.

Apart from adding extra protection to the floor surface, it adds a great shine to the floor. The floor surface looks more appealing.

  • Painted Bevel Edge

Each piece of flooring wood has painted bevel edges. The manufacturer uses special machines and advanced technology to add complimenting color to the wood surface.

These specially painted bevel edges bring and highlight the real character of each wood board. After all, the overall appearance of the plank floor will increase with a details look.

  • Waterproof
Triumph Adventure flooring

The Triumph Adventure II flooring is waterproof. Hence, it is unlikely to have molding or rotting issues.

So, you don’t have to be concerned about swelling, bloating, and warping.

Unlike badly water-damaged hardwood floors, household owners are less likely to regularly repair and replace the floor.

The plank floor can last a durable amount of time with minimal weary issues.

  • Comfortable Underfoot

This wood flooring is made of vinyl materials. It is also known as a “resilient” floor. You can feel soft and cushioned under your feet while walking on the surface.

It has a particular degree of elasticity. Additionally, it is equipped with a thin backing of a resilient padded layer to walk on, making it a slightly softer walking surface.

  • Stain And Scratch Resistance

Families with kids and pets face a little hassle with floor maintenance. Moisture, scratches, stains, scratches, and dents are often common.

Triumph Adventure II flooring is made of highly durable materials. This pet-friendly hardwood surface won’t get affected by your dog’s claws.

Moreover, cleaning the hardwood plank is simple. You just need to go for a few simple wipes to clear everything from the surface. Practice mopping the floor once every week too.

However, regularly removing grit is necessary if you want to install it in high-traffic areas. Wipe up any spills instant to prevent staining issues. Otherwise, it will be hard to remove. 

  • Better Air Quality

This type of vinyl hardwood flooring can ensure better air quality. Pollutants, dust, animal dander, specific matters, and other common allergens won’t accumulate on the floor surface.

People with allergy issues will benefit more from this kind of flooring option.

In order to ensure further reliability, Triumph Adventure II flooring has the Floorscore® certifications. You can use them for commercial and residential indoor use.

After all, it is compatible with stringent indoor air quality (IAQ) emissions.

  • Increased Indentation Resistance

This vinyl wood surface has excellent indentation resistance capabilities. Its extra thickness ensures added hardness. So, extreme pressure won’t do much harm to the flooring surface.

Its tribological performance won’t be compromised easily due to the corresponding compressive strength. Therefore, the surface materials add a long-term value to your house.

  • Static Coefficient of Friction

Apart from walking comfortably, you can walk safely on the Triumph Adventure II flooring due to its static coefficient of friction.

This type of floor surface is not entirely smooth. So, it can provide increased grip, especially when the surface becomes slippery. You will have more control over every foot traction.

Hence, you can avoid any unwanted falling off and hurting yourself. Watch this video to learn more about this flooring.

  • Impressive Sound Absorption

Triumph Adventure II flooring has ASTM E90 certification, meaning it can absorb a significant amount of sound. The sound dampening material will ensure minimal creation of noise when walking on the surface.

However, you should not expect it to be fully soundproof. You are more likely to experience some noise due to the unevenness of the floor surface.

But precisely installing the hardwood plank flooring will ensure a reduced amount of sound.

  • Heat Resistance

This type of vinyl flooring has decent heat resistance properties. It can effortlessly control -20 to +160 degrees of temperature. However, the relative humidity should be between 30% to 70%.

Other than these, Triumph Adventure II flooring is flame-resistant and flame-retardant. It won’t cause the fire to spread quickly. Therefore, you got a lot of safety from this type of flooring.

What Could’ve Been Better With Triumph Adventure II flooring?

Just because this vinyl flooring surface has many positive aspects doesn’t mean it is free from drawbacks. Here are a few disadvantages of Triumph Adventure II flooring.

  • Requires Extra Adhesive

One of the most noticeable complaints is that you need to use extra adhesive to install each vinyl piece properly. Using an inadequate amount of bond will lead to premature chipping-off issues.

Also, don’t forget to use high-quality glue to ensure better adhesion.

This will increase the overall cost when handling a large project, or each room of your is pretty bulky.

  • Not The Best Option For Heavy Traffic Areas

Though vinyl flooring surface requires minimal maintenance, it is not the best option for heavy traffic areas. You may see noticeable stains and scratches if you do not wipe the surface immediately.

The more you are late, the more difficult it will be to remove them. You can use a good degreaser for quick stains. Most users recommend going for deep cleaning once every week.

  • Not Suitable For Repairing

If your vinyl flooring is damaged heavily, leave of thought of repairing it. Even if you fix it, it won’t last long. This will increase your total investment.

However, minor rips or tears with smooth edges can be easily handled without any issues. You just need to follow the correct technique to repair it.

  • Difficult To Remove

Installing Triumph Adventure II flooring is simple. But make sure you know the right way to install it. Once you install it, it is pretty hard to remove.

You may end up damaging the floor pieces due to extra pressure.


So, what is your thought after going through the Triumph Adventure II flooring review session? This vinyl flooring option is excellent due to its affordable price, rich appearance, long-lasting durability, and many other points.

Though it has some drawbacks, all its beneficial features give you enough reasons to buy this beautiful and sturdy flooring option.

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