TAPCO Pro 14 Vs. Pro 19 Siding Brake: In-depth Differences With Features

A siding brake is a handy tool for cutting and bending excellent flashing pieces to fit in windows, doors, and other areas of your house or building. However, there is much confusion between TAPCO Pro 14 vs. Pro 19 siding brakes when a person likes to decide to buy any of them. 

Therefore, I would like to highlight all the aspects of these siding brakes in this comparison. It will help you simplify your decision and choose your needed siding brake!

A Sharp Look On A Quick Comparison Table

Credentials TAPCO Pro 14 Siding BrakeTAPCO Pro 19 Siding Brake
UsageFor standard or medium-sized cutting of flashing and bendingFor larger cutting of flashing and bending 
Made with Material Metal Metal 
Throat depthIt provides a throat depth of 14 inchesIt provides a throat depth of 19 inches
Size in LengthIt is 10.6 inches longIt is also 10.6 inches long
Weight Weight is 106 poundsIt weighs a little heavier at 121 pounds
Locking SystemPulling motion locking system rather than pushing motionPulling motion locking system rather than pushing motion
Bending Angle 180 degree 180 degree
Bending for materials 0.28 Ga. Galvanized steel, 0.16 oz. of copper sheet and coil. Plus, up to 0.30 of soft aluminum0.16 oz. copper sheet and coil, 0.28 gauge galvanized steel and 0.030 soft aluminum
Price FactorIt is  way cheaper than pro 19It is a little more expensive than the pro 14
DurabilityIt can be used for multiple contractsProvides longer durability with time

Detailed Comparison Between TAPCO Pro 14 And Pro 19 Siding Brake 

Since you have taken a look at the table, let’s describe each of these factors in a little detail! 

  • Usage
TAPCO Pro - 14 Siding Brake
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When you need to create quality parts using a siding brake, including custom brick mold, sill trim, soffit, gutter aprons, roof flashing, window casing or chimney flashing, etc., both brakes work exactly the way you desire them to perform. 

However, Tapco pro 14 is usually used for small and standard/medium-sized cuttings or bending. But Tapco Pro 19 can be used for vast cuttings and more comprehensive usages. 

Pro 19 siding brake efficiently provides added value with an additional quality bending which is a little better than the 14th addition!

  • Material Quality 

However, since both have their usage purposes, choosing any of these for your specific work is no big deal. Plus, both siding brakes are made of pure metal. 

  • Throat Depth

In Tapco Pro 14, you will find a throat depth of 14 inches, which means it can only cut or bend flashing up to this scale. That’s why we use it for standard cutting purposes. 

On the other hand, the Pro 19 has a throat depth of 19 inches that can grab more flashing inside its mouth. 

  • Locking Mechanisms
TAPCO Pro - 19 Siding Brake
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In Pro 14, you will find an easy-to-use locking system. Mostly the brakes out there use pushing motion rather than pulling motion. 

It becomes hazardous for the workers to work on and cut the larger pieces of cols. Instead, you will never face such a problem here. 

Because either if it is pro 14 or 19, both come with a pulling motion mechanism rather than the opposite one.

It helps the workers remove all the difficulties and work closer to those brakes. This practice is usually effective while working on the larger pieces. 

  • Bending Angle And Handling Systems

As mentioned earlier, both these brakes can bend up to a 180-degree angle. It makes it easy for you to install coil inside the mouth and cut them perfectly. It is best for extremely stuffy panels. 

Moreover, the brakes come with easy-to-manage bending handles. These allow you for easy operations and become more focused on your work. 

Working with these systems is better than working on those loop-type designing handles. Because such handles make it difficult for you to be comfortable on the cutting machine. 

  • Bending For Materials 

There is no difference to judge when providing bending for different materials. Pro 19 and 14 can work for the materials described in the table and provide easy bending. 

This includes 0.28 Ga. Galvanized steel, 0.16 oz. of copper sheet and coil. Plus, up to 0.30 of soft aluminum. 

  • Size

Coming to the size, both have the same 10.6 inches length. 

  • Weight

The Pro 14 is a little more portable with 106 pounds weight than the pro 19 siding brake in terms of portability. It is probably the big difference you can find between these brakes.

  • Price Factor

If you want to judge these two, you should know that there is a slight difference between the price of these brakes. Pro 19 is a little expensive due to its large structure. Pro 14 is cheaper than pro 19 due to more streamlined usage. 

  • Durability 

Do not judge these brakes on their durability. Because both are made with fine metal and work for a longer period. You can have multiple contracts and complete them by having your Tapco pro 14 or 19 siding brake. 

So, Which Siding Brake Would Be Best To Choose?

TAPCO Pro - 19 Siding Brake

Genuinely speaking, there is no benchmark for judging these brakes except that your personal preference matters a lot. It totally depends on which one you want to get for your particular area of usage. 

However, you can choose pro 19 for more extensive cutting and bending purposes. But as said earlier, pro 14 is something you can have for standard duty purposes. Moreover, the range of budget you have also matters. 

So, choose wisely for your next contract!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a Tapco Pro 19 weight?

Tapco Pro 19 weighs 121 lbs. 

What is a Tapco Pro 14?

Tapco Pro 14 is basically a siding brake that can easily store material inside its bender. It can be used for cutting, flipping, handling, and bending the material. 

How do you adjust the brakes on a Tapco Pro 14?

To adjust the brakes on the Tapco Pro 14, you have to turn the tension mechanism given on the brakes either clockwise or counterclockwise. It will increase the locking tension or decrease respectively. Through this, you can adjust the brakes on the machine. 

How do you tighten Tapco brakes?

For tightening the brakes on Tapco, there are power locks you can use. Work on them to tighten the brakes when you need to. 


Finally, after reading the article, I hope you have got every necessary information regarding comparing Tapco Pro 14 vs. Pro 19 siding brake. And I do hope that this information will lead you towards a better decision. 

Moreover, if you found this interesting, don’t forget to share it with others. Keep visiting, and have a nice day!

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