Azek Siding Vs. Hardie Board: Which One To Pick?

Azek or Hardie is a considerable concern you must consider when looking for siding for your home construction. Among many differences, a key one is the pricing of the two board choices. Azek is a bit more expensive than the Hardie boards in general.

If you compare the two choices in-depth, you will have an effortless time figuring out the winner. So, to help you with it, I have a detailed comparison of the boards.

Let’s get through it right away.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsAzek SidingHardie Board
Moisture ResistanceExcellentNot that great
DurabilityNot the bestVery sturdy
Shrinking Shrinks very quicklyIt doesn’t shrink as much

Key Differences Between Hardie Board And Azek Siding

  • Moisture Resistance
Azek Siding
Azek Siding

Moisture resistance is a significant concern many homeowners go through while choosing their siding.

If you live in an area with a lot of moisture, this is the first thing you will worry about before siding for your home.

First, Azek siding is a wonderful choice whenever you think of moisture resistance.

The polyvinyl chloride construction on the Azek siding allows it to fight moisture. You hardly get to see any moisture damage on these siding.

As for the Hardie board, I am afraid the results aren’t the same. One of the critical issues with the Hardie board is moisture.

Moisture can easily penetrate through the board and damage the whole exterior of your house, not just the siding. Because of this, it’s not an ideal choice for places with a lot of moisture.

There is no doubt about the winner here in terms of moisture resistance. You have to go with Azek regarding the resistance of the siding. They are just a better option overall.

  • Durability

Straight up, durability is a worrying factor when it comes to siding. I mean, you don’t want something that you have to repair or replace regularly. That’s why you will need something that holds up for quite a while.

In that aspect, I have to say Hardie board is a better pick compared to Azek’s siding. The reason is the sturdy and heavy construction of the Hardie board.

Multiple layers on Hardie boards keep them safe from external damage and make them more durable. Also, they resist things like warping, high impact, climate, etc.

When you bring Azek siding in that comparison, it just falls short. It doesn’t have that kind of sturdy construction to back up the durability factor. It’s just something that lets you down in terms of longevity compared to Hardie Board.

  • Shrinking
Hardie Board
Hardie Board

Shrinking is a massive problem for siding boards. You don’t want a material that will shrink after a while.

The whole thing gets quite disturbing when the boards start to shrink.

With Azek siding, you will have to face this issue a lot. They are very prone to shrinking, especially on the joints.

They tend to shrink very quickly under incorrect temperature conditions.

The main reason for that is they have fly ash in the components. This factor makes them shrink faster than other choices.

The exact opposite happens with the Hardie boards. They don’t have any fly ash in their construction. As a result, you won’t see them shrinking or getting affected that much by thermal conditions.

So, if you are worried about the abnormal temperature around your home, I suggest you go with the Hardie board as it’s a much safer option.

  • Cost

As for the cost, it’s super easy to decide between the two choices. I would encourage you to decide on one of these based on the pricing factor.

Go with Hardie board if you plan to get the job done within a budget and save money. They are way cheaper than Azek regarding the up-front cost and installation cost.

Which One Is A Better Pick For You?

Once you learn about the differences and know the different factors, you can choose very easily. In my opinion, if you live in an area where there is too much moisture, I highly recommend choosing Azek. They provide excellent resistance to moisture.

But if you are thinking about saving up some money, choose Hardie, the board, without any second thought.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is better than fiber cement siding?

Something better than fiber cement siding always has to be Vinyl siding.

What is Azek’s siding made of?

Azek siding is made of reinforced polymer composite.

Is Azek fiber cement?

No, Azek is a composite siding rather than fiber cement.

Is Hardie board better than siding?

Hardie board is a better option than siding if you think about durability.


To sum it up, Azek siding or Hardie board comes down to two factors. It’s the pricing or the resistance to conditions. The Hardie board is the way for anyone who wants to save money.

But if you want the best kind of resistance, then I would go for Azek siding without any doubt.

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