Soft-Lite Windows Vs. Andersen Windows: Which One To Choose?

Can you pick any random windows for your beautiful windows? Surely, not! They need to be reliable, compatible, and functional. Also, these enclosures should have an aesthetic appearance.

They are supposed to build to last. I have come up with a comparison session on Soft-Lite Windows and Andersen.

Soft-Lite windows have a better attractive appearance than Andersen windows. But, they have a limited number of product selections, styles, and customizable options than the latter.

Soft-Lite offers a lifetime warranty, whereas Andersen has up to 20 years of warranty.

A Swift Comparison Table

Can’t decide between Soft-Lite and Andersen? Check out this small table. You will get a quick idea.

SpecificationsSoft-Lite WindowsAndersen Windows
Product Options7 types of windows8 types of windows
Styles And DesignsAttractive windows but limited choicesAmple style and customizable options
Frame MaterialsOnly vinylWood, composite (Fibrex®), vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, etc.
TechnologyLeading-Edge TechnologiesTransparent Solar Technology
CertificationsENERGY STAR certified with the highest NFRC ratingsENERGY STAR certified
Customer ServiceFantastic customer supportGood Customer Support
CostMore expensive optionSlightly lower price
WarrantyTransferrable and non-prorated lifetime warrantyTen years limited warranty for windows and other components, and twenty years limited warranty for glass

In-Depth Dissimilarities Between Soft-Lite Windows And Andersen Windows

So, you learned quick details about both window options. Does it seem interesting to dive deeper and learn more precise information about both window companies?

Yes, it should be! Check out their features comparisons and other essential facts to select the best option.

  • Product Lines
Soft-Lite Windows
Soft-Lite Windows

Soft-Lite windows are available in an extensive line of products.

Generally, 7 types of windows are available for this brand: single-hung, double-hung, casement, pictures/shapes, sliders, awning/hopper, and bay/bow.

Hence, choosing your reliable window option is easy-going.

On the contrary, Andersen offers 8 types of windows. They have awning, bay & bow, casement, gliding, pass-through, picture, single& double-hung, and specialty-shaped windows.

You can choose various shapes, angles, curves, and arches for Specialty Shape Windows. This type of window can impressively increase the overall appearance of your house.

Multiple sizes, colors, interior wood species, and finishes are available.

  • Styles And Designs

Both Soft-Lite and Andersen have classic and elegant windows. Though Soft-Lite windows are more attractive than Andersen, they have a limited number of styles and customizing options.

However, many windows are available in several colors, grids, screens, and glass options.

Contrastly, Andersen windows have a vast collection of styles and customization options. Also, they offer different colors, interior woods and stains, grilles, glasses, sizes, blinds & shades, and trims.

  • Frame Materials
Andersen 400 Series Windows
Andersen 400 Series Windows

Soft-Lite Windows are only available in vinyl frame materials.

Since these frames are made with UV light stabilizers, they show better efficiency than metal and wood frames.

Unlike metal and wood frames, they are not prone to rot or corrode easily.

On the other hand, Andersen windows have several framing options.

For example, composite (Fibrex®) is an incredibly durable and impact-resistant frame material. It can last a minimum of 35 years.

Fiberglass frames are also suitable for high energy savings and low thermal expansion.

  • Technology

Different types of advanced technologies are used to make modern windows. Soft-Lite Windows are equipped with Leading Edge Technologies.

It means all windows of this brand are made with modern and advanced equipment and methods. This ensures the maximum quality standard.

On the contrary, Andersen introduced transparent solar technology for their latest windows. It is a cutting-edge technology that collects and utilizes light energy through windows at different angles.

They can precisely absorb particular infrared and UV light wavelengths and convert them into energy. You can use this energy to power various small electronics.

  • Installation Process Comparison

Proper window installation is crucial for getting the performance and longevity you expect from new windows. Here’s how Andersen vs Soft-Lite compare:

  • Soft-Lite – Windows factory prepped for installation. Precise instructions and training videos provided. Lifetime warranty on installation.
  • Andersen – Certified installation recommended. More complex window designs make DIY tricky. Access to support technicians if needed.
  • Process – Basic window designs from Soft-Lite make DIY swap outs simpler. Most choose to hire pros for fuller Andersen installs.

Both companies offer excellent technical support for getting windows properly installed and performing optimally. DIY is feasible with Soft-Lite while most opt for hiring Andersen pros.

  • Certifications

Soft-Lite Windows have Energy Star certification with the highest NFRC ratings. They can show impressive energy-efficient performance while bringing more natural light inside the house.

Both window brands are Energy Star certified. Hence, you can expect an advanced framing system and impressive glass performance for these windows.

Furthermore, this certification ensures the efficiency of blocking heat from the sun. This provides a comfortable environment inside the house by blocking solar heat.

Plus, these windows leak on a minimum amount of air. They effectively keep the maximum level of air out of the home.

Also,   Soft-Lite and Andersen windows have higher condensation resistance properties. Minimum amounts of water liquid will build up inside the home from the outside.

  • Customer Service
Andersen Windows

Both Soft-Lite and Andersen windows provide outstanding customer service.

However, Soft-Lite offers slightly better customer service than the other brand.

They show more professionalism in providing service to customers quickly. Their treatment approach is simple and helpful.

However, Andersen is also good at giving fantastic customer service. But many people complained it is a bit time consuming and complex to contact their staff.

Though this brand doesn’t have substantial negative reviews, they still need some improvements.

  • Cost

Both brands sell high-priced windows. However, Soft-Lite is a little bit more expensive than Soft-Lite Windows.

But this is generally applicable to ordinary products. The total cost of Andersen windows may become higher than Soft-Lite when choosing different customized options.

Let’s break down how pricing shakes out across different window types and features:

Window CategorySoft-Lite PriceAndersen Price
Basic vinyl double hung, 3 x 5 foot$325 – $375$525 – $600
Wood double hung with insulated glass, 4 x 5 foot$850 – $950$1200 – $1400
Triple pane fiberglass casement, 3 x 4 foot$950 – $1050$1400 – $1600
Custom arched top transom, 2 x 5 foot$700 – $900Not Available

As you can see, there are major upfront cost differences between these two brands across the board. Soft-Lite provides very affordable options ideal for homeowners on tight budgets.

  • Warranty
Soft-Lite Windows
Soft-Lite Windows

Soft-Lite offers a transferrable and non-prorated lifetime warranty for their windows.

You can easily get their service for any defect on the frame or sash.

If you want to transfer the warranty to another party, paying a one-time transfer fee is mandatory to claim the warranty.

Contrastly, Andersen Windows has a ten-year limited warranty for windows and other components and a twenty-year limited warranty for glass.

Make sure to register the warranty by adding product type, quantity, and installation date.

Finishing Options Comparison

The finishes and hardware you choose have a big impact on your windows’ appearance. Here’s how Soft-Lite and Andersen compare on customization options:

Exterior Colors

On the exterior, both companies offer these colors:

  • Soft-Lite – White, beige, tan, brown, black, clay, bronze. Can mix colors across windows.
  • Andersen – White, sandstone, tan, dark bronze, black, forest green. Exterior must match throughout.

Soft-Lite provides more neutral exterior color choices that are less likely to clash with your home’s style. Andersen’s colors are bolder.

Interior Finishes/Colors

For interior finish options:

  • Soft-Lite – Vinyl windows in white, beige, light grey, dark grey, and woodgrains. Wood windows in traditional stains and paints.
  • Andersen – Vinyl windows only in white or almond interior. But broad selection of wood stain and paint colors for wood windows. Unique Fibrex interior as well.

Andersen provides far more interior custom color options. But Soft-Lite’s woodgrain vinyl patterns offer great aesthetics at lower cost.

Hardware Finishes

The handles, hinges, and locks on your windows also impact style. Hardware options include:

  • Soft-Lite – Antique brass, brushed chrome, bronze, white, tan, black. Match across windows or mix finishes.
  • Andersen – Matte black, bright brass, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, white. Must match hardware style throughout.

Once again, Soft-Lite offers more individual window customization freedom. But Andersen provides a wider range of contemporary finishes.

Which Window Brand Is Better?

Andersen Windows

Both window brands sell high-quality products.

They are energy-efficient and can show reliable and high-end performance.

So, picking either option won’t be a wrong choice at all.

Andersen windows are a better choice for an affordable price and ample product lines and design options.

You will get more flexibility to choose products from various styles and customizing options.

On the other hand, Soft-Lite Windows can show slightly better performance and energy efficiency. Plus, the brand has won several international awards to retain a higher position than its competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Are Soft-Lite Windows Made?

The primary manufacturing location of Soft-Lite Windows is Streetsboro, Ohio, USA. Different types of windows are manufactured and then distributed through local contractors

What Windows Are Comparable To Anderson?

Soft-Lite, Marvin, and Pella are mostly close competitors of Anderson. These brands are the leading manufacturer of windows. They make a wide range of windows in various product lines and series.

Does Anderson Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Andersen provides a 10-year limited warranty for windows and other parts. But glass items have a 20-year limited warranty.

What Are Soft Windows?

Soft Windows generally have special wrappers crafted from soft fabric and textiles. They are incredibly soft to touch and are available in various options.

Wrapping Up

Both window brands added many distinctive features to their products. Their high-quality and functional entrances are suitable for a wide range of homes.

Still, picking a particular brand requires considering what types of windows and features you want.

We have already outlined all the valuable information on the Soft-Lite Windows and Andersen discussion. Don’t rush to choose a particular option. Take your time and inspect all the essential aspects of the windows to get the best bang.

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  1. Hi Ralph I live in central Florida
    Soft lite tells me they have only one quality of windows.
    Andersen offers windows with thicker glass but less warranty
    I still don’t know which company to chose
    Also andersen offered me in a almost difficult way meaning not sure exactly what the tint would be and not well explained
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