Signature Design by Ashley Vs. Ashley Furniture: A Diving Deep

When it comes to affordable and stylish furniture, Ashley Furniture is one of the biggest names in the industry. However, within the Ashley brand, different lines are offering various levels of quality and price points.

Two of the most popular options are Signature Design by Ashley and standard Ashley Furniture. Understanding the key differences can help you make the right choice for your needs and budget.

In this comprehensive guide, we will compare Signature Design vs. standard Ashley Furniture by looking at an overview of each, their key features, major pros and cons, and answer some frequently asked questions.

A Brief Comparison Table

Furniture LineSignature DesignStandard Furniture
QualityPremium top-grain leathers, solid woods, high-density foamsAverage fabrics, laminates, medium density foams
ConstructionDurable joint reinforcements, corner blocksBasic glued joints, light stapling
StyleContemporary, trendy designer looksMainstream traditional styles
SelectionCurated collections, coordinated piecesVast array across different lines
Price20-30% above standard furnitureExtreme budget prices, deep discounts
ValueExcellent value from quality materials and designsGood value at affordable prices

Comparing Signature Design And Standard Ashley Furniture

Man-Den Collection from Signature Design by Ashley
Man-Den Collection from Signature Design by Ashley

Ashley segments their offerings into two main categories:

  • Signature Design – Ashley’s premium collections made with quality materials and attention to detail.
  • Standard Furniture – Ashley’s core everyday furniture lines focused on affordability and value.

The Signature Design line was introduced in 1997 to move Ashley into the mid to higher-price tier with elevated styles and constructions. These collections exhibit Ashley’s best designs and materials at price points around 20-30% above the standard furniture.

Let’s look at how Signature Design and the standard Ashley lines specifically compare across some key factors:

Quality and Materials

  • Signature Design uses thicker cut premium materials like top grain leather, high density foams, and solid woods for frames. The quality meets or exceeds similar retail brands.
  • Standard Furniture relies on thinner standard issue fabrics, polyester blends, laminate woods, and medium density foams. Quality is decent though not best-in-class.

Construction and Durability

  • Signature Design pieces have reinforced corner blocks, thicker frame materials, padded edges, and durable joinery made to last years.
  • Standard Furniture uses basic glue and staple joinery without reinforcement. Frames are thinner and finishing less refined. Overall much lower durability over time.

Style and Design

  • Signature Design collections have very stylish, contemporary designs from acclaimed designers that feel on-trend.
  • Standard Furniture sticks with safe, traditional styles that seem a bit generic and uninspiring by comparison.

Selection and Availability

  • Signature Design offers a tightly curated set of collections with coordinated pieces and accessories.
  • Standard Furniture has a vast selection across different lines but finding matching pieces can be difficult. Stock also varies.

Pricing and Value

  • Signature Design commands around a 20-30% premium over comparable standard items. Significant added value from better materials, construction, and design.
  • Standard Furniture delivers rock bottom pricing but corners are cut. Still decent quality for budget-minded shoppers.

As you can see, the Signature Design line clearly outpaces the standard furniture across nearly all categories. You get what you pay for with the upgrade to Signature collections.

Next let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of both options.

Pros and Cons of Signature Design And Standard Furniture

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each line helps clarify if the Signature Design premium is justified for you.

Pros of Signature Design

  • Timeless styles from top designers that capture current trends
  • Made with thick, top-grade materials built to last
  • Durable construction with reinforced joints and corner blocks
  • Wide range of living room, bedroom, and dining sets
  • Easy to mix and match within a collection
  • Higher resale value long-term
  • Provides product warranties

Cons of Signature Design

  • Roughly 20-30% more expensive than standard
  • Smaller overall selection of curated looks
  • Spotty quality issues reported in isolated cases
  • Few fully customizable options

Pros of Standard Furniture

Ashley Furniture
Ashley Furniture
  • Extremely budget-friendly pricing
  • Huge variety across different collections
  • Suitable for small spaces or kids furniture
  • Quick delivery with easy assembly
  • Satisfaction guarantee and parts warranty
  • Good enough quality for the low prices

Cons of Standard Furniture

  • Corners cut on materials to hit low price points
  • Basic construction that lacks reinforcement
  • Mainstream designs that lack originality
  • Durability and longevity are limited
  • Difficult to find matching pieces
  • Importing keeps costs down

Now that you see the trade-offs, you can make the right call based on your budget, style preferences, and needs. The Signature Design collections justify their higher pricing with significant upgrades, while the standard furniture lines appeal if rock bottom cost is your priority.

Later we’ll dive into some examples of top picks from both sides. But first, let’s recap the key differences between Signature Design and standard Ashley furniture.

Top Signature Design Collections to Consider

Signature Design by Ashley Sofa

Now let’s look at some of Ashley’s best-selling and top-rated Signature Design collections to give you a sense of the elevated styles and options.

  • Elginburg Collection

This handsome bedroom set has a warm two-tone finish with sophisticated metal accents. Made with ash veneers and aged hardware, it embodies cozy cottage charm. Owners praise the quality and beautiful styling.

  • Lorrelai Upholstery Collection

With lush velvet upholstery and sloped rolled arms, this elegant living room set provides incredible comfort. The neutral palette works with any decor. Expect incredible quality from the sturdy kiln-dried frames.

  • Milleni Sectional Collection

This modern tufted sectional is perfect for contemporary spaces with its polished metal feet and clean lines. The feather down cushions provide luxurious softness. It captures the latest design trends beautifully.

  • Estiva Dining Collection

For dazzling dining sets, this glam collection offers effortless sophistication. The table tops feature gorgeous cathedral wood grain patterns. Complete the opulent look with the velvet-upholstered side chairs.

  • Calligan Counter Height Dining Set

This stunning counter-height set works wonderfully in open concept spaces. The two-tone finish adds dimension while the simple yet substantial styling makes it relaxingly refined.

Top Standard Ashley Furniture Collections

Ashley Sofa
Ashley Sofa

While less flashy than the Signature Design offerings, Ashley’s standard furniture lines offer loads of options across styles and rooms.

Here are some of the top-selling regular collections.

  • Dolante Bedroom Collection

This traditional bedroom set has an easygoing cottage feel with its warm finish and turned wood accents.

The affordable pricing makes it a popular choice for furnishing guest rooms and kids’ rooms.

  • Divano Roma Leather Sofa

A best-seller, this leather sofa provides luxurious comfort and styling at an affordable cost. With plush foam cushions and stitched leather upholstery, it looks far pricier than it is.

  • Aimwell Occasional Collection

Need accent tables or sofa tables on a budget? The Aimwell collection offers great traditional styling and lots of customization options. Choose from different sizes, finishes, and tabletop materials.

  • Dayne Counter Height Dining

Provide the comfort and casual charm of counter-height dining without the premium price tag. This simple set offers storage drawers and two-tone chair cushions.

  • Bladen Storage Bed

This classic panel bed maximizes your bedroom space with two large under-bed drawers for clothes, sheets, or linens. It’s a family favorite for its timeless style and affordable cost.

Ashley Furniture FAQs

We’ll wrap up this furniture deep dive with some quick answers to common questions shoppers have about Ashley Furniture and their offerings.

Are there different qualities within Ashley Furniture?

Yes, Ashley manufactures furniture lines across all qualities and price points. Their lowest end fast-furniture is imported and economy-minded. Signature Design represents their best quality, while standard Ashley hits the middle ground. Upper-end luxury brands like Henry Link are also under the Ashley parent company.

What’s the difference between Ashley HomeStore and Ashley Furniture?

Ashley HomeStore locations are retail stores owned and operated by Ashley Furniture Industries. They exclusively sell Ashley products. Ashley Furniture refers to the brand’s overall furniture also sold at other retailers and independent furniture stores. The furniture selection itself does not differ.

Why the variance in Ashley Furniture quality?

Like most large furniture brands, Ashley produces lines at every price tier to appeal to all shoppers. Variances in quality have to do with the materials used and construction methods. Lower priced pieces use cheaper materials and basic assembly to hit low price points. Higher-end lines use premium materials, detailed finishes, and reinforced joinery that naturally results in better quality.

Is Ashley Furniture worth the money?

On average, Ashley furniture is a very solid value for the money across all price points. The standard Ashley lines offer decent quality and great prices. Stepping up to the Signature Design collections merit their higher pricing with significant boosts in materials, construction, and style. For the look and quality you get, Ashley remains very competitively priced versus other mainstream brands. Their size allows them to deliver greater value through manufacturing efficiencies.

Wrapping Up

So in summary, whatever your budget may be, Ashley likely has a furniture option that makes sense for your needs. Their size and selection are unrivaled.

Just be aware of the differences in quality and value between standard and Signature Design collections as you shop.

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