Shrub Hub Vs. Yardzen For Yard Design (2023)

E-Design companies have been booming recently. If you’re going to design your house’s exterior and landscape, an online design company can be a better option.

I have talked about two such landscape designing companies: Shrub Hub and Yardzen.

Here I will show you the features and the differences between two popular E-Design companies providing online landscape design services. After knowing everything nitty-gritty about them, you can choose one service that offers you the most.

Shrub Hub takes 15 to 30 days to design your house’s exterior and send you the design book, whereas Yardzen takes a maximum of 3 weeks. But Yardzen is much costlier than Shrub Hub. Let’s dive deeper and see what other differences are there.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table between Shrub Hub and Yardzen online design services:

AspectsShrub HubYardzen
Service TypeOne-Stop Landscape E-Design ServicesOnline Landscape Design Platform
Available Packages6 Packages6 Packages from Various Category
Order Process  & DurationTakes 15-30 DaysTakes 3 Weeks
Platform AccessibilityNot So Well-OrganizedWell-Organized
Design Type2D Designs3D Designs

In-Depth Comparison Between Shrub Hub And Yardzen E-Design Services

The above comparison table was just a tip of the iceberg. You need more detailed information to pick the exemplary service. And you can only make the right decision when you have all the facts in your hand.

So, here are some comprehensive key differences between Shrub Hub and Yardzen online landscape design services:

  • Service Type
Landscape Design with Yardzen

Shrub Hub and Yardzen are both online landscape design platforms. But Let’s find out whether they work in the same way.  

Shrub Hub is an online design platform that provides one-stop landscape design services to homeowners at an affordable price.

You will have to create an account on their website and choose a package. They will assign a designer for you.

After matching, your designer will call you and have a one-on-one consultation about the project. Now you can share your plans and expectations with your designer.

On the other hand, Yardzen is also an online landscape design platform that connects talented and experienced designers with you. They will make custom designs factoring your style, expectation, and your house’s unique characteristics.

You will have to create an account on their website and choose a plan. Then upload all the photos and videos of your landscape. Wait until your designer come up with a draft.

  • Available Packages

Although both E-Design services offer customized designs, multiple ready-to-go packages are available for both services. You can choose one and then customize it according to your need by consulting with your designer.

Shrub Hub offers packages like Landscape and Hardscape Design, Plant Expert Consultation, Increase Your Home Value Ebook, Quotation From Contractor, etc.

On the contrary, Yardzen has many packages available for its customers. You can choose packages from different categories. From Landscape and Exterior Home Design, you can select Curb Appeal and Outdoor Transformation package. 

The landscape Design category offers Front Yard, Full Yard, and Back Yard packages, and the Planting Design category has a Botanical package.  

  • Order Process

The ordering process for each platform is slightly different. Let’s see how you can place an order on these E-Design platforms.

To place an order in Shrub Hub, first, you have to create an account on their website and choose a package. Then you’ll have to wait for a designer.

When your designer is confirmed, they will call you on your phone for a one-to-one meeting.

You will have to give every detail to your designer and wait until they come up with a final design. The entire process might take 15 to 30 days.

But the good thing is that you can shop for many products and hire a contract directly from this platform.

In contrast to Shrub Hub, Yardzen works in 9 steps. After you purchase a Yardzen package, you will have to share your vision, yard photos, and videos. Then you can use Yardzen’s budget tool to narrow down your budget.

At this stage, your design team will get to work and come up with a draft. You can revise the design and suggest any changes or addition.

Finally, you will get a 3D design of your future yard. Your design team will take up to 3 weeks to complete the procedure. Watch this video to understand how Shrub Hub works.

  • Platform Accessibility

Since both companies only provide services online, their website accessibility is a significant factor in this case. Although both websites are easily accessible and relatively fast, Yardzen’s website is tidier.

Categories and sections on the Yardzen website are well structured, and you will easily find what you’re looking for. But Shrub Hub has put all the information on one page. It does not feel well organized.

  • Design Type

Well, design is the most crucial factor here. So, it’s vital how they are presenting your model or design. Shrub Hub generally provides 2D models. However, you can purchase a 3D model with a few extra bucks.

On the other hand, Yardzen provides a 3D model detailing everything on your design. The number of images and angles you will get with the model will blow your mind. So, Yardzen is a better option in terms of the design model.

  • Extra Features

At Yardzen landscaping companies or service providers, you will find many extra features they offer to their customers.

Their website includes a full catalog of plants and a list of all the objects that should be featured in a design.

Those objects include lights, furniture, a pergola, a sun cover, and all the other materials in their final blueprints. Besides, they do offer you readymade kits for the Pergolas.

But you may not find these extra features offered at Shrub Hub landscapers. They do not offer any extra features, which may include these objects.

Yet it’s a cheaper brand for most landscaping requirements inside the house, apartment, or building.

  • Customer’s Recommendations

When you take a deeper look and try finding out which brand is more recommended by the people, Yardzen has higher customer reviews and ratings.

Even if it’s a younger brand, people are referring to Yardzen more over the Shrub Hub landscaping service providers.

Therefore, you can also decide for yourself which brand to consider when you are good to go to add landscaping objects to the house.

  • Increasing Home Value
Yardzen Backyard Design
Yardzen Backyard Design

One of the most important aspects of hiring professional landscapers is to get services so that they may increase the value of your property.

In that regard, we do not find any information in which Yardzen claims that they will increase the value of your house by this percentage.

But we can find at Shrub Hub who are claiming that their landscaping services will increase your home value by 23%.

Hence, it’s a great investment that not only increases the beauty of your house. But it also increases the value if you want to sell it in a while.

  • Brand’s Fame

Shrub Hub claims to be in the landscaping industry for more than 20 years, which makes it a superior and more famous brand.

At the same time, the arrival time of Yardzen 2017 is a younger brand.

Yet, over a few years, it has gained significant importance, and more customers are directed toward it.

  • Costing

Costing is another essential element for acquiring a service like this. While both platforms provide services at a much lower cost than traditional design firms, you will find Shrub Hub exceptionally cheaper.

Shrub Hub is well known for its cheaper cost, but a price tag of $300 for a standard landscape design is outstanding. In contrast, packages in Yardzen start from around $650.

Which Design Platform Is Best For Your Backyard?

As you can see from my discussion, Shrub Hub provides better design services at an affordable price. So, if you are looking for a pretty good design and service at a lower price, you should go for Shrub Hub.

But if you want an outstanding landscape design with every detail possible and money is not your issue, you must go for Yardzen. You will spend a lot more money but look on the bright side.

You’ll have 3D models and detailed images of every corner of your yard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Shrub Hub?                                                

Shrub Hub is an online designer platform for landscape and house exteriors. They are well-known for a pretty good service at an affordable price.

Will someone come from shrub hub to look at my yard?

No, Shrub Hub has a proprietary service that can collect images of your lawn using their satellite technology. Besides, a designer will call for detailed information.

How is Yardzen different than traditional landscape design?

Yardzen is different from traditional landscape design services because they offer complete services online. Plus, the cost is significantly lower.

How does Yardzen work?

Yardzen is an E-Design platform for landscape designs. You will have to create an account and order a package to avail their service.

Final Thoughts

Giving your yard a nice makeover is no easy task. You need a perfect landscape design for that, but not every designer can do that perfectly. But with my Shrub Hub vs. Yardzen reviews, now you know who can.

You will be glad that you took my suggestion and ordered on the platform from these two options that you think are best for you. 

Ralph Wade

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