AMP Vs. Volt: Selecting The Best Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting can transform a landscape from drab to dramatic. With the right fixtures and placement, you can highlight architectural features, light pathways and entries, illuminate water features, or create ambiance.

But selecting landscape lighting isn’t as simple as grabbing the first fixtures you see. You’ll want to consider factors like brightness, durability, and efficiency to choose lights that meet your needs and work within your budget.

In this guide, we’ll compare two popular low voltage LED landscape lighting brands – AMP and Volt – to help you determine which is the best choice for your project. We’ll look at light output, product lines, quality and warranty, as well as ease of installation and value.

Read on to learn which brand is the best voltage landscape lighting for your unique space.

A Brief Comparison Table

Light Output150-650 lumens, 24°-120° beam spread160-1000+ lumens, 20°-100° beam spread
Product LinesAluminum, composite, stainless steel, in-groundAluminum, composite, brass, copper, tape, specialty
QualityIP65, 5 year warrantyIP65-68, 5-10 year warranties
InstallationSnap connectors, tilt adjustmentsTool-less knuckles, advanced controls
Cost$12-$90 per fixture$25-$500+ per fixture
Best ForBudget lighting projectsHigh-end landscapes, unique effects

Key Takeaways

AMP Landscape Lighting
AMP Landscape Lighting
  • Volt offers higher maximum lumens and wider beam angle options than AMP. But both provide ample light for most applications.
  • Volt has more extensive product lines including high-end all-brass fixtures and advanced lighting like LED tape and colored LEDs.
  • Volt lights rate higher for longevity thanks to premium materials and longer warranties. But AMP still offers durable fixtures.
  • For installation, Volt provides more adjustability while AMP promotes easy snap-connector wiring. Volt also has more advanced control systems.
  • AMP lights are significantly cheaper for budget projects, while Volt offers distinctive aesthetics and features that may warrant the higher costs.

Comparing Light Output

The brightness and spread of light that a landscape fixture produces determines how well it can showcase features and create certain effects. To compare AMP and Volt landscape lights, we’ll look at three key metrics:

  • Lumens – The total light output. More lumens means a brighter beam.
  • Beam spread – The width of the beam, from spot to flood. A tight spot highlights details while a wide flood spreads illumination.
  • Color temperature – The warmth or coolness of the LED light, measured in degrees Kelvin (K). Lower Kelvin ratings like 2700K produce a warmer, more yellow tone while higher ratings like 5000K create crisp, bluish-white light.

In terms of lumens, Volt’s lights range from 160 to over 1000 lumens while AMP fixtures produce anywhere from 150 to 650 lumens. For beam spread, Volt offers narrow spotlights down to 20° as well as wide 100° flood lights.

AMP’s beam angles range from 24° to 120°. For color, you’ll find both warm white and cool white options from each brand.

Overall, Volt’s higher lumen outputs provide greater maximum brightness. And their wider range of beam spreads offers more precision for spotlighting or broadly lighting larger areas. But both brands provide ample illumination and variety for most landscape applications.

Comparing Product Lines

The variety of lighting options also differs between AMP and Volt. Here’s an overview of the product lines offered by each brand:


  • Pro Series – Budget-friendly aluminum fixtures suitable for accent and task lighting.
  • Stainless Steel – Durable stainless steel lights for driveways, pathways, and outdoor use. Some are IP68 rated waterproof.
  • Pro Composite – Composite plastic lights similar to Pro Series with unique designs/finishes.
  • Deck and Path Lights – Low-profile lights for pathways, steps, and under railings.
  • In-Ground Well Lights – Recessed lights for placing along landscape edges.
  • Rock Lights – Small lights for placing behind rocks or lining pathways.


Volt Landscape Lighting
  • Vision Series – High-end fixtures made from die-cast brass and copper.
  • Aspect Series – Mid-range composite lights similar to AMP’s Pro Composite line.
  • Vista Series – Budget-friendly aluminum Pathlights, spotlights, and flood lights.
  • Element Series – Low voltage LED tape lighting.
  • Vivid Series – In-ground and underwater lights.
  • Accent Lighting – Specialty fixtures like LED rings, wall washers, and grazers.

As you can see, Volt offers a wider selection including higher-end brass and copper fixtures, tape lighting, and more specialty accent lights.

AMP’s focus is more on affordable aluminum and composite lights. Volt’s range gives you more options if you want high-end finishes or unique lighting effects.

Comparing Quality and Warranty

Durability and reliability are huge factors when selecting long-lasting outdoor lights. Here’s how AMP and Volt compare in these categories:


  • AMP lights are mostly aluminum or composite plastic. Stainless steel options have excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Volt uses brass, copper, and aluminum for corrosion and rust resistance. High-end Vision series has best longevity.

IP Ratings

  • Most AMP lights are IP65 rated water resistant. Some stainless steel models are IP68 rated waterproof.
  • Volt fixtures are IP65 or IP67 rated for wet locations. Some specialty lights are IP68 waterproof.


  • AMP backs lights with a 5 year limited warranty and 1 year finish warranty.
  • Volt provides a 10 year limited warranty and 5 year finish warranty for brass/copper lights. Other Volt lights have 5 year limited 1 year finish warranties.


  • AMP lights are rated to last 35,000 to 50,000 hours.
  • Volt fixtures are rated up to 60,000 hours. High-end Vision series is rated up to 100,000 hours.

For longevity, Volt’s products edge out AMP’s overall thanks to higher-grade construction, IP ratings, and longer warranties/lifespans on some lines. But AMP does offer durable, reliable fixtures as well.

The longer 10 year warranty on Volt’s brass/copper lights is a nice added protection.

Comparing Installation and Use

AMP Landscape Lighting

Ease of installation and adjustments make a lighting system simpler to set up and maintain. Here are some product details that impact the user experience:

Wiring Connections

  • AMP lights use snap connectors to simplify wiring and allow quick light changes.
  • Volt utilizes Quick Connectors on most fixtures for hassle-free wiring and replacements.


  • AMP fixtures feature tilt/rotation on the mounting stake for aiming lights. Some have tool-less angle adjustments.
  • Many Volt lights tilt and rotate on integrated knuckles for precise aiming without tools.

Timers and Controls

  • AMP options include in-line timers and lighting controllers for automation.
  • Volt offers a range of hardwired and wireless control systems for home automation capabilities.


  • AMP has several pathway marker lights and integrated motion sensor options.
  • Volt provides tree rings, spotlights with glare shields, and colored LED choices for effects.

Volt offers a edge for adjustability thanks to integrated knuckles for tool-less aiming. And their range of automation controls are ideal for advanced smart lighting. But AMP still provides key conveniences like snap connectors and tilt adjustments to make installation straightforward.

Comparing Costs and Value

When evaluating landscape lighting costs, you want to look at both the upfront fixture pricing and the long term energy/maintenance savings:

Upfront Cost

  • AMP aluminum lights start around $12 while composite versions are $16-$45. Stainless models run $40-$90+.
  • Volt’s entry-level Vista series starts at $25. Aspect composite versions are $45-$115, while premium Vision brass/copper fixtures run $100-$500+.

Energy Efficiency

  • AMP fixtures use 1-5 watt LEDs with typical power draws of 2-3 watts.
  • Volt lights also have 1-5 watt LEDs and consume 2-4 watts per fixture.

Cost to Run

  • At 3 cents per kWh, AMP lights cost around $0.10 per year to run based on 3 hours/night.
  • Similarly, Volt lights will cost roughly $0.10-0.15 annually for the average home setup.
AMP Landscape Lighting

Clearly, Volt offers premium fixtures at higher prices that may be cost prohibitive for larger installations.

AMP provides much more budget-friendly options that offer solid value.

Since energy costs are negligible for LED lighting, opting for AMP fixtures can save significantly on upfront costs.

However, Volt’s product range includes unique aesthetics and advanced features that may justify the price premium for some buyers.

Aspects like all-brass construction, integrated home automation controls, and specialty lights are exclusive to Volt.

Lighting Your Landscape On A Budget

Given the significant upfront price differences, AMP is likely the best choice if you want quality landscape lighting at the lowest cost. Even their premium stainless steel fixtures cost far less than Volt’s cheapest aluminum lights.

AMP’s Pro Series starters sets provide exceptional value at under $100. For example, the Pro Composite 4-piece Landscape Kit gives you everything you need to get started:

  • (4) 5-watt composite spotlights
  • (1) 25-foot main lighting cable
  • (4) 25-foot wire leads
  • (8) stainless steel stakes
  • (2) wire splice connectors
  • (1) transformer

For just over $90, this set offers ample lighting for accenting trees, pathways, or small garden areas on a budget. AMP’s 5-year warranty provides peace of mind for materials and finish. While their Pro Series fixtures lack bells and whistles, they deliver beautiful light and excellent value.

Creating a High-End Landscape

For lavish landscapes or taking advantage of Volt’s unique offerings, their higher-end fixtures may provide the perfect touch.

The Volt Vision Series offers an elegant approach to garden and landscape lighting with hand-crafted brass and copper fixtures designed to last decades. And advanced control systems like the Volt Lyte wireless controller provide effortless automation and home integration.

If your landscape budget accommodates, choosing strategic placements of Vision fixtures paired with Vista Series pathlights can create a refined, cohesive look. Add colored LEDs and tape lighting for dramatic effects – options simply not available from AMP.

The precise tool-free aiming and long 100,000 hour lifespans will keep your lighting system performing beautifully year after year.

By investing in Volt’s higher-end fixtures and controls, you can craft a truly world-class landscape lighting installation that’s built to stand the test of time. The quality and integrated automation provide value that discerning homeowners will appreciate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Volt landscape lights good?

Yes, Volt makes high-quality outdoor lighting fixtures built to last decades thanks to premium materials like brass, copper, and stainless steel. Many lighting professionals and discerning homeowners prefer Volt products based on their longevity, unique aesthetic options, and advanced control systems.

Which landscape lighting is best?

Volt makes the best landscape lighting overall thanks to stand-out features on their high-end Vision series and options like home automation controls. However, AMP provides the best balance of quality and affordability for budget-friendly installations.

Who makes the best LED landscape lights?

Volt makes the best high-end LED landscape lights. Their Vision series brass and copper fixtures can last for 100,000 hours for long-term durability. AMP makes the best cheap landscape lights using durable aluminum housing and composite materials.

What is Volt landscape lighting?

Volt manufactures a wide range of 12V and 120V low voltage LED landscape lighting fixtures. Their lights span affordable aluminum models to premium solid brass designs. Volt also offers lighting controls, LED tape lighting, and specialty lights like colored LEDs and tree rings.

Light Up Your Landscape

Hopefully this guide has helped break down the key differences between AMP and Volt landscape lighting. While Volt offers premium options and advanced features, AMP provides significant value for budget-friendly projects.

Whichever brand you choose, low voltage LED landscape lighting is an impactful upgrade that can enhance the enjoyment of your exterior spaces for years to come.

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