Sher-Kem Paint Reviews 2023: Boo or Yaay?

Want advice on the paint that will leave a lasting smile on your face? I must have read your mind since I’m taking you through my fulfilling experience with Sher-Kem. This enamel is the whole package, giving you a crisp, bright aura.

When I hear the word paint, Sher-Kem always pops into my mind. Why? I’ll let you know in a minute. So, follow me;

Features of Sher-Kem Paint

  • Availability of Chromatic Bases
Sher-Kem paint

One prominent, exciting feature I can recall from my experience with Sher-Kem paint was the presence of chromatic bases.

These additives are semi-transparent and make it easy and smooth to brush by giving excellent adhesion.

Moreover, the base provides more coverage per surface area, ensuring maximum paint utilization.

  • Faster Air Dry Provision

Another fascinating quality that comes with this paint is fast air dry. I’m sure the term fast already tells you something.

This paint is quick to handle. You don’t have to worry about spending too much time since it dries fast.

The coating dries enough to touch within just thirty minutes, unlike most paints, where you have to wait for hours, which can be very time-consuming.

  • Epic Spray Application Technique

Rather than using a brush and a roller to paint, spraying is more efficient and less cumbersome. The Sher-Kem paint has an excellent spraying system that is less tedious and gives a smoother and more uniform look.

With this fabulous brand, you can be assured of an even coating that can work against wear and tear and even corrosion. Besides, you’ll be able to get a clean and artful result on small and large surfaces.

  • Tough Coat Protection

One other attractive feature that I have to mention is coat protection. You don’t want a polish that doesn’t look intact and delightful. That can be a bummer.

The beauty of this paint is that it has a firm, protective coating that creates resistance to peeling and chipping. The durability is just out of this world. The outer appearance will be as good as new, even for years. Also, the quality overlay makes the paint suitable for light and heavy-duty tasks.

  • Dust-free
Sher-Kem paint

Keep your walls looking enchanting for more prolonged periods using the Sher-Kem paint.

Dust causes scratches and swirls on the finishing.

And if you get an opportunity to erase that unfortunate encounter, you should grab it with both hands.

Sher-Kem has pigments that offer a rich and soft coating on the surface.

Even if your surroundings are dust-filled, you can think about something other than constant repainting and maintenance.

Try this fantastic product to achieve a fresh appearance not just now but even after a while.

  • Wide Range Of Colors

Getting paint in the specific color you want is a great feeling. Just imagine having to settle for what you didn’t initially like. It can be bothersome.

Sher-Kem comes in a full range of colors you can choose from through Maxitoners and BAC colorants.

This paint brand has long-lasting color and gloss retention, which is needed to achieve OEM finishes. The outcome adds a significant value that will make you buy this paint repeatedly.

  • Over-the-top Chemical Resistance

Let’s be honest; chemical substances are almost everywhere, and sometimes it can be challenging to control the negative impact they cause. Sher-Kem ensures your finishing is free from acid, solvents, alkalis, detergents, and other products.

This life-saving paint ensures that surfaces like steel and aluminum prone to harsh substances get protection using the chemical resistance feature.

  • Presence of V66V1020 Hardener

As if that’s not enough, the Sher-Kem paint comes with a V66V1020 hardener that eradicates a recoat window, providing a premium, exquisite appearance.

So, how does this substance work?

The hardener converts liquid paint to solid by solidifying the color. The accelerator improves the paint’s resilience and can be used as a curing product.

What Amendments Can Be Made To Sher-Kem Paint?

  • Improving Build-up on Sharp Edges

One major challenge I encountered while using the Sher-Kem was scratching on the edges after some time. This was a bit disappointing.

I can be a perfectionist, and having that smooth, attractive appearance on the margins could have been a great feeling. If that could be improved, we’d be good to go since it’s my favorite of all paints.

  • Expanding Warranty Conditions

Another downside of the Sher-Kem is the limited warranty. They offer a lifetime warranty only for a single-family house.

Other than that, they don’t. It would have been much better if the condition applied to different situations.

  • Shriveling prevention

Due to the paint’s quick drying ability, sometimes there can be withering, otherwise known as wrinkles. Some extra additives to prevent this would be beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Sher-Kem high-quality paint?

Sher-Kem is an exceptional paint that provides satisfying results by providing a beautiful, durable finish.

How much drying time is needed for Sher-Kem paint?

Leaving the paint for a good one hour before touching it is advisable. However, you can wait till 24 hours are over before you stack.

Where is Sher-Kem paint produced?

The paint is produced by Sherwin Williams organization in Cleveland.

Which spray gun works the best?

The HVLP spray gun is excellent and delivers better coverage. Nevertheless, it would be best to have a greater air volume at a reduced pressure than other guns.

How much per gallon should I use with acetone?

I wouldn’t recommend acetone because it evaporates very fast. Additionally, it needs to keep the coating longer for the paint to blend perfectly.

Final Words

As you’ve seen from my Sher-Kem paint reviews, the upsides far outweigh the downsides. This product will always be my to-go-to paint due to its many brilliant features.

Think about it; most tints are not chemical resistant and dust free. But with this one, there is no such inconvenience.

But if you still need convincing that Sher-Kem is the best there is, you can compare the features I displayed and compare them to other paints, and then you’ll understand why I love this paint so much.

Ralph Wade

Hey...Ralph is here! So, did you find this article useful? If so, please leave a comment and let me know. If not, please tell me how I can improve this article. Your feedback is always appreciated. Take love :)

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  1. Have you had any issues with plastic materials sticking to sher kem and leaving a residue mark behind? We applied sher kem in a wood paneled room and had to do some touch ups, so taped off the area with plastic and when we removed it, the areas of the wall that plastic was touching left behind marks and residue. Wondering if there’s a clear top coat or something we can put on it to protect the paint?

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