Scotts Vs. Vigoro Mulch: In-depth Differences And Features

Are you baffled between Scotts and Vigoro Mulch for your garden?

If so, you are in the right place. Here I’ll show comprehensive differences between the two to understand which one will be better for your garden.

At a 3-inch depth, 1 bag of Scotts mulch can cover 6 square feet, whereas 1 bag of Vigoro Mulch can cover 8 square feet. Many other differences make these mulches different from each other.

Knowing them will help you determine which works best for you. So, rather than wasting any more time, let’s begin.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table between Scotts mulch and Vigoro mulch:

AspectsScotts MulchVigoro Mulch
Product TypeSpecial For Moisture RetentionSpecial For Color Retention
Special FeatureComes With ColorGuard TechnologyRevitalize The Landscape
BenefitsOffers More BenefitsOffers Fewer Benefits
ApplicationEasy ApplicationEasy Application
Coverage6 Sq. Ft. Per 1 Bag8 Sq. Ft. Per 1 Bag
AvailabilityEasily AvailableLess Available
PriceAround $42Around $3.33

In-Depth Comparisons Between Scotts And Vigoro Mulch

You have drawn some basic knowledge about the mulches. But you need more information to pick up the right product.

So, here are some key differences between these two mulches:

  • Product Type
Scotts® Mulch

Scotts mulches can make your landscape beautiful and take care of it simultaneously.

Mulch’s main purpose is to help the soil retain moisture and prevent weed; Scotts mulches do those quite well. With ColorGuard technology, these mulches will never fade with time. 

On the other hand, Vigoro offers premium quality mulches that effectively enhance the beauty of a landscape and protect it from weeds.

Besides, you will get a natural and complete look at your landscape.

It will create a protective barrier around your plants and over the soil to stabilize moisture and protects plants from drying.

  • Key Features

Both Scotts and Vigoro mulches have many features that make them excellent products. Let’s see what you will get from these mulches.

Scotts mulches offer a very vibrant color that makes your landscape look beautiful. Its ColorGuard technology helps mulches to retain color for years.

A 3 inches layer prevents weeds naturally by blocking their growth. Your soil can preserve moisture with the help of Scotts mulches.

On the contrary, Vigoro mulches are available in many colors. With its premium quality mulches, Vigoro mulches can revitalize the landscape of your garden or lawn.

Assorted color, no wonder your landscape will look superb. Apply water after 24 hours to your colored mulches and see long-lasting color results.

  • Benefits

Along with superior features come a handful of benefits. Since both the mulches are excellent, you can expect many benefits. Let’s try and dig out some.

One of the essential benefits of Scotts is its color retention ability and protection power. Because of the ColorGuard Technology, you will get excellent landscape color for a year long.

Not only this, when applied to a 3 inches layer, it will effectively protect your landscape from unnecessary weeds by blocking sunlight and their natural growth eventually. Besides, your soil can retain moisture and use it when needed because of Scotts mulches.

In contrast to Scotts, Vigoro mulches come in various colors. Some mulches come shredded, and they offer your landscape a beautiful look.

It also helps preserve soil moisture and prevent weed germination simultaneously. As a result, your soil remains hydrated, and weeds cannot grow.

  • Applications

You will have to apply Scotts mulches around your trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables. You cannot use it near your house foundation or wooden surfaces. Avoid using this mulch before seeds germinate and around under-developed plants.

Applying Vigoro mulch is also easy as Scotts’. You cannot apply it near your house and on any wooden surface. Plus, do not use it around any growing plants. You have to apply it over soil and around plants. Make sure to apply it in the correct quantity.

  • Coverage
Vigoro mulch

Coverage is a crucial feature of a mulch. The more one bag of much can cover, the less money you will have to spend on it. So, it is related to your cost.

One bag of Scotts Mulch can cover 6 square feet of land, and with 6 bags, you can cover 36 square feet of land.

On the contrary, you can cover 8 square feet with one bag of Vigoro mulch, and with 6 bags, you can cover 48 square feet.

So, Vigoro mulches can cover more areas than Scotts. But remember, both mulches have to apply at 3 inches deep.

  • Price

Price is another vital aspect of a product. A lot of people seriously consider price before buying a price. That’s why you must know the price of these mulches.

You will have to spend around $52 for a 2 Cu Ft Scotts Nature Scapes mulch. On the other hand, a 2 Cu Ft Vigoro Bagged Brown mulch will cost you $3.33.

As you can see, Scotts mulch is quite expensive compared to Vigoro mulches.

  • Availability

In order to buy any of the two mulches, first, you must know where to buy them. You can buy Scotts mulches in supermarkets, fertilizer stores, and other stores near your home.

Besides, you can also buy them in various online stores, including Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

Conversely, Vigoro mulches are not as available as Scotts’. However, they are available in fertilizer stores, supermarkets, etc.

On top of that, they are mostly available in Home Depot. If you visit the Vigoro website, you’ll be redirected to the Home Depot website.

Which Mulch Is Better For You?

According to my above discussion, there is no clear winner here. So it can be challenging to choose one.

But if you ask my suggestion, I think you should go with Scotts mulch to be on the safe side.

Scotts mulches are well known for the color enhancement of the landscape. They are also famous for their water retention capability and adequate protection against weeds.

It will cost you more money than Vigoro, but you know you are getting something that will yield results.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Which is better Scotts EarthGro or Vigoro mulch?

Scotts Earthgro is a 1.5 cu ft. brown mulch. It comes with Scotts Color Advantage feature and retains color for a year. Scotts Earthgro is better than Vigoro in terms of quality and performance. 

Is Scotts mulch better?

Scotts mulch is better than Vigoro mulches in many ways. It has a better moisture retention capability and directly prevents weeds from growing. With ColorGuard Technology, Scotts mulch offers deeper and better colors.

Is Vigoro good mulch?

Vigoro is a pretty good mulch with moderate moisture retention and weed protection ability. Besides, it offers good color retention to landscapes.

What is Scotts mulch made from?

Scotts mulch is made of natural products. The manufacturer uses natural elements from forests to make mulch. That’s why they are very effective.

Final Thoughts

With the right mulch, you can make your lawn’s landscape beautiful. Now that you know the differences between Scotts vs. Vigoro mulch, it’s easier for you to pick the right mulch.

You won’t regret it if you take my suggestion and use Scotts mulch. It is superior in quality to Vigoro. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section.

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