Jonathan Green Vs. Scotts Lawn Food: In-depth Differences And Features

You can apply Scotts Turf Builder soil fertilizer anytime during the year. But Jonathan Green Turf fertilizer is best used in the growing season when your soil is not frozen. That means summer is the best time to apply Jonathan Green.

Of course, you will find out more from my comparison between the Jonathan Green and Scotts soil fertilizer. Let’s find out other decisive differences between these two fertilizers.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table between Jonathan Green and Scotts soil fertilizer for your better understanding:

AspectsJonathan GreenScotts Lawn Food
Fertilizer TypeMag-I-Cal Plus Natural Soil FoodAll-In-One Particles fertilizer
Fertilizer FormulaCalcium, Sulfur, IronNitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium
Features and BenefitsOffers Many Features & BenefitsOffers Many Features & Benefits
When to ApplyIn Growing SeasonAll Year Long
Coverage5,000 to 15,000 Square Feet5,000 to 15,000 Square Feet
Applying the FertilizerComplexEasy

In-Depth Comparisons Between Jonathan Green And Scotts Lawn Fertilizer

In this part, I will show you some comprehensive key differences between these two lawn soil fertilizers to choose the right one.

So, let’s dive deeper.

  • Fertilizer Type
Jonathan Green Turf Lawn Fertilizer
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Jonathan Green and Scotts serve the same purpose of providing nutrients to your lawn soil. But there are some differences between these two formulas. Let’s find out.

Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal Plus is a natural soil food for your lawns in acidic and hard soil. The fertilizer contains elements to fix the soil’s pH level in a quick manner.

Its Calcium Carbonate is completely soluble and can restore your soil pH immediately.

On the contrary, Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food is an All-In-One Particles fertilizer that feeds nutrients to your soil and makes your lawn grass greener. Most importantly, it helps in building a thick and green lawn.

But the best part about Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer is that you can apply it any season, be it summer or winter.

  • Fertilizer Formula

The ingredients in both fertilizers make soil stronger by providing nutrients and fixing the pH level. But you have to know what components are there.

Jonathan Green Soil Fertilizer has 28% Calcium, 1.5% Sulfur, 1.5% Combined Sulfur, 0.5% Iron, and 0.01% water-soluble Iron in its formula. Apart from that, it also contains 1% Humic Acid, 1% Plolyhydroxycarboxylic Acids, and 2% Wood Biochar.

On the other hand, Scotts Lawn Food Fertilizer has N-P-K in its formula, meaning Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. Nitrogen helps your lawn grow faster and makes it greener.

Phosphorous stimulates the root growth, and Potassium helps your grass prevent disease and tolerate stresses.

  • Features and Benefits
Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food
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Both Jonathan and Scotts offer many superior features and benefits to your lawn soil, making it softer, stronger and turning your grasses greener with a deeper root.

Jonathan Mag-I-Cal Plus formula provides natural nutrients to your lawn soil if it’s acidic and hard. It helps the soil absorb nutrients and quickly increases the soil pH level.

With its Calcium, Sulfur, and Iron formula, water and air can quickly get into your ground and loosens if it’s hard.

The wood biochar in this formula makes it even more beneficial for the soil. Plus, you can apply it in summer for both established lawns, overseeding or sodding soil, and new lawns.

In contrast, you can apply Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food any season to strengthen your grasses’ roots and make them ready to handle stress and traffic. It also helps your lawn soil to absorb water and nutrients.

Besides, the Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium formula will ensure growth, strength, and greener color for your lawn grass.

  • When to Apply?

The best time for applying Jonathan Green soil fertilizer is in the growing season, like summer, spring, or fall. You cannot use it when your soil is frozen. Apply it if you find seeding or sodding on your lawn. Besides, you can also apply it on your dry lawn immediately after mowing.

Conversely, Scotts Lawn fertilizer is an all-season formula. So whether it’s winter or summer, you can apply it in any season. This fertilizer ensures greener grass on your lawn for a more extended period.

  • Coverage

An 18 lbs. bag of Jonathan Green fertilizer can cover up to 5,000 square feet of soil on your lawn. And a 54 lbs. bag can cover 15,000 square feet of soil.

Its highly soluble calcium carbonate, gypsum, humates, iron, and amino acids can be used when seeding. But it requires a minimum 45°F temperature.

Similarly, Scotts Lawn Food also can cover 5,000 square feet and 15,000 square feet of soil on your lawn. Applying it every 6 to 8 weeks is the best practice for a thicker and more robust lawn.

  • Applying the Fertilizer       

You have to rake your lawn strongly before applying Jonathan Green fertilizer for a better result. Use a drop or rotary lawn spreader to apply the fertilizer evenly.

Make sure you establish a turning area by spreading around the perimeter of your lawn.

Irrigating the applied area after 15 to 30 minutes will provide the best result. You should wait one day for mowing after watering your lawn and give enough time to activate your Jonathan Green soil fertilizer.

On the contrary, you can apply Scotts fertilizer to wet and dry lawns. Use a Scotts spreader for evenly spreading the fertilizer.

You must water your lawn immediately after applying the fertilizer if the temperature exceeds 90°F.

Which Fertilizer Is Best For Your Lawn?

Scotts Lawn Food

As per my previous discussion, it’s clear that Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food fertilizer is the better option for your lawn between the two.

So, I suggest you purchase and use Scotts fertilizer on your lawn.

The good thing about Scotts fertilizer is that you can apply it all year long. It makes your grass thicker and greener.

Plus, your grass will prevent many diseases and tolerate stresses and traffic because of this fertilizer.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What fertilizer is better than Scotts?

Scotts is an excellent soil fertilizer for lawn grass. It strengthens the root of grasses and makes them look even greener. But fertilizer is Milorganite offers better results than Scotts. 

Which brand of fertilizer is the best?

You will find many good fertilizers for lawn soil. Some of them are Scotts Green Max Fertilizer, Milorganite Fertilizer, Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food Fertilizer, Safer Brand Fertilizer, etc.

What is comparable to Scotts Turf Builder?

Scotts Turf Builder is one of the best weed-killing fertilizers that make your grass look greener. But there are some comparable products like Jonathan Green, Vigoro Weed & Feed, Pennington Ultragreen Weed & Feed, etc.

Which fertilizer will green up a lawn the fastest?

Nitrogen in fertilizers helps become grasses greener. So, fertilizers with Nitrogen will green up a lawn faster.

Final Thoughts

A better-looking lawn makes your house look more attractive. That’s why it’s essential to take good care of your lawn.

And a good fertilizer can go a long way from curing your lawn soil to making your grass stronger, thicker, and greener.

After reading my Jonathan Green vs. Scotts article, now you know which one is the best option between the two. Bring it home, and you’ll be glad you did.

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