Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner Vs. Mineral Spirits: Which One To Choose?

Nothing can beat the right wood cleaner when it comes to cleaning wood. But cleaner like mineral spirits can also be effective. So, which one should you use for cleaning wood? 

Well, both Rubio raw wood cleaner and mineral spirits do a great job and to make your job easier deciding between the two, I’ll show their differences.

Rubio Raw wood cleaner is an excellent product for cleaning the raw wood before wood stain application and cleaning used materials after application. Mineral spirit can be used to clean materials, tools, and wood surfaces after applying stains and finishes. 

Let’s explore other differences. 

A Quick Comparison Table 

Here is a quick comparison table between Rubio raw wood cleaner and mineral spirits for cleaning wood and materials: 

AspectsRubio Raw Wood CleanerKlean-Strip Mineral Spirit
Product TypePreparatory Raw Wood CleanerNon-Toxic, Odorless Cleaner
Special FeatureOil-Based Formula Forms Molecular ReactionsClean Off Grimes And Restore The Original Luster
BenefitsOffers Many BenefitsOffers More Benefits

In-Depth Comparisons Between Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner And Mineral Spirits

Now that you have drawn some basic knowledge about both cleaners, it’s time to get more details. A detailed comparison will help you make the right choice. 

So, here are some key differences between the two cleaners: 

  • Product Type 
Rubio Monocoat Raw Wood Cleaner
Rubio Monocoat Raw Wood Cleaner

Rubio Monocoat Raw Wood Cleaner is solely designed for cleaning raw wood before staining as well as used materials and tools after staining and finishing.

It is a preparatory cleaner that cleans wood surfaces thoroughly after sanding and vacuuming and before staining with a finish. 

This wood cleaner is capable of cleaning small dust particles. You can also clean your tools and materials after the application with it. 

On the other hand, Klean-Strip Mineral Spirit is an odorless cleaner for professional woodworkers, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts.

It is an oil-based thin cleaner using which you can clean materials and tools after wood finishing applications. Mineral Spirit is a unique product awaiting patent certification for its formula. It has 65% less VOC and fume-ability. 

  • Features 

You will need a small portion of Rubio Monocoat cleaner for cleaning wood surfaces and tools. Its innovative oil-based formula uses molecular reactions and ensures that oil mixes well with wood fibers within a short period. 

It will create a bond with the dust on your wood surface and form a microscopic paste that you can clean with a white pad. Instead of bonding with wood fiber, the oil plus 2C will bond with dust if there is excessive dust on the surface. As a result, you won’t get the expected result. 

On the contrary, Mineral spirits can clean and restore your wooden furniture and fixtures. Besides, you can clean off grimes and restore the original luster of your wood surface. 

It is an excellent product for cleaning tools and materials after finishing wood. 

  • Different Benefits 

The most important benefit of a Rubio Monocoat raw wood cleaner is that it’s solely designed for cleaning raw wood and wood applications tools and materials.

It works with both domestic wood spices and exotic wood spices. 

You can clean raw wood surfaces before staining as well as dust and grime after finishing. It effectively colors and protects your wood surface with a single coating. 

In contrast to Rubio raw wood cleaner, Klean-Strip mineral spirits is a non-toxic cleaning agent that can clean wooden surfaces, wood finish application tools, materials, machine tools, automobiles, etc. 

You can clean grime dust from the wood surface. Besides, it also removes any paint spills and sticky residues from wood and metal surfaces. On top of that, you will get chemical-resistant hand gloves with this cleaner. 

  • Performance Variation
Odorless Mineral Spirits

You can effectively clean and protect your wood surfaces with Rubio Monocoat raw wood cleaner.

It takes 15 minutes to 1 hour to dry completely. 

This clear liquid cleaner can cover up to 750 square feet per liter of domestic wood spices and 400 square feet of exotic wood spices. 

On the contrary, Klean-Strip Mineral spirits is an oil-based and odorless interior paint, stain, and varnish cleaner for wood.

It takes about 15 minutes to clean and dry a wooden surface. 

  • Available Sizes 

Rubio Monocoat Raw Wood Cleaner is available in 3 sizes. You can select from 100 ml, 1 Liter, and 5 Liter bottles. On the contrary, Klean Strip Odorless Mineral Spirit is available in a 1-gallon container. 

  • Rinsing

Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner: One of the advantages of this product is that it does not require any rinsing after application. The fast evaporation means you can simply wipe it on, let it dry, and move onto the next step.

Mineral Spirits: After using mineral spirits, it is highly recommended to wipe away any excess and let the wood completely dry. However, you will also need to wash/rinse the wood with water or a damp cloth to remove any remaining mineral spirit residue. The rinsing step is essential but can also raise the grain on some woods.

  • Effective On

Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner: This cleaner can be used on all types of wood finishes – unfinished, oiled, waxed, stained, varnished, lacquered etc. It will clean any wood surface effectively without damaging most finishes. It can also be used for spot cleaning and maintaining previously finished wood pieces.

Mineral Spirits: Mineral spirits are safe for use on unfinished wood, but caution should be exercised when using them to clean wood with any kind of oiled, stained, waxed or film finish. Prolonged exposure can damage some finishes or remove stains. Mineral spirits are better limited to unfinished wood or as a paint thinner.

  • Price

Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner: As a specialty cleaner designed for wood preparation, Rubio carries a higher price tag than basic mineral spirits. Prices can vary from $15-$30 per liter. It is an investment, but a little goes a long way.

Mineral Spirits: A basic solvent like mineral spirits can be found at low cost – usually just $10 or less per gallon. However, you tend to need more mineral spirits to achieve the same cleaning results as a product like the Rubio cleaner.

  • Shelf Life

Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner: When stored properly in a sealed container, this wood cleaner has a long shelf life of 1+ years according to the manufacturer. The highly concentrated formula allows the product to last through multiple uses.

Mineral Spirits: With proper storage, mineral spirits have an almost indefinite shelf life. The volatile compounds may slowly evaporate, but the liquid itself can last for many years without spoiling or becoming ineffective if the container is sealed from oxygen.

Pros and Cons of Each Product

Based on their differences, what are the major advantages and disadvantages of choosing Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner vs basic mineral spirits for cleaning and preparing wood?

Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner Pros:

Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner


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  • Made specifically for cleaning all types of wood
  • Low odor and low VOC/non-toxic when dry
  • Fast drying so wood is ready for next steps quickly
  • No rinsing required after use
  • Can be used on finished wood as well as unfinished
  • Long 1+ year shelf life

Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner Cons:

  • More expensive than generic mineral spirits
  • Still flammable solvent requiring proper handling

Mineral Spirits Pros:

  • Extremely low cost and widely available
  • Can be used for many purposes beyond just wood cleaning
  • Evaporates slower allowing it to penetrate wood pores deeply
  • Indefinite shelf life

Mineral Spirits Cons:

  • Strong unpleasant odor
  • High VOCs – requires very good ventilation
  • High flammability requires extra safety precautions
  • Long drying time delays next steps
  • Must be rinsed off wood to remove residue
  • Can potentially damage some wood finishes

Which Cleaner Is Best For You? 

Mineral Spirits

As you can see from my above discussion, both cleaners are pretty good in quality.

They are made from high-quality materials and offer excellent cleaning performance.

But if you want to buy a cleaner solely for cleaning wood, you should go for Rubio Monocoat Raw Wood Cleaner. 

But if you want to buy cleaner for multiple applications like cleaning wood surfaces, tools, materials, automotive, etc., you should go with Klean-Strip Mineral Spirit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Can you use mineral spirits before Rubio Monocoat?

You can use mineral spirit before Rubio Monocoat; Rubio does not recommend using mineral spirit before it. You can use Rubio Raw wood cleaner before using a monocoat finish. 

Is Rubio raw wood cleaner necessary?

A raw wood cleaner is a must for exotic and oil wood spices before applying any finish. You have to clean your wood surface with a raw wood cleaner. 

What do you clean wood with before Rubio Monocoat?

You have to use a raw wood cleaner before applying Rubio Monocoat on a wood surface. Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner is a preparatory cleaner that you should use before applying stains. 

How do you use Rubio Monocoat raw wood cleaner?

You have to clean raw wood with Rubio Monocoat raw wood cleaner before applying oil plus 2c. You will have to damp white cloth, take some cleaner, and wipe on the surface. 

Final Thoughts 

The right wood cleaner can stain and protect your wood surfaces for a long time. After reading the differences between Rubio raw wood cleaner and mineral spirits, I hope you can choose a suitable product. 

It would be wise to consider whether you want to clean raw wood or finish wood before buying a cleaner. It will help you determine the right product. 

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  1. Have you ever used mineral spirits with the Rubio monocoat oil plus 2C finish? I have gallons of mineral spirits in my shop and hate to spend another $25 on their wood cleaner if not necessary. About to do a walnut project.

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