RevWood Select Vs. RevWood Plus Flooring (2024)

RevWood Select is a laminate floor with a textured surface that replicates the look of reclaimed wood. Its grainy texture and rich coloration will make your home feel like an old-world masterpiece.

RevWood Plus is equally beautiful, but its high-gloss finish offers more shine and depth while maintaining our realistic wood appearance.

 All the other differences between the two flooring options from Mohawk are discussed in depth in this RevWood Select vs. RevWood Plus guide. Let’s get started:

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsRevWood SelectRevWood Plus
Scratch resistanceYesUltra
Fade resistanceFade-proof coatingCoated for fade-proof
All pest plus protectionyesAvailable
VarietiesAvailable in several varietiesOnly available
WarrantyTen years for waterproof coatingWaterproof coating and all pest protection warranty
CostInexpensiveQuite costly

Key Differences Between RevWood Select And RevWood Plus Flooring

  • Style
RevWood Select Flooring
RevWood Select Flooring

Although RevWood select and RevWood Plus almost look alike, the two have very distinctive styles.

Select follows a Craftsman style while plus follows a seaside style.

“Plus” product generally has more detail, such as more unique plank widths, varying lengths, adding trim pieces, and a thicker plank for the base.

Select is made from a selection of wood pressed at high density.

They are, however, very basic when compared to RevWood Plus.

  • Water-resistance

While both RevWood Select are waterproof, RevWood plus is ultra-waterproof. The flooring materials are made using a combination of technology known as Uniclic, a hydro seal layer, and high-quality materials.

 The flooring edging has more moisture protection, meaning you can install it in damp areas in your house. Mohawk is so sure of its product that they offer a Mohawk Waterproof warranty for RevWood plus.

RevWood select is also waterproof. However, if water finds its way to the edges of the tiles, they might get damaged. However, the individual planks capture water on the surface for you to wipe.

  • Color Selection

If the aesthetics of the flooring matters during selecting tiles, then you might find yourself going with RevWood Select. RevWood select comes in a variety of colors and different categories.

There is a rare vintage design that features Wide and long planks. The finish is twice as durable as planks from other brands. These planks come in warm chestnut and cool gray.

There is also a selection known as Boardwalk collective, which features tiles that bring a beachy vibe. The warm and natural feel of driftwood inspired this collection’s colors.

As for RevWood Plus, it comes in one collection known as RevWood Plus Antique Craft which comes with five realistic wood-looking colors.

  • Cost

Although RevWood Select and RevWood plus are made using the same technology, methods, and materials, some additional reinforcements are used on RevWood plus.

For starters, the wood used for the planks is reinforced to make it more durable and scratch resistant. The surface is ultra-waterproof. The additional cost to the consumer comes from the wood and workmanship required to create this product.

RevWood is inexpensive and comes in a variety of sophisticated-looking planks.

  • Safety

Due to the extra reinforcements added to the RevWood Plus, it is safer to use and for a long time. The planks can be installed in wet parts of your home without the fear of warping. The edges are made so they cannot allow water to seep in.

RevWood Plus is also fully pest-resistant, fade-resistant, and scratch resistant. The wood and the materials used to make plus plank are harvested legally, meaning they are eco-friendly.

  • Durability
RevWood Plus Flooring
RevWood Plus Flooring

Since RevWood is an improved feature compared to the RevWood selects, it is of high quality.

It is not affected by pests, water or moisture, high temperatures, or even fading.

You also get a waterproof coating warranty and an all-pest protection warranty.

These products require less maintenance, and cleaning is very easy.

As for the RevWood select, it promises to be pest-protected, scratch and fade-proof.

However, you might start noticing chipped planks or warping after a few years. If water seeps into the planks, they might get destroyed, and the planks lack some warranties available for RevWood plus. You cannot wet mop RevWood flooring.

  • Warranty

Mohawk is very intentional about its products. They, therefore, ensure they provide an adequate and necessary warranty.

RevWood select comes with a 10-year waterproof topcoat warranty. The plus series also comes with a waterproof topcoat warranty and an all-pest protection warranty. This is to assure their clients that the planks.

Which RevWood Flooring Option Is Better?

Based on the flooring manufacturing, RevWood plus has more advantageous features than RevWood select. Plus is cost-effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. RevWood Plus is an upgrade from RevWood select, meaning it is better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between RevWood Plus and select?

The main difference between RevWood plus and RevWood select is that the system used to make the two floorings differs. The system used on RevWood plus makes it ultra-waterproof.

Is Mohawk RevWood Select waterproof?

Mohawk RevWood select is waterproof. The Uniclic installation system used on the flooring material ensures that each plank fits together without using glue or any other binding agent.

Is Mohawk RevWood plus real wood?

From the Mohawk line of flooring, RevWood laminate is a unique variety. High-density fiberboard is used for the pressed core of the product (HDF).
The laminate top layer gives the flooring durability while making it look like real wood.

How do you clean RevWood Plus floors?

You can mop RevWood plus floors using a mopper, vacuum cleaner, or soft bristle broom. Avoid wet mopping for longevity.


Flooring materials might look alike, but they have many differences underneath. The comparison of RevWood Select and RevWood Plus is a deep comparison between the two top flooring materials from mohawk.

RevWood Plus is an upgrade from the RevWood select, meaning it has more features. RevWood select is as good as RevWood plus in a way that it is inexpensive and durable. However, it lacks all the warranties provided for RevWood plus.

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