Life Proof Dusk Cherry Vs. Fresh Oak Flooring (2024)

Differentiating between two Life proof flooring can be a challenge. However, most of them differ in terms of color. Fresh oak comes in a darker color with some pink hues visible from a closer look. Dusk Cherry, on the other hand, looks whitish.

A detailed comparison in terms of functionality, performance, and appearance is discussed in the comparative guide below. First, let us look at how they compare in the table below:

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationDusk CherryFresh Oak
ColorWhite and warmDark Colored
SoundproofingBetter soundproofing abilityGood in sound isolation
Energy EfficiencyPrevents heat loss and transferIdeal for cold weather due to heat loss prevention ability
TolerancesTolerant to dimensionsLow tolerance to dimensions
Fire resistantDesigned to resist fire and high temperatureDesigned to withstand high temperatures
MaintenanceRequires more maintenance and waxingRequires less maintenance and constant waxing
DurabilityMade to last longerLasts longer

Key Differences Between Life Proof Dusk Cherry And Fresh Oak Flooring

  • Color
Lifeproof Dusk Cherry Luxury Vinyl Plank
Lifeproof Dusk Cherry Luxury Vinyl Plank

The only variation between the two is their color and the fact that they have different finishes.

The Dusk Cherry line-up has been given a matte finish to provide a smooth and warm look, complementing most interior designs.

The Fresh Oak lineup has been given a glossy finish to give off a clean look with a shine.

Depending on your chosen color, one might not necessarily be better than the other; it is more of a personal preference.

  • Soundproofing

The Dusk Cherry collection is also designed with soundproofing in mind. The engineered wood can reduce sound and block unwanted noise outside and within the house.

This helps provide a quiet environment for both yourself and your loved ones as you enjoy your house or your private space within the house.

On the other hand, fresh oak is solid pine and is not designed with sound insulation in mind. However, it can withstand heavy traffic impact, especially when used on the ground level of the house.

It would be best if you used it as the ceiling for bedrooms or other rooms where sound isolation is necessary.

  • Energy Efficiency

The Dusk cherry flooring has been given an R-value of 19, which will prevent heat loss and transfer through the floor. This is due to the dense nature of its engineered wood.

It will also make it comfortable to stay in the house since it will be warm during colder times of the year. This makes them great for living spaces.

Fresh Oak has yet to be given an R-value, but an R-value under 5 is not good; if you have installed a wood floor and it has an R-value below 5, you might want to go back and reevaluate your decision.

  • Tolerances

Fresh Oak is an engineered wood product with certain dimensions and durability tolerances. The tolerances are lower than Dusk Cherry Flooring, but Fresh Oak has some specifications you should be aware of when selecting the flooring for your room.

For instance, the dimensions of Fresh Oak are between 40 feet to 57 feet in length and between 40 inches to 48 inches in width. As long as the dimensions are within the specified tolerances, you should not worry about anything wrong when choosing this type of wood.

For example, Fresh Oak would be a great choice if you want to install a wood floor in a room that is 43 feet in length and 42 feet in width.

  • Durability

The Dusk Cherry Flooring line-up is designed to be a protective, durable, and long-lasting floor. They are designed to last over 50 years and withstand high-impact events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

It can also withstand very wet environments, which is perfect for living spaces.

Fresh oak is also durable since they come from the same company. The Fresh Oak floor has been tested to withstand being submerged under water for at least 30 minutes. However, it lacks some features that make Dusk Cherry more durable.

  • Wear and Tear
LifeProof Fresh Oak Luxury Vinyl Floor
LifeProof Fresh Oak Luxury Vinyl Floor

The Dusk Cherry line-up has also been designed to be protective and resistant to wear and tear.

The surface of the wood is designed to be scratch resistant which makes it perfect for houses with pets or small children.

This is because most engineered wood floors tend to show marks or scratches when subjected to heavy traffic, and if scratched, the marks are very noticeable.

The fresh oak lineup is not only solid wood, but the surface of the wood can show scratches quite clearly.

Coating the floor with a pet protection coating will ensure the floor does not get scratched easily.

Regular maintenance also ensures the floor remains viable for many years.

  • Maintenance

Due to its light color, Dusk Cherry requires more maintenance than its sister Fresh Oak. It also requires constant waxing and moping.

The matte finish on the floor is resistant to scratches, so you don’t have to worry about using harsh cleaners, as they will not scratch the floor’s surface. You can clean this flooring using hot water, soap, and a soft cloth or mop. This will ensure that your floor looks new for many years after installation.

Which Life Proof Flooring Is Better?

Both these flooring types are very similar. The bigger difference between the two flooring options is the color. If you want a warm and darker vibe in your home, you can go for fresh oak. However, if whites are your thing, Dusk cherry will do just fine.

Both flooring options are fire-resistant, long-lasting, and provide a beautiful finish for your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most popular color of Life Proof flooring?

Sterling oak is the most common Life proof flooring collection.

What color is sterling oak?

It comes in grey with some brown hues.

Who manufactures Home Depot Life Proof flooring?

Home Depot Life-proof flooring is manufactured in collaboration with HMTX Industries.


Life proof has produced high-quality flooring materials that are 100% waterproof, fire resistant, and have good soundproofing ability. The main difference in this line is the color of the flooring materials and a few functionality differences.

Fresh oak comes in a darker color with pink hues, while Dusk Cherry has a whitish appearance.  The differences in functionality are already discussed above.

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