Quickslide Windows Problems: Is It Worth The Money?

Quickslide windows have a name for themselves in terms of quality and how much value they provide. You can easily get them for your window replacement.

However, there are some Quickslide windows problems you should know about. Whether you are getting them as a replacement or you already have them doesn’t matter.

Knowing about the problems with the windows will give you a clear idea if the windows are worthwhile or not because some problems can be deal-breaking for people.

So, here, I will take you through the problems of quick slide windows and also try to give you the solutions for them.

Issues With The Quickslide Windows

Here are some of the issues that you get to see with the quick slide windows –

  • The Colors May Start Fading Away
Quickslide Windows

Imagine this, you have gotten a window of your favorite raspberry color, but the color doesn’t stay.

Feels awful, no?

Well, that’s a problem you must face with the Quickslide windows.

Many quick slide windows of different colors tend to have this problem where the color will start to fade after a few months.

This mostly happens when you go for brighter colors.

Typically, the reason for this is exposure to the sun. When the windows are exposed to direct sunlight, they can easily lose colors over time.

Another reason for this to happen is when you use faulty chemical cleaners.

  • Windows Not Shutting Properly

A lot of people complain about the windows from Quickslide not closing properly. They happen to get stuck in either closed or open positions. You will have trouble closing them.

It’s not something that you will face right away after installing the windows. It’s something you will face after using the windows for some months.

Usually, fixing the problem is relatively easy. All you have to do is get some lubrication on the hinges. In most cases, WD works well, and you can also try other options.

  • The Wood Effect Windows Get Easily Damaged
Quickslide Sliding Sash Window

Now, let’s talk about something particular.

This isn’t something you will face with every quick slide window out there. You get to see this issue with the windows with a unique wood effect.

These styles of windows from Quickslide tend to get easily damaged.

The wood effect on the upper layer is the problem with these windows. They come off easily and make the windows look uglier than expected.

You can also avoid this from happening if you are going through proper maintenance on the windows.

  • Their Customer Service Isn’t The Best

While this doesn’t concern the windows as products, I would say it’s a problem with the Quickslide windows.

Whether you are getting their windows for your home or facing some issues with the windows, bad customer service can be an issue.

The main issue with the customer service is that they aren’t quite responsive.

Whenever you try to contact them, you will either get no response, or they will respond very late.

This is something that will ruin your whole experience with the Quickslide windows.

  • There Are Delivery Issues

Another issue people have with quick slide windows is the delivery date. You will find that the delivery method isn’t the best. There are several issues with the delivery process of this window.

Quickslide PVCu Legacy Windows

First, the delivery usually takes a very long time to complete. You will have to wait quite a while to get your hands on the windows.

This cannot be very pleasant when you have already booked a professional installer to install the windows.

Along with this, the delivery process can also annoy you a little bit. They don’t maintain proper measures for the delivery. This results in getting faulty or damaged windows right out of the packaging.

Typically, these are the common problems you can encounter when you go for the quick slide windows. I mean, you can find a fix for the issues related to the windows.

But for the issues like customer service or delivery, there is nothing you can do about it. You have to hope that they improve on that over time.

Are Quickslide Windows Worth It?

Now, even with all the problems I have discussed, are these windows worthwhile? I have to say yes. Here’s why –

  • They Provide Quality

The quality you get from these quick slide windows is impressive all around. You will never complain about the quality you get from the quick slide windows.

  • Value For Money

I won’t say these windows are necessarily affordable or reasonably priced. But I can assure you that they are well worth the money. You get excellent value out of the windows.

  • Excellent In Looks

One of the best things about quick slide windows is their looks. The looks and designs you get to see from Quickslide windows are some of the bests you find out there. They truly elevate how your home looks.

  • Provides Plenty Of Choices

Well, you will never run out of options when you are going with quick slide windows. There are so many designs and styles of choices available.

You can choose from any one of them and match it with the kind of setup you are trying to get.

  • Easy To Install

Last but not least, with the quick slide windows, you can install them easily. Because of this factor, quick slide windows are desirable for most DIYers out there.

Considering all these values and features you get from the windows, I would say they are worthwhile. The issues you face with them, you can easily solve them as well.

As for the customer service and delivery problem, I would say you can go along for a while.


To sum up, knowing about the quick slide window problems surely helps you fix them. This is crucial because when you can deal with the little problems of the windows, you get a high-quality worthwhile window for your home.

Considering all that, I can say these problems are surely something you want to be aware of.

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