Quaker Windows Vs. Jeld-Wen: In-depth Differences And Features

Choosing quality doors and windows requires you consider many vital factors. They must provide optimal functionality, safety, and comfort. Also, you need adequate light and ventilation and increased visibility.

Here we will go for a discussion on Quaker Windows and Jeld-Wen windows.

Quaker Windows have 8 types of windows and 5 types of doors, whereas Jeld-Wen has 21 types of windows and 3 types of doors in 3 categories. The price of Jeld-Wen windows and doors is slightly higher than Quaker. Both have three types of frame materials.

A Quick Comparison Table

It is convenient to know some essential details about both brands briefly. This will help you to figure out your preferred option.

SpecificationsQuaker WindowsJeld-Wen
Window Types8 types of window options50+ types of windows options
Door optionsTerrace, Sliding, Bi-Folding, Bi-Parting &TelescopingExterior, interior, and patio doors
VersatilityVarious exterior and interior colors and trim with custom paint finishFarmhouse, simply modern, updated traditional, coastal
TechnologyQuaker’s Patented OptiCore technology, Environmental Stewardship Green TechnologyFiniShield™ color technology, ProCore™, ImpactGard®
Frame MaterialsAluminum, vinyl, and  woodVinyl, aluminum, and wood
CertificationsNFRC, American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association, Window & Door Manufacturers Association,EnergyStar, FSC-certified, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®,
PriceLowerSlightly higher
WarrantyOne year for hardware up to 20 years for the glass itself10-year warranty on aluminum, 20-year warranty on wood, and a lifetime warranty on vinyl

In-depth Differences Between Quaker And Jeld-Wen Windows

Have you already liked a particular one? Before taking a final discussion, check out these in-depth differences to pick the best option.

  • Window Types
Quaker Windows
Quaker Windows

Quaker Windows have 8 types of window options.   But casement, picture, awning horizontal-slider, and direct set picture are the most popular ones.

For example, a direct set picture has a larger appearance with narrow frames to maximize visibility.

Horizontal sliders are also fantastic since they have excellent functionality and provide increased ventilation and sunshine.

On the contrary, Jeld-Wen offers 50+ types of windows. Hence, you have limitless choices. For instance, a casement Radious top window can add architectural distinction and provide exceptional airflow.

Jeld-Wen Windows have more variations than Lincoln Windows in this respect as well.

  • Door Options

Quaker offers four types of door options. A Bi-folding door can provide Enhanced Door Security. Also, its appearance is aesthetically pleasing. This entrance is compact and requires low maintenance.

Each type of Quaker door has some unique features.

Contrastly, Jeld-Wen comes in three types of doors: exterior, interior, and patio doors. Exterior entrances are super sturdy and provide increased insulation. Interior doors are ideal for Privacy and Security.

Plus, they are better built and more stylish.

  • Style And Designs

Quaker windows and doors are available in various exterior and interior colors and trim with custom paint finishES. The company sells them in different series such as Manchester, VuPoint, Brighton, TimberVu, etc.

Jeld-Wen is available in various styles and designs, such as farmhouse, simply modern, updated traditional, coastal, etc. The manufacturer sells doors in different types such as all panels, glass panels, Dutch, Bifold, sliding, swinging, folding, multi-slide, etc.

  • Technology
Jeld-Wen Windows
Jeld-Wen Windows

We are living in an advanced era. That’s why manufacturers use different technologies for windows and doors.

Quaker Windows and doors feature Quaker’s Patented OptiCore technology.

It can effectively alter the face of architectural window design.

 Also, the technology adds high functionality for windows and doors. Additionally, Quaker windows and doors have environmental stewardship green technology.

So, they are made with standard quality and followed by an eco-friendly process for manufacturing.

Jeld-Wen Windows and doors feature FiniShield™ color technology. Outside heat can’t harm the color and finish. The special technology will reflect most of the heat.

Also, they have ImpactGard® to prevent cracks and resist impacts. After all, the manufacturer follows the toughest building codes to make them.

  • Frame Materials

The doors and windows of both Quaker and Jeld-Wen are made of aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Aluminum frames ensure structural stability and provide beauty, warmth, and style. Choosing a particular framing option requires you consider your home location and functionality.

Vinyl frames are excellent for providing optimal and comfortable temperatures during winter and hot summer. Contrastly, wooden frames can add an attractive look and are less prone to condensation.

  • Certifications

It is always better to buy certified windows and doors. They are more reliable and provide the optimal safety and comfort you prefer.

Quaker Windows is certified by NFRC. Hence their doors and windows can show reliable energy performance and reduce electricity bills.

Also, American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association has tested the products of Quakers and provided positive feedback. After all, they are made with the highest quality standard. To learn more, watch this video.

On the other hand, Jeld-Wen products have the EnergyStar label because they meet specific energy efficiency standards. Also, their products are FSC-certified since they don’t cause any environmental, social, or economic harm.

  • Price

Compared to Quaker Windows, Jeld-Wen has a slightly higher price tag. But both of them are equally good. The cost of Jeld-Wen is a little bit higher due to ample choosing and customizing options.

You can easily find your preferred option from various styles, designs, functionalities, and price ranges. Apart from adding exceptional beauty to your interior area, these doors and windows are made from high-quality materials to ensure extended durability.

  • Warranty

Generally, we buy doors and windows as a long-term investment. Long-term durability with consistent performance is what we prefer.

Quaker Windows offers different warranty periods for its products. For example, they provide 20 years warranty for Insulated Glass and 10 years for simulated divided lites/ applied grilles.

On the contrary, Jeld-Wen provides a 10-year warranty on aluminum, a 20-year warranty on wood, and a lifetime warranty on vinyl materials.

Which Brand Sells The Best Doors And Windows?

Undoubtedly, Quaker Windows and Jeld-Wen are prominent brands selling high-quality doors and windows. They have vast collections and huge customizing options.

Quaker Windows appears a perfect pick if you want affordable windows and doors with limited types and choices. Their products can provide an excellent value for your house.

On the contrary, if you prefer a slightly better option with a massive range of color and customizing choices, Jeld-Wen is a reliable option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Jeld Wen Windows High Quality?

Jeld Wen Windows are available in both medium to high-quality ranges. They have a reasonable price and a decent warranty period to ensure the product’s reliability.

How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last?

The life span of vinyl windows can be anywhere from 20 to 40 years. Generally, temperature and climate conditions affect the durability of vinyl windows.

Does Jeld Wen make windows?

Yes, Jeld Wen makes good-quality and highly functional windows suitable for various house structures. The manufacturer offers ample sizing and customizing options.

What Is The Downside Of Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows can’t withstand extreme temperature conditions. Plus, they don’t have as beautiful an appearance as some other materials.


Our home structures and requirements vary from each other. Hence, we won’t need a similar type of windows and doors. Before choosing particular windows and doors, consider their compliance with your house.

Also, don’t forget to pick the best color and sizing option.

Hopefully, you got an in-depth overview of Quaker Windows vs. Jeld-Wen windows. Let us know which brand appears more convenient to you and why you have selected it.

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