ProVia Vs. Marvin Windows: In-depth Differences

ProVia and Marvin are both the stars of the windows market. They provide quality windows to the customer, but they have some differentiations in material, wood type, design, ratings, price, etc.

You might be wondering if window brands matter or not. Yes, they matter. That’s why you need to make your decision very carefully, as there are so many window companies to pick from.

To make your task easier, here’s a detailed analysis of the two greatest windows companies, ProVia and Marvin.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsProVia WindowsMarvin Windows
MaterialWood and vinylWood, high-density fiberglass, ultrex fiberglass, and extruded aluminum.
Wood typeOak, cherry, and maplePine
Designed optionsBetterGood
PriceExpensiveLess Expensive
Average Ratings4.7 out of 54.9 out of 5

In-Depth Differentiations Between ProVia And Marvin Windows

Let’s have a look into the major differentiations between these two window companies for your easy understanding:

  • Window Material
Provia Endure Windows
Provia Endure Windows

Knowing about the material of the windows is one of the most important tasks because it gives you a clear idea about which window is ideal for you.

There are many window material options available, but you must determine the pros and cons of those materials.

Provia has only two types of material for their window framing – vinyl and wood.

Between vinyl and wood, they produce vinyl windows the most, and they are also popular for their vinyl windows.

Vinyl windows can be an excellent choice for your house.

For domestic use, vinyl windows are the low-maintenance option. ProVia uses SunShield vinyl, specifically designed to withstand the damaging effects of weather and UV light.

Wood is customers’ all-time favorite window framing material. It gives an elegant look to your house.

ProVia and Marvin both use wood. But Marvin has three other types of window material- high-density fiberglass, ultrex fiberglass, and extruded aluminum.

The strength and weather resistance of fiberglass windows are both exceptional. For fiberglass windows, effective sealing is employed to reduce noise. Windows made of fiberglass are very energy-efficient.

Fiberglass windows are extensively utilized in environmentally friendly buildings since they lower the carbon footprint of the structure and are recyclable.

These windows are extremely robust and durable against dents, scratches, and brittleness. The strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass windows is very high, and they are also very light in weight.

This window material is more durable than vinyl, aluminum, and another type of wood composite.

  • Type of Wood
Marvin Windows
Marvin Windows

If you’ve already decided that you’re going with wood framing, read this part carefully.

There are different types of wood used, and each one has its unique characteristics.

ProVia uses oak, cherry, and maple wood for their wood framing.

Oak wood is a durable hardwood and has been considered the material of choice.

Oak possesses excellent dimensional stability. It has a wonderful appearance and works wonders as thermal and acoustic insulation.

On the other hand, the reddish cherry color is the ideal hardwood option for the highest caliber wooden frames if you want to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Maple wood has some extremely distinctive characteristics that make for beautiful frames. It is an extremely tough and long-lasting wood with appealing grain patterns.

However, Marvin has only a pine wood option. So if you want wooden frames for your window, you should pick ProVia as they can offer you more options than Marvin.

But pine has some great specifications that might attract you. Pine is not only less expensive, but it also has all the qualities that a window or door product needs.

  • Design

If the design is your first priority, you must be confused between Marvin and ProVia as they both have a vast of designed options and collections available.

Marvin divides their window collection into three different series – Marvin Signature (Coastline, Modern, Ultimate), Marvin Elevate, and Marvin Essential.

ProVia also has various window series which include these window types- Double Hung, Slider, Casement & Awning, Hopper, Picture, Garden, Bay & Bow, and Architectural Shapes. Endure, Ecolite, Aeris and Aspect are their most popular window series.

  • Cost Variation
Marvin Windows
Marvin Windows

Depending on the series, upgrades, and installation requirements you choose, ProVia windows cost between $500 and $900 when fully installed.

The storm windows they provide are in this lower price range.

While their luxury Aeris model is at the upper end of this pricing range, the Integra is in the middle.

A Marvin double-hung window from their Ultimate Series would typically cost between $250 and $800 per piece.

Total installation costs might range from $350 to $900.

Window costs may vary depending on your location, the window sizes you want to install, and the cost of nearby labor. But considering overall factors, Marvin is a bit cheaper.

Key Features of ProVia Windows

  • Energy Efficiency

ProVia windows are designed for maximum energy efficiency. They have a multi-chambered frame and sash which helps improve insulation. ProVia offers Triple Pane Insulated Glass Units which have three panes of glass with argon gas in between to reduce heat transfer through the window.

Their windows also have double weatherstripping and an interlock at the meeting rails for improved air tightness. Many of their windows have U-Factors around 0.20 which exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements.

  • Noise Reduction

ProVia windows utilize laminated glass which helps reduce outside noise. They also use triple pane insulated glass units which increase sound dampening by adding another layer of glass with an air space in between.

Their window frames are reinforced with steel for increased structural stability which reduces frame movement and increases sound dampening. ProVia offers SoundSmart windows which are tested to reduce outside noise by up to 50%.

  • Security Features

ProVia designs their windows with security in mind. Their triple pane glass makes the windows more resistant to break ins. The lock and keeper rail is made from reinforced material for strength. ProVia offers windows with laminated glass, providing an extra layer of protection against break ins.

For their sliding windows, they use a reinforced interlock at the meeting rails for increased stability and security.

  • Durability

ProVia windows are built to last using quality materials and construction. Their window frames are made using MikronWood which has an acrylic resin that makes it extremely stable and durable.

MikronWood won’t crack, peel, blister, or flake over time. Their triple pane insulated glass units feature durable laminated glass and strong composite spacers. ProVia windows are backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

  • Customization

ProVia offers extensive customization options. Their windows come in numerous styles including double hung, sliding, casement, awning, and more. There are multiple colors and hardware finishes to choose from to match your home’s aesthetics.

You can also customize the glass tint and grid patterns. ProVia works with homeowners throughout the design process to create the perfect custom windows for their home.

Key Features Of Marvin Windows

  • Energy Efficiency

Marvin windows are designed for energy efficiency. Their double hung Ultimate windows have insulating glass with argon gas, low-E coatings, and an ENERGY STAR rating up to R-5.

Marvin uses multi-chambered frame and sash construction with fusion welding for a tight weather seal. Their tripled glazed glass provides excellent insulation. Thermal sill construction improves energy performance.

  • Noise Reduction

Marvin windows utilize double and triple glazing to reduce outside noise transmission. Their solid wood and Ultrex fiberglass frames have excellent sound dampening properties.

Laminated glass provides noise control by damping and absorbing sound waves. Marvin Acoustic windows reduce outside noise by up to 45% and are STC and OITC rated.

  • Durability

Marvin windows are extremely durable, with wood windows lasting decades. Their Ultrex fiberglass frames are highly impact resistant and have excellent dimensional stability. Ultrex won’t swell, crack, or warp from moisture.

Weather-resistance is ensured by multi-layer weatherstripping and water drainage systems. Marvin windows are also resistant to sagging and offer long term reliability.

  • Design and Style

Marvin windows are available in a huge range of styles from traditional double hung and casement to special shapes like octagons. There are multiple interior and exterior color options for the wood and fiberglass materials.

Different wood species like pine, cherry, maple, and mahogany are available. Customizable options include window shape, divided lites, hardware, and glass tints.

  • Smart Features

Marvin offers innovative smart features for convenience and security. Their automatic locking system secures windows when closed. The intelligent opening/closing system monitors weather and automatically opens or closes the window.

  • There is also a smart water sensor that alerts homeowners to leaks. Integrated blinds and shades are available between glass panes.


Marvin follows sustainability best practices in their manufacturing process. Many Marvin windows have Forest Stewardship Council certification for responsible wood sourcing.

Their Ultrex fiberglass frames are durable, energy efficient, and made from recycled materials. Energy efficient glazing and operation helps homeowners reduce their environmental footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What windows are comparable to Marvin?

Without a doubt, Marvin Windows and Andersen Windows rank among the top replacement window brands. These two brands offer windows that prioritize design, personalization, and durability. Pella windows are also comparable to Marvin, and even to some extent, Pella is better than Marvin’s.

What are the ratings on ProVia windows?

A 4.7 out of 5-star rating is given to the ProVia Endure Window Series. ProVia can be a good choice for customers if the price is appropriate

How long do ProVia windows last?

This depends on ProVia’s warranty and how you’re going to treat your window.   ProVia offers a limited lifetime warranty. This provides lifetime coverage for manufacturing flaws. The window frame and fundamental hardware are also lifetime guaranteed. The warranty period for interior paints, stains, and blinds is ten years.

Where are ProVia windows made?

All of ProVia’s metal roofing, vinyl siding, manufactured stone, doors, and windows are made in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

Final Words

A window-shopping experience might be daunting due to the variety of materials and components. To make the procedure simpler, I’ve narrowed down some key factors for the comparison of ProVia and Marvin windows.

Apart from that, you have to take into account the complete installation procedure that a supplier provides and the provider’s warranty policy, whether it is lifetime or limited.

By doing all these, you can ensure the right windows for your interior.

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