Fleetwood Windows Vs. Marvin Windows: A Detailed Comparison

When it comes to replacement windows, Fleetwood and Marvin are two of the most popular brands on the market today. Both companies produce high-quality windows designed to improve energy efficiency, weather protection, and overall home comfort.

But which brand is better for your home improvement project?

This comprehensive guide compares Fleetwood and Marvin windows across critical factors like materials, warranties, styles, energy efficiency, cost, and more. Read on to learn which brand offers the features you need for your climate, budget, and design aesthetic.

A Brief Comparison Table

Price PointMid-rangePremium
MaterialsVinyl, aluminum-clad, fiberglassWood, aluminum-clad, fiberglass
Energy EfficiencyDouble or triple glazing, meets ENERGY STARTriple glazing, Passive House certification
WarrantyLifetime (vinyl), 20-year (wood/fiberglass)20-year (wood/fiberglass), 99-year (Ultrex)
StylesWide selection of standard stylesFully customizable
ManufacturingLean and efficient factoriesHandcrafted in the USA
Customer ReviewsPositive for quality and valueRave reviews for quality and performance

Window Materials Comparison of Fleetwood And Marvin Windows

Fleetwood Windows
Fleetwood Windows

The materials used to manufacture replacement windows affect durability, lifespan, energy efficiency, appearance, pricing, and more. Fleetwood and Marvin utilize quality materials suited to different project types and budgets.


  • Vinyl – Fleetwood vinyl windows are dense and multi-chambered. This boosts insulation while decreasing condensation. Durable construction resists warping, cracking, peeling, and denting. And reinforced interlocking corners increase structural integrity. Exterior color options range from white to woodgrains.
  • Aluminum-Clad Wood – For a natural wood look with enhanced weather-resistance, aluminum-clad wood combines interior pine or poplar with a protective aluminum cover on the exterior. These windows mimic the aesthetic of all-wood but are lower maintenance.
  • Fiberglass – Fleetwood FlexSeries fiberglass windows mimic the appearance of wood while offering improved durability. The composite material resists rotting, swelling, and warping from moisture. Fiberglass is easy to maintain and holds paint or stain well.


Marvin Windows
Marvin Windows
  • Wood – Marvin handcrafts wood windows from premium pine, oak, mahogany, fir, or other species based on your order. These all-wood windows are gorgeous but require thorough exterior maintenance. Interior wood can be painted or stained.
  • Fiberglass – Ultrex fiberglass windows combine realistic woodgrain with unmatched impact resistance and durability. Unlike wood, fiberglass won’t absorb moisture, swell, rot, or warp. It never needs paint or stain and stands up to weather extremes.
  • Aluminum-Clad Wood – Marvin clads high-end wood frames in aluminum for added protection. The interior wood can be customized while the aluminum-covered exterior resists weathering. Clad wood windows are lower maintenance than all-wood.

Both brands offer quality materials appropriate for many projects. For maximum affordability and easiest maintenance, vinyl is the best choice. Wood or aluminum-clad wood provide a gorgeous aesthetic with some tradeoffs in upkeep. And for even greater durability and performance, fiberglass is a sound investment.

Marvin’s premium materials give them an advantage in material quality. But Fleetwood options still perform well at lower price points.

Window Warranties Comparison of Fleetwood And Marvin Windows

When you invest in new windows, a strong manufacturer’s warranty provides peace of mind. Fleetwood and Marvin both offer reassuring coverage.

Here’s how the warranties compare:


  • Vinyl: Lifetime limited; 20-year glass breakage
  • Aluminum-Clad Wood: 20-year limited; 20-year glass breakage
  • Fiberglass: 10-year limited; 10-year glass breakage


  • Wood: 20-year limited; 10-year glass breakage
  • Aluminum-Clad Wood: 20-year limited; 20-year glass breakage
  • Fiberglass: 20-year limited (99 years for Ultrex); 10-year glass breakage

The companies provide similar assurances against defects and glass breakage. Fleetwood offers exceptional lifetime coverage for vinyl windows. And Marvin goes above and beyond with 99-year fiberglass coverage.

For wood and clad wood products, both brands give 20-year limited warranties. And glass breakage coverage hits 10 or 20 years. These policies match what most leading window manufacturers provide.

Overall, you can expect lasting peace of mind after purchasing windows from either brand. Their warranties ensure your investment is protected long-term.

Window Styles and Customization

The right windows flawlessly fit your home’s architectural style while providing ventilation and beauty. Fleetwood and Marvin craft windows in a wide array of styles.


Fleetwood produces all the most common window types and styles:

Fleetwood Windows
Fleetwood Windows
  • Double hung
  • Single hung
  • Sliding
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Gliding
  • Picture
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Basement
  • Specialty shapes
  • Garden windows
  • And more

Their vinyl, aluminum-clad, and fiberglass lines share an impressive selection of standard styles. Opt for grids, exterior trim, hardware finishes, and other options to complement your home’s look.

You can also customize window dimensions and combine operating types. But Fleetwood’s options are still limited compared to total customization.


At Marvin, customized windows are their specialty. As a made-to-order company, they can craft literally any window style, shape, configuration, or feature you desire.

Their Ultimate replacement windows are fully customizable. Or replicate historical windows with their Architectural collection. Choose from curvilinear designs, dramatic shapes, mixed glazing, unconventional arrangements, and more.

If you can dream it, Marvin can build it. Their retail partners provide design expertise to create windows perfect for your home. There are no limits to the possibilities.

For high-end specialty homes and historical renovations, Marvin is unmatched in window design flexibility. Fleetwood offers stellar options too, but cannot match total customization.

Energy Efficiency Comparison of Fleetwood And Marvin Windows

Today’s windows must conserve energy through effective insulating, sealing, glazing and other features. Both Fleetwood and Marvin build windows to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards.

Here is how they compare:


  • Multiple glazing options from double to triple panes
  • Low-E coatings to control heat flow
  • Warm edge spacer systems minimize conductive heat transfer
  • Inert gas fills like argon increase efficiency
  • Tight construction prevents air leakage
  • Meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements

Fleetwood windows score very well in energy savings tests. Multiple glazing, advanced materials, and tight construction result in outstanding thermal performance.


Marvin Infinity Windows
Marvin Infinity Windows
  • Industry-leading triple glazing for ultimate efficiency
  • Low-E options block heat loss and gain
  • Warm edge spacers prevent energy transfer
  • Argon and krypton gas fill options
  • Sill drainage systems prevent air and water infiltration
  • Meets or surpasses ENERGY STAR standards
  • Some products reach Passive House levels

Marvin utilizes the most advanced materials and engineering possible to create remarkably energy efficient windows matched by few competitors.

From triple glazing to Passive House certification, their lineup hits impressive efficiency benchmarks.

Both brands construct excellent, efficient products. But Marvin pulls ahead with innovations like triple glazing across all product lines. Their energy saving technology leads the industry.

Cost Comparisons

Upfront cost is a significant factor as you shop for new windows. Fleetwood and Marvin represent very different price points.


As a mid-range brand, Fleetwood offers strong value at reasonable prices. Their vinyl windows start around $300 on the low end. Aluminum-clad wood options range from $600 to $1,000. And fiberglass comes in between $700 to $1,200.

These price points make Fleetwood very affordable relative to other mid-tier brands. You get well-built windows suited to most homes without overspending.


As a premium custom brand, Marvin windows sit at the high end of the pricing spectrum. Their wood windows typically start around $1,000 on the very low end. But prices quickly rise based on woods, construction, and size.

Clad and fiberglass options lower costs somewhat compared to pure wood. But you’ll still spend $700 to $1,200 for basic models. Ultimate custom shapes or sizes can cost tens of thousands.

Marvin’s meticulous craftsmanship and top-notch materials command premium pricing. These are statement windows suiting higher end homes. Expect to invest significantly more than standard windows.

Ultimately, Fleetwood offers strong quality and efficiency at accessible price points for most households. Marvin provides ultimate performance and customization yet requires a far higher budget.

Manufacturing and Craftsmanship

Replacement windows are a made-to-order product built specifically for your home. The manufacturing process greatly impacts the finished product’s quality.


Fleetwood operates multiple window plants in the United States. Their vertically integrated factories control everything from raw material sourcing to finished product delivery.

Utilizing smart technology and lean manufacturing principles, Fleetwood builds consistently high-quality windows. Robust quality assurance and end-to-end process management ensure stellar results.


Marvin Essential Windows
Marvin Essential Windows

All Marvin windows are handcrafted in their Minnesota, North Dakota, and Oregon manufacturing facilities.

Skilled technicians obsess over every detail as they build windows to order.

Their vertically integrated plants source sustainable domestic lumber and other top-notch materials.

Precise craftsmanship brings each custom product from schematics to flawless finished windows.

With both brands, you can expect expert construction and attentive quality control. However, Marvin’s handcrafted approach raises the bar for window manufacturing.

Their focus on American-made craftsmanship is gold standard.

Company Reputations and Customer Service

The easiest way to compare brands is by learning from other homeowners. Fleetwood and Marvin have solid reputations backed by reviews.


Fleetwood receives positive homeowner feedback on quality, appearance, and performance. Many reviewers comment on the impressive value provided by their windows’ quality and cost.

There are some complaints around lead times, shipping delays, and customer service responsiveness. These issues appear sporadic rather than systemic. But they’re worth noting.


Marvin earns outstanding reviews for delivering flawless custom windows that transform homes. Homeowners rave over their exceptional quality, beauty, and durability.

Complaints are very rare. When they do appear, Marvin’s legendary customer service solves problems promptly. Marvin’s white glove delivery and installation process also wins praise.

Both Fleetwood and Marvin make homeowners happy with their windows and service. Marvin goes above and beyond on the customer experience front as befits a premium brand. But both companies provide products and support that earn recommendations.

Fleetwood Vs. Marvin: Which Is Best For You?

Now that we’ve compared these two impressive brands across all factors, which comes out on top?

The answer depends on your specific needs and home.

Choose Fleetwood for:

  • Cost-conscious homeowners seeking quality on a budget
  • Broad selection of vinyl, aluminum-clad, and fiberglass styles
  • Energy efficient models conforming to ENERGY STAR
  • Quick and easy DIY replacement projects
  • Mid-range quality with strong performance for the price

Choose Marvin for:

  • Homeowners seeking totally custom, made-to-order windows
  • Unique architectural designs and historically accurate recreations
  • Premium materials like mahogany, fir, and Douglas fir
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency with triple glazing
  • Flawless quality and construction
Marvin Infinity Windows

Most homeowners will find Fleetwood hits the sweet spot of quality, affordability, and style flexibility.

Their windows suit typical replacement projects beautifully.

For specialty homes requiring meticulous customization, ultimate performance, and high-end aesthetics, Marvin is the undisputed choice.

Their artisanal approach and premium materials create breathtaking windows reflecting your vision.

Both Fleetwood and Marvin craft exceptional replacement windows. Identify which brand aligns with your budget, project scope, and needs to select the ideal option for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have some questions about Fleetwood and Marvin windows? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the alternative to fleetwood windows?

Popular Fleetwood window alternatives include: Jeld-Wen vinyl windows, Milgard fiberglass and vinyl windows, Pella Impervia fiberglass models, Andersen 100 Series vinyl windows, Simonton ProFinish vinyl windows.
These window brands compete with Fleetwood in the mid-range vinyl and fiberglass space. They offer similar quality, styles, and pricing.

Are Marvin windows worth the money?

Marvin windows come at a premium cost but deliver premium performance and quality. For homeowners wanting truly custom, architecturally stunning wood windows, Marvin is well worth the investment.
Their craftsmanship and materials are second to none. If your home deserves that level of excellence, Marvin windows are a wise choice despite the higher cost.

Are Marvin windows better than Anderson?

Marvin and Andersen both make exceptional wood windows. Overall, Marvin is considered higher end in materials, customization, and manufacturing.
Key differences include:
1. Broader customization options with Marvin
2. More premium interior wood species to choose from
3. Higher cap on energy efficiency with Marvin’s triple glazing
4. Better warranty from Marvin
5. More architectural versatility with Marvin
For most homes, Andersen windows are wonderful. But Marvin pulls ahead for total customization and performance.

What is the top of the line Marvin window?

Marvin’s ultimate best-in-class window lines include:
1. Ultimate Replacement Double Hung – fully customizable, maximum performance
2. Ultimate Replacement Casement – total flexibility, uncompromising quality
3. Ultimate Replacement Awning – engineer designed, total performance
4. Ultimate Push Out Casement – high style, flawless function
5. Architectural Collection – recreate heritage designs with modern efficiency
Any of Marvin’s Ultimate series or Architectural custom windows represent their pinnacle of quality and innovation. Investing in these exceptional products brings something truly special to your home.

The Bottom Line

Replacement windows are a significant investment that impact your comfort, functionality, and home enjoyment for decades to come. By understanding how leading brands like Fleetwood and Marvin compare, you can select the ideal windows for your needs.

Fleetwood offers quality construction, energy efficiency, and appealing styles at accessible price points. Their vinyl, aluminum-clad, and fiberglass windows suit most replacement projects beautifully.

For homeowners seeking completely custom windows with no limits, Marvin is the clear choice. Their artisanal approach, premium materials, and incredible performance create windows unmatched in quality and beauty.

Whichever brand you select, investing in durable, efficient new windows will enhance your living space for years to come. Consult with window experts in your area to get professional recommendations based on your home, climate, and project goals.

And rely on brands like Fleetwood and Marvin that deliver lasting solutions you’ll be happy with.

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