Problem With End Grain Hardwood Flooring And What To Do About Them

Did you know that a few flooring options look as lovely as End Grain hardwood flooring?

They are made of natural wood timber cut across the grain from timber ends. These hardwood tiles look exceptionally good because of their square and brick-shaped tiles design.

But there are some potential problems with these hardwood flooring. I will discuss those in this write-up. Also, it will give you the solution to those problems so that you can use these beautiful hardwood flooring tiles.

So, let’s get right in.

Issues With End Grain Hardwood Flooring

End Grain Flooring

Here are some of the significant issues with End Grain Hardwood flooring tiles:

  • Hard To Fit In

One of the major problems with these hardwood flooring tiles is that they are pretty hard to fit in on the floor. They come in squared or brick shapes.

You will have to make sure they fit correctly on the floor. The reason you have to worry about fitting is shrinkage.

These wood tile planks shrink over time. They will shrink in the dry winter season if they are not adequately dried before installation. It will create gaps between your floors.

So, you will have to dry the hardwood tiles before using them.

  • Installation On The Floor

Although these are hardwood flooring planks, their installation process is more like tile working rather than woodworking. You cannot nail these wood tiles. You will have to use adhesive to install them.

Again, not all adhesives are compatible with them. You cannot use water-based adhesive; otherwise, they will warp or cup over time.

Cement-based thin-set is also not suitable for them. You will have to glue them down with urethane-based adhesives.

  • Maintenance
End grain floor pattern

Maintenance is another issue with End Grain Hardwood flooring.

These lovely floor tiles require a lot of care and attention.

You will have to sweep or vacuum them regularly; otherwise, grits can scratch the floor. You also have to dust mop or damp mop them regularly.

But make sure there is no moisture buildup on the floor. You also have to buff the floor once a month.

On top of that, you must reseal them annually and oil them every couple of years. Altogether it’s a lot of maintenance.

  • Availability

Availability is another issue with End Grain Hardwood flooring. These hardwood flooring tiles are not widely available.

Millions of wood floors are installed annually, but the amount of End Grain Hardwood flooring is significantly less.

That is because they are not widely available. So, you might not be able to find them in your nearby home improvement store.

In that case, you have to place a particular order. In any case, the main thing is, that you won’t find them easily like other hardwood floors.  

Is End Grain Hardwood Flooring Worth It?

If you can properly install the end grain hardwood flooring on your house, they are totally worth it. Their unique design and stunning patterns make them one of the most beautiful hardwood floorings.

They have many advantages which make them attracted to people. After knowing those good sides, who knows, you might become interested in them.

So, here are some key advantages of End Grain Hardwood Flooring.

  • Beautiful Looking

The first thing you will notice about these hardwood flooring is their beautiful color and texture. These tile-shaped floorings look unique on the floor.

It enhances the beauty of a house. So, after installation, I’m sure you will love these floors.

  • Durability

Because these hardwood tiles are made from the part located across the grain of natural wood timber, they are durable. As a result, these hardwood floorings will be tough, durable, and last longer than other hardwood floors.

You just have to take care regularly for longevity.

  • Affordability

End Grain Hardwood floorings are not very expensive. They are a cost-effective than many hardwoods and other types of floors. Besides, the installation cost is pretty low as well. You too can install them on your floor.

How To Install End Grain Hardwood Flooring?

Installation is crucial for these hardwood flooring tiles. They won’t last long if you cannot install them properly.

Here’s how you can install them on your floor:

End Grain Flooring
  • Firstly, design the layout of your entire floor per the size and pattern of your tile.
  • Now, dry the tiles properly before installation. Also, recheck your layout.
  • Then set the tiles on the floor according to the layout design. You will have to use urethane-based adhesive for that.
  • In this part, you have to let the adhesive cure. It will take 24 to 48 hours.
  • Then you can sand and grout the floor if needed.
  • Finally, apply an oil-based sealer on the tiles.

Your floor is completely ready now.

Essential Things To Follow

  • Proper Installation

Make sure you properly install these hardwood tiles. Otherwise, they will get damaged.

  • Regular Maintenance

You will have to clean your floor regularly. Plus, you also have to buff and reseal the floor at a regular interval.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is end-grain flooring durable?

One of the good things about this hardwood flooring is that they are durable. As a result, they won’t damage soon if you take proper care of them.

What is the most stable hardwood flooring?

You will find many hardwood flooring in the market. But a few of them are stable. American Cherry and Antique Heart Pine are known as the most stable hardwood.

How do you install end-grain flooring?

You cannot nail down this hardwood flooring. You will have to use urethane-based adhesive to glue them down. Also, you must use dry end grain hardwood.

What causes hardwood floors to ripple?

Hardwood floors ripple because of water. When water enters the wood planks, the wood side, with contact with water, will expand and ripple eventually.

Final Thought

As you can see, the problem with end grain hardwood flooring is not that much. In fact, those problems are not related to the quality and durability of these unique hardwood flooring. You can easily solve them with some adequate measures and proper care.

So, you should give it a go if you want a unique hardwood flooring option. You won’t regret it. You will be glad that you did.

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