Power Home Remodeling Windows Vs. Andersen Windows

When you are thinking of getting new windows, it can get difficult to find the perfect choice. Among so many options out there to choose from, you will get confused about getting the right one for your need.

One of the most complex decisions is choosing between Power home remodeling windows and Andersen windows.

Keeping up with that difficulty, I am here to ease the process of choosing one of these windows. Because I will present a comparison between the two window options, so your life gets easier in choosing one of them.

Let’s get ahead with it.

A Quick Comparison Of The Two Window Choices

For those who are short on time, this comparison table can be very helpful in choosing one of the windows.

SpecificationsPower home remodelingAndersen
Warranty optionsLifetime warrantyMultiple warranty options
CollectionLimitedPlenty of choices
MaterialsAll vinylFibrex, Vinyl 
PricingReasonableA bit expensive

Key Differences Between Power Home Remodeling Windows And Andersen Windows

I am pretty sure that this little table isn’t enough to decide on a window option. That’s why I am here to dive into the details now.

Let’s get through the different aspects that work out differently for the two window choices.

  • Window Quality
Power Home Remodeling Windows
Power Home Remodeling Windows

In terms of quality, Andersen windows are a bit better than Power home remodeling by Pella.

The Andersen windows are more premium, so you can expect excellent quality.

The material they use for the windows is also top-notch, so they will last for quite a while.

On the other hand, Power home remodeling windows are still durable and have quality.

Don’t think they will disappoint you with their quality or the material.

So, you can still get with the power home remodeling windows.

However, if you seek better quality, I would say Andersen is the better option. The quality is up there, with some of the top choices you can find for windows.

  • Material

The clear difference between the two windows is in the material they use. The power home remodeling windows is all about all vinyl material.

On the contrary, Andersen windows come with a completely different material called Fibrex.

Fibrex is a mix of wood composite. It has got wood fibers along with PVC. This uniqueness in the window material gives it the durability and quality you see in Andersen windows.

  • Styles And Types

Once again, there is a difference in the styles and types of windows available from both brands. You can get a lot of styles and types of window options for Andersen.

While power home remodeling has options out there for you, they aren’t as many as Andersen.

Andersen dedicates itself to making and innovating with its products. Because of this, they come up with many different styles suited to other purposes.

At the same time, power home remodeling doesn’t have that luxury. They come out with the most basic windows and provide some unique designs.

So, if you want a lot of options or you want a unique appearance in the home, you should check out Andersen. They have more to offer in comparison to Power home remodeling.

  • Collection

This factor is similar to the other one I just discussed above. Andersen has a vast collection of products compared to power home remodeling. You can get different patterns, color choices, and designs with Andersen windows.

However, with power home remodeling, the choices for that are pretty much limited. They lack many options, so you may struggle to find a perfect pick for your home.

  • Cost
Andersen Windows

In terms of cost, Power home remodeling is undoubtedly a better option than Andersen.

You can save a lot of money with Power home remodeling windows.

Whether it’s the price of the windows or the installation cost, it doesn’t matter. It’s lower compared to Andersen.

Power remodeling windows is the perfect option when you are on a tight budget and want to save money. Andersen is surely worth the extra money you pay for it.  

  • Feedback

Now, when it comes to the user experience and user feedback, Andersen stays on top there. When you dive deep into the research for these windows, you will find that Andersen windows don’t have that many flaws or complaints.

But you can hear many complaints about the windows with power home remodeling windows. So, reliability is better on the Andersen windows compared to power home remodeling.

Which One Is The Best Pick For You?

After going through this comparison, you clearly know where you should be. If you are looking for the best quality and performance, there is nothing better than Andersen.

They are much more reliable and provide quality without compromising anything at all.

But if you want to save money and experience innovation, then power home remodeling can be what you need. So, it all comes down to what kind of window you are looking to get for your home.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What brand of window does Power Home Remodeling use?

Power home remodeling uses windows from the Pella brand. They are well known for providing decent quality windows at a reasonable price.

Is Power Home Remodeling a pyramid scheme?

No, power home remodeling is not a pyramid scheme. Even though you get to see referrals and bonus opportunities, the system they use is to support their employees to work together with others.

How do I get out of power to remodel my home contract?

You must mail them a written notice to get out of the contract of power from remodeling your home. You have to mention the cancellation with a sign of the homeowner.


In conclusion, I have to say power home remodeling vs. Andersen windows gives you a perfect example of affordable choice and quality. While one window option is great for quality, the other is the perfect choice for affordability.

So, deciding on one after getting through all the factors and differences gets super easy for you.

No matter which one you pick, I must admit that both are quite good choices. It’s just about what meets your need the best.

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