Phantom Screens Vs. Casper Screens: Which One To Pick?

Phantom Screens and Casper Screens are two popular brands in the retractable screen door market. Both brands offer high-quality screen solutions for homeowners looking to add convenience and comfort to their outdoor living spaces.

But they differ in functionality, design, customization, ease of use, warranty coverage, and cost.

Stay with us for the rest of the article to determine the best choice. So, without wasting time, let’s take a gander.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsPhantom screensCasper screens
DesignAesthetic, lustrous and exquisiteMore visible
FunctionalityMore advancedTypical
CustomizationMore extensiveLess extensive
Ease of useMultiple operating systemsFewer operating systems
Warranty coverageLimited lifetime warranty (mesh excluded), 24 months of labour warrantyLifetime warranty on frames, Three-year of mesh warranty

Key Differences Between Phantom Screens And Casper Screens

  • Design
Casper Screens
Casper Screens

Regarding design, Phantom Screens stands out with its sleek and minimalist design.

It integrates seamlessly with the existing architecture of the home.

The screens are virtually invisible when not in use, adding to the home’s aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, Phantom offers a wide range of screens for doors like single, sliding, double, French, Dutch, bi-fold, multi-slide doors and so on.

In contrast, Casper Screens has a slightly more noticeable design, with a visible frame. It sits outside of the door or window frame. This design may not be suitable for all homes and may detract from the overall aesthetic.

Also, the design of the Casper screen is pretty traditional and might not be ideal for modern demands. So, for a more aesthetic and exquisite look, Phantom is a better choice.

  • Functionality

Functionality-wise, both Phantom Screens and Casper Screens offer homeowners a variety of benefits, including privacy, protection from insects, and increased ventilation.

However, Phantom Screens provides an additional layer of protection from insects with its patented magnetic closure system. This system creates a tight seal around the screen, keeping out even the smallest pests.

On the other hand, Casper Screens does not offer this level of protection, which may be a concern for homeowners living in areas with high insect populations. Though the functionality is not too poor, it’s less efficient than the Phantom ones.

  • Customization

One of the benefits of retractable screens is the ability to customize them to match the homeowner’s specific needs. Phantom Screens allows homeowners to customize the screen’s colour, style, and size to reach their particular needs.

This option will enable homeowners to choose a screen that fits their style. In addition, the aesthetic appeal of the home enhances much more.

Casper Screens also offers customization options, but the selection is not as extensive as Phantom Screens. So, if you are looking for fully customized screens, Phantom will help you more with their offerings.

  • Ease of Use

Retractable screens should be user-friendly, allowing homeowners to easily open and close the screens as needed. Both Phantom Screens and Casper Screens offer easy-to-use systems.

But Phantom Screens provides even more control and flexibility with its available operating options. With manual, motorized, and remote-controlled systems, you have more mobility. These systems allow you to operate the screens with ease.

Casper Screens, while still user-friendly, does not offer as many operating options as Phantom Screens. An option like motorized screens is unavailable for Casper screens.

Hence, it may be a concern for homeowners who prefer more control over their screens.

  • Warranty Coverage

Both brands offer a warranty on their products, but the warranty length varies. Phantom Screens offers a limited lifetime warranty on their frames. But the mesh of the screens does not come under this warranty coverage.

But the good news is, you have two years of labour warranty. It covers the installation and delivery of the warranted components.

Conversely, Casper Screens offers a lifetime warranty on their frames and three years warranty on the mesh. So, you make the decision about which one provides better warranty coverage.

  • Cost
Phantom Screens
Phantom Screens

Cost is an essential factor to consider when choosing retractable screens.

While both Phantom Screens and Casper Screens offer high-quality products, the cost of the products can vary.

Phantom Screens are slightly more expensive than Casper Screens due to their patented screen material, extensive customization options, and available operating options.

The price difference is almost 200 dollars for single doors and around 400 to 500 dollars for double doors.

On the other hand, Casper screens are less expensive due to the lack of some features. So, if cost is a concern, Casper Screens is the more affordable option.

Which Screen Is A Better Choice For You?

It’s important to weigh each brand’s benefits before deciding. However, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

If you want a more aesthetic design with better functionality, customizations, and control, the Phantom screen will not disappoint you.

Nevertheless, for better warranty coverage, decent features and a lower price tag, go for the Casper screens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of a phantom screen door?

The cost depends on your requirements. A regular Phantom legacy single door can cost up to 645 dollars. But, for a more customized one, you have to pay an extra 40 to 60 bucks.

Are Phantom screens reliable?

Phantom has been providing amazing screens for at least 30 years, making it one of the most trustable screen brands on the market. With their excellent materials, superb built quality, and outstanding warranty coverage, they sold the most amount of retractable screens.

How long do Phantom screens last?

Phantom screens are intentionally built to last for a lifetime. Your warranty can expire, but the screens will last for years. Eventually, your kids will inherit your screens.

What is the best type of screen for a screen door?

Screens made of coated fibreglass mesh are the best for screen doors. Also, aluminium and fibreglass are the other options for a screen door to be more durable and easy to install.


That’s a wrap for today. With assurance, the comparison between Phantom screens and Casper screens has helped you with the decision-making.

Both Phantom Screens and Casper Screens offer excellent retractable screens for doors and windows. However, Phantom Screens has a slight edge in terms of design, installation, screen material, customization, functionality, and ease of use. B

ut Casper Screen is the better option if you are searching for a budget-friendly screen.

So, in the end, good luck with your shopping.

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