PGT Vs. MI Windows: Which One Is Suitable For You?

While making your home and office space, picking a suitable window is an important aspect to consider. In this blog post, you will get to decide between PGT and MI windows and which one you should pick for your home.

But how to know about it?

You will be able to know about some of the key differences between two the window brands. After knowing those, you will be able to make a rational decision for yourself.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

A Quick Comparison Table

A quick comparison between the PGT and MI windows can save you time while providing you with the main points of differences. It will be really helpful to you if you are in a hurry. So, there you go.

SpecificationsPGT WindowsMI windows
Manufacturing areaIt is based in North Venice, Florida, but it has distributors in the Gulf state.The company started in Florida like PGT windows, but it has other three manufacturing plants in Arizona, Texas, and Pennsylvania.
PopularityIt is very popular.It is also popular by getting the status of second-largest manufacturer of vinyl windows in the country.
Selling focusPGT windows are sold in the US and other states in Gulf and also in the coastal south.It is mostly sold through local MI windows dealers.
Window linesPGT windows bring in various window lines including vinyl and aluminum-made frame options.MI Windows also comes with various product lines. But it has more variations compared to PGT windows.
WarrantyPGT Windows offer a fully covered lifetime warranty if you purchase it from the diamond dealers.MI Windows come with a limited lifetime customer assurance warranty.
CostIt costs more compared to some other windows brands.Due to the higher quality of the windows, it costs even more than PGT windows.
Energy efficiencyIt is energy efficient.MI windows are also energy efficient.
Impact resistantPGT windows are hurricane windows.MI windows are also impact-resistant windows.

These are some dissimilarities and similarities between both brands. After knowing this in brief, if you are still not sure about which one to pick, then you will get to know about the elaboration of those mentioned points in the later section of the blog.

Key Differences Between PGT And MI Windows

In this section of the blog, you will know about the mentioned points in detail. So, without any further delay, let’s get started with it.

  • Manufacturing Area
MI Windows
MI Windows

The availability of a product depends a lot on the manufacturing area of the product.

It is more likely that the product will be more available in that particular area.

PGT Windows are manufactured in Florida, the same as MI windows.

But MI window has other three manufacturing plants in Arizona, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

Hence, MI windows are also quite available in these three areas of the United States.

  • Popularity

When it comes to popularity, PGT and MI windows are both very popular among existing customers. But there is another saying that is connected with MI windows, which is the second-largest manufacturer of vinyl windows in the country.

This existing popularity of both windows is making these brands equally lucrative to the users.

  • Selling Focus

PGT windows are sold in the US, other states in Gulf, and also in the coastal south. But MI windows are sold only within the country, mostly through the local dealer of MI windows.

  • Window Lines

Both brands of windows of PGT Windows and MI Windows come with multiple window lines from which the potential customers can pick their desired one. But MI windows provide more varieties compared to the PGT windows.

  • Warranty

When it comes to the warranty, both of the windows come with a lucrative offer for the customers. PGT Windows offer a fully covered lifetime warranty if you purchase it from a diamond dealer.

On the other hand, MI Windows offers a limited lifetime customer assurance warranty.

  • Cost

Though the cost of PGT windows is high, compared to this, MI windows will cost you even more. But the overall cost may depend on some other factors as well.

Here, the customer should also consider that the cost variation between the two brands of windows is not very significant.

  • Energy Efficiency

Here, both brands of windows are very energy efficient. So, in terms of energy efficiency, both of the window brands stand out.

  • Impact Resistant
PGT Windows
PGT Windows

All the windows in some areas are more exposed to the harsh external environment, in that case, the windows have to be impact resistant.

While getting manufactured is a disaster-prone area, both of the window brands kept this aspect in their mind clearly as both of the windows are impact resistant.

PGT windows are especially considered hurricane windows.

So, these are some of the notable aspects that you need to know while judging between PGT and MI windows.

Which Windows Is The Better One For You?

Now it is time for the final verdict, so which one is the one for you?

Well, you know what is your need and what is your preference in terms of design, colors, and features. As you can see, both brands of windows are quite similar. There is not much difference between these windows. Even the price difference is not very significant.

I would say, you can pick any of the windows. But personally, since I have had PGT windows before, and it served me well, I would say to go with it. Before you pick any of the two, it is always better to do proper market research.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are PGT Windows Miami Dade approved?

Yes, CWS Windows are being tested in Miami-Dade County.

Are PGT Windows worth it?

Yes, it is a very good option for customers who are looking for the best quality vinyl or aluminum windows on a budget. So many existing users will not hesitate to recommend this window to you due to its quality.

How long do PGT windows last?

The average lifespan of the PGT windows is more than 40 years or even more, if there is any issue before then you can get it solved by the manufacturer due to the warranty.

Are MI impact windows good?

Yes, MI impact windows are excellent. It is known as the second-largest manufacturer of vinyl windows in the country.

Wrapping Up

If you are wondering about PGT and MI windows, and which one to pick, then I understand you well. The answer might be a bit tricky for these brands, as there is not much difference.

But when you need a window brand in the Gulf state, then the PGT window is the one for you.

Similarly, for the states like Arizona, Texas, and Pennsylvania, MI windows are likely to be more available for customers. I hope you have picked the right one by now!


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