Pella Vs. North Star Windows: Which One Is For You?

Windows of your house define a lot about the overall both internal and external look of your house. So, while picking from so many window brands, you might be thinking about all the existing aspects of those windows.

However, in this blog post, you will know Pella vs. North Star windows which is best suited for you. I have found the main difference between the two is in the pricing.

Here you will know various differentiating factors between the two windows, and ultimately pick the one that fits best for your needs. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

A Quick Comparison Table

In this section, you will know about the differences between Pella and North Star windows in a brief manner. So, you will need less time to take the decision. I have found this format helpful to make up the mind of people in hurry.

SpecificationsPella WindowsNorth Star Windows
Pricing of the windowsPella windows are almost half the price of North Star Windows.North Star windows are costlier than the Pella windows.
Starting date of the companyThe manufacturer of the Pella windows is older and has an age-old reputation.North Star windows are manufactured by a comparatively new company.
Quality of the windowThere is mixed feedback from the customers when it comes to the quality of Pella windows.The craftsmanship of the North Star windows is top-notched compared to the Pella windows.
WarrantiesPella windows come with 2 years of warranties mostly.North Star windows are covered by a lifetime warranty; there are some other facilities as well.
Variation of colorsThe color variation depends on the type of windows.North Star Windows offer some pretty common color palettes for customers.
Reviews from the usersThere are some mixed reviews from the existing customers.It has more positive reviews.
Measurement issueThere might be some issues with measurement for the Pella windows.The measurement seems to be okay for the users.
Delivery of different sizesIt comes in different sizes, so these readily available sizes are delivered quickly.Some custom window sizes may take some time to deliver.
Leakage issueThere is some complaints of leakage.There seems to be no leakage issue available.
Energy efficiencyIt is also energy efficient.It ensures maximum energy efficiency.

So, these are the prominent differences between the Pella and North Star windows. If you are still not sure about which one to pick, then you will be able to make a better decision after going through the next section.

Key Differences Between Pella And North Star windows

As you already know about the most significant difference between Pella and North Star windows, in brief, knowing about those in detail will make those points clearer to you.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump in.

Pella Windows
  • Pricing of The Windows

While pricing is a crucial buying factor, the cost of Pella windows is almost half of the North Star windows.

So, depending on the price, the Pella window is the clear winner.

  • Starting Date of The Company

Considering the initiation date of the manufacturer, Pella windows are much older.

The manufacturing of Pella windows started in the year 1925.

  • Quality of The Window

Since it is a matter of security and well-being of the house quality is a very crucial factor. The craftsmanship of North Star windows stays ahead here.

  • Warranties

While Pella windows provide 2 years warranty, North Star Windows come with a lifetime warranty and some other benefits.

  • Variation of Colors

According to the type of the windows like wooden, or vinyl, the exterior colors will vary. But the North Star windows come with so many variations of colors.

  • Reviews From The Users

While you get to know about both of the brands, you will see there are so many positive reviews from the users of the North Star windows.

  • Measurement Issue

According to the existing customers, there are a few observations that state, there are a few measurement issues for the Pella windows.

  • Delivery Times Of Different Sizes

Pella windows come in many sizes, so customers do not have to wait for customized sizes mostly. That is why delivering Pella windows to the customers does not take a long duration.

On the contrary, getting a customized window size may take a longer time for the North Star windows.

  • Leakage Issue

There was a lawsuit against the Pella windows due to the leakage issue, and they had to lose money due to it. But there is no such complaint against the North Star windows from the customers.

  • Energy Efficiency

The standard pocket sill of the North Star windows ensures the maximum energy efficiency of the house. Though the Pella windows

Which Window Brand Between The Two Is Best For You?

North Star Windows
North Star Windows

Now that you know all the main differentiating points, it’s time to pick the one that would serve you the best.

Considering all the factors, North Star Windows stays ahead of the Pella windows.

Though you may have to spend more money, it would ensure that you are getting the best quality windows with a long-time warranty.

But before taking the final decision you can explore other window options as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How good are North Star windows?

The North Star windows are very well known due to the quality of the windows it offers. It comes with the best designs and ensures maximum energy efficiency at the same time.

What is the best company for window replacement?

There are so many window replacement companies that can be considered the best. Pella and North Star Windows can be considered as those.

What is the most popular window brand?

Being in the industry since 1925, Pella window is one of the most popular window brands.

What is the warranty on North Star windows?

All the North Star windows offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Wrapping up

While looking for the perfect window for your home, between Pella and North Star windows, it would be wiser to pick the North Star windows. I know it would cost you some extra money, but I am sure you will not regret it after due to the quality and lifetime warranty it offers.

According to your need and taste, you can look for other brands as well, also do some extended market research to pick the suitable one if you are not convinced yet. But I am sure you are going to pick what would suit your home best!


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