Pella Vs. American Craftsman Windows: In-depth Differences

If you are searching for a perfect set of windows, then Pella and American Craftsman would satisfy your appetite. However, Pella windows have shown excellent signs of durability than American Craftsman windows.

Both companies have an excellent reputation for providing windows with solid textures and clear glasses. The windows are also affordable and have accessible installment features.

It is time to discuss some key elements that draw the margin between Pella and American Craftsman windows.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationPella WindowsAmerican Craftsman Window
MaterialsComposite FrameworkFibrex Wood Material
DurabilityLong Lasting Less Durability
Special FeaturesDual WeatherstrippingFlexible Ventilation
Cost$650 and $1000$250 and $1000
WarrantyLimited WarrantySpecial Warranty Offers

Key Differences Between Pella And American Craftsman Windows

You got a brief idea about the specifications of the two products. Here is a detailed discussion of the key differences between Pella and American Craftsman Window. 

  • Materials
Pella 350 Series Windows
Pella 350 Series Windows

The materials are one of the critical differences between Pella and American Craftsman windows. 

Pella windows feature fiberglass and wood frames.

The division layered window replacement offers all-vinyl windows.

Moreover, the models with composite structures add a modern touch to the windows.

On the other hand, American Craftsman uses a signified material instead of Vinyl windows.

The specialized wood composite named Fabrix serves a dazzling shine to the wooden framework.

In addition, the window replacement features eco-friendly recyclable materials. 

In the case of textiles, American Craftsman windows will provide better insulating properties and higher compressive strength than Pella windows.  

  • Durability 

Regarding durability, Pella windows heap over American Craftsman windows. The robust framework of the windows ensures the longevity of the product. 

The bottom window of the Pella features an easy cleaning method that doesn’t allow stains or rust to accumulate on the surface. As a result, the windows stay protected during all seasons. 

In the case of American Craftsman, durability has been an issue. However, technicians have added new features to increase the product’s longevity. 

  • Exclusive Designs

Both American Craftsman and Pella windows feature exclusive designs. The mix of modern technologies with a vintage design gives the two products a fine finish. 

Pella windows feature decorative exterior designs that will enhance the outer look of your apartment. The color grading and finishing add a royal tone to the window. 

American Craftsman windows have decorative brickmould interior frames that can increase your home appeal. The models carry simple yet dazzling touch to the corners.

The thin profile ensures maximum light and a contemporary outlook.

  • Special Features
American Craftsman Windows
American Craftsman Windows

The unique features add a new dimension to the products.

As a customer, you want to enjoy extra and special benefits.

Therefore, you must consider some unique features that can bring variety to your apartment. 

American Craftsman windows feature some eye-catching traits that will entice you greatly.

The flexible ventilation system is the most notable feature of this window. 

Another noteworthy feature of American Craftsman windows is the multi-point lock for a convenient lock system and strict security.  

However, the Pella windows have limited unique features compared to American Craftsman. The dual weatherstripping formula helps you to resist dust and germ particles entering the house.

  • Cost and Pricing

There is a significant gap between the installation cost and pricing of Pella and American Craftsman windows. If you directly consult the company, you can fix the pricing package.

The average price of the Pella window is around $650 and $1000. The price range depends on the extra facilities you want to purchase.

There is an additional cost of $250 as the installation cost. 

The prices of American Craftsman windows are relatively low. The average window price costs around $250 to $1000, excluding the installments.

However, you can expect the installation cost to be around 30% of your window bills. 

It’s tough to separate the two products based on the pricing. You better select the Pella window replacements for many features if you can manage your budget. 

  • Warranty Service

Warranty service is your final option before purchasing the best window replacements. The service will ensure the complete security and authenticity of the product. 

American Craftsman offers some dynamic warranty services. The best thing about the service is that you can transfer it to the new homeowner. 

However, Pella also provides limited warranty services that vary based on window models. In many cases, the company will cover the entire labor cost within two years of the sale date. 

Which Windows Will Be Better For You?

Pella Windows

Being a more prominent organization, the American Craftsman leads the race against Pella.

Customers have shown plenty of doubts about the durability of American Craftsman products.

However, the company has been able to work on the innovation and quality of its services. 

The price range is also affordable, and the company has a considerable reputation in the market.

Moreover, unique features like Fibrex wood material add significant value to the products.

After much consideration, the American Craftsman windows are the best choice. You can enjoy many benefits and services by purchasing the top window models from American Craftsman. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who manufactures American Craftsman windows?

The Andersen Company manufactures the products of American Craftsman windows. It is one of the most renowned manufacturing firms in the United States. 

Are Pella windows worth the cost?

Pella windows provide a solid framework and ensure long-lasting performance. Customers have rated these windows worth their money due to their high-quality features. 

What happened to American Craftsman windows?

American Craftsman sold their authority to Ply-Gem, the largest manufacturer of Vinyl windows. The company mainly produces Vinyl replacement windows for home depot services across the country. 

What is the best company for window replacement?

At present, Andersen Windows is the best window replacement company in the market. 


American Craftsman windows are the clear winner in this Pella and American Craftsman Windows comparison. 

The modern features and vintage designs add a lucrative touch to the American Craftsman windows. Moreover, the company offers some great benefits and warranty services. 

Therefore, if you want a dashing and nature-friendly window replacement, place your bets on the American Craftsman windows. 

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