Pella 150 Vs. 250 Series Windows (2024): In-depth Differences

When it comes to choosing windows, Pella is second to none. Both their 150 and 250 series are tremendously popular. But there are some differences between the two.

That’s the reason I’ve decided to give a complete comparison between Pella 150 and 250 series.

Pella 150 window series has only 3 available window designs, whereas Pella 250 series has 6 window designs in total. So, you will get more windows to choose from Pella 250 series. But should you choose this one while buying windows?

Let’s find out.

A Quick Comparison Table Between 150 And 250 Series

Here is a quick comparison table between Pella 150 and 250 windows series:

AspectsPella 150 SeriesPella 250 Series
Available Designs3 Available Designs6 Available Designs
Glass Materials5 Available Glass Options8 Available Glass Options
Key Features & BenefitsOffers Many Features & BenefitsOffers Many Features & Benefits
Available FinishesSolid Color FinishSolid Color  & Dual-Color  Finish
WarrantyNon-Transferable Limited Lifetime WarrantyNon-Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty
Price$260 To $425$250 To $950

In-Depth Comparisons Between Pella 150 And 250 Windows Series

Now you have some understanding of both windows. But it’s time we get into more details. So, here are some comprehensive key differences between the windows:

  • Available Designs
Pella Window - 150 series
Pella Window – 150 series

The more design a series has, the more options customers have to choose from. That’s why having a lot of windows design is always a good sign.

But unfortunately Pella 150 windows series only offers three types of windows. They are Double Hung, Single Hung, and Sliding windows.

On the contrary, Pella 250 series has 6 types of window designs.

They are Awning Windows, Casement Windows, Single-Hung Windows, Double-Hung Windows, Picture Windows, and Sliding Windows.

Besides, both series provide multiple grid designs and patterns. But it’s clear that Pella 250 series is the winner here since it has twice as designs as Pella 150 does.

  • Glass Materials

A window is roughly 80% glass. That’s why checking the glass before purchasing a window is crucial. Pella 150 window series offers 5 types of glasses with its windows. Clear Low-E Insulating Glass and Advanced Low-E Insulating Glass are the Low-E options available.

Besides, the series also offers Tempered glass, Obscure glass, and Bronze-Tinted glass with the windows.  

In contrast to 150, Pella 250 windows come with 8 different types of glasses. You can choose Advanced Low-E Insulating Glass, NaturalSun Low-E with Argon, SunDefense Low-E Insulating, and Clear Low-E Insulating Glass. Besides, it also offers Tempered, Obscure, Bronze-Tinted, and Triple-Pane Glasses.

  • Key Features & Benefits
Pella Window - 250 Series
Pella Window – 250 Series

Pella 150 windows are long-lasting Vinyl-made windows with good quality and performance. These windows can resist warping.

So, no need to worry about warping, sagging, and bowing since they are made of a precision welding process.

Besides, they offer good energy efficiency and protection. Because of the high-quality vinyl, these windows are durable.

Plus, they are straightforward to install. You will get excellent vinyl windows at a budget-friendly price.

On the other hand, Pella 250 window series offers more robust vinyl frames and high-quality glass materials for long-lasting performance. Some of these windows are triple-pane and are extremely energy efficient.

Most importantly, Pella 250 windows are 60% more energy efficient than others.

Apart from these, Pella 250 windows have aluminum insect screens that prevent insects and dust from entering your home.

  • Available Finishes

Windows color is significant. People always prefer windows with more color options. Pella 150 series windows only have solid color frames: White, Almond, and Fossil.

By contrast, Pella 250 series windows come with solid color frames and dual color frames. The solid colors are White, Almond, and Fossil. The dual colors are Brown and Black. So, the 250 series offer more finishes with its windows than the 150 series.

  • Warranty

Warranty is a crucial aspect while buying windows. It indirectly tells the quality of a window. Since both 150 window series and 259 window series belong to the same company Pella, the warranty will be the same.

Both Pella 150 and 250 window series offer a Non-transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty with their windows. So, you cannot transfer the warranty if you sell your house.

  • Price

The price of Pella 15 windows ranges between $260 and $425. On the other hand, Pella 250 series windows cost between $250 and $950. So, Pella 250 windows are a bit pricier than Pella 150 windows.

Pella 150 Series Window Key Features

The Pella 150 Series is a mid-range vinyl window line from Pella that offers a good balance of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Here are some of the notable features of the 150 Series:

Durable Vinyl Frames

  • Made from heavy-duty Enduraclad vinyl for low maintenance and resistance to wear
  • Interior and exterior color options available to complement home
  • Welded corners add structural strength

Advanced Insulating Glass

  • Standard dual-pane construction with optimal air space for energy efficiency
  • Optional triple-pane design for even greater insulation
  • Advanced Low-E coatings help block UV rays and regulate temperature

Precision-Fit Weatherstripping

  • Flexible weatherstripping creates an effective seal against air and water infiltration
  • Fin Seal weatherstrip on sash adds extra layer of protection
  • Ensures windows operate smoothly

Encore Spacer System

  • Structural foam spacer provides durability and thermal performance
  • Less conductive than traditional metal spacers for improved insulation
  • Reduces condensation

Easy Operation

  • balanced sash design for easy raising and lowering
  • Full or tilt-in sash open for ventilation
  • Metal reinforcement adds strength and security

The 150 Series hits a sweet spot between cost and features, giving homeowners an energy efficient and durable Pella window solution. These quality vinyl windows will help reduce energy costs while complementing any home’s style.

Pella 250 Series Window Key Features

The Pella 250 Series is a step up from the 150 Series, offering enhanced performance and features. Here are some of the notable features of the 250 Series:

Premium Vinyl Frames

  • Made with high-end vinyl formula for increased structural strength
  • Exclusive fusion welding creates perfectly sealed corners
  • Interior and exterior color options available

Improved Insulating Glass

  • Standard triple-pane glass for optimal insulation
  • Multiple Low-E coatings to regulate temperature
  • Options like gas fill and foam insulation for even higher efficiency

3D Max Welded Weatherstripping

  • Proprietary weatherstripping material ensures tight seal
  • Triplefin weatherstrip on sash repels water
  • Fin seal creates three barriers to air flow

Duracast Spacer System

  • Composite reinforced spacer made to last
  • Insulating foam in spacer further reduces energy transfer
  • Guards against condensation

Smooth Operation

  • State of the art hardware for easy opening and closing
  • Both sliding and hinged options available
  • Heavy-duty construction withstands wear and tear

With upgraded components across the board, the 250 Series provides maximum durability and efficiency for homeowners wanting Pella’s best vinyl windows.

Which Pella Window Series Will Be Best For You?

Although both series belong to the same manufacturer, they fall into different price points, with some apparent differences. And based on those differences, I suggest you go with Pella 250 series.

Because this series has more available window designs that you can choose from, besides, it offers more finishes and more glass options. So, Pella 250 will be the best choice for you. Here is a demo of the 250 series.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the difference between Pella 150 series and 250 series?

There are many differences between Pella 150 series and the 250 series. 250 series has more windows design, color options, and glass options. So, Pella 250 series is better in every sense.

Are Pella 150 Series windows good?

Pella 150 series windows are pretty good in terms of quality, durability, and performance. Because of their strong vinyl materials, these windows last longer and provides better energy efficiency.

Is Pella 250 A Energy Star?

Pella 250 series makes excellent energy-efficient windows. The proof here is that it meets and, in some cases, exceeds the Energy Star Certification requirements in all 50 states in the USA.

How much does a Pella 250 window cost?

You will get various types of windows in the Pella 250 series. The price of these vinyl-made windows varies with the size and design. However, Pella 250 series windows generally cost between $250 and $950.

Final Thoughts

We are at the end of this article. After reading all the nitty-gritty of Pella 150 and 250 series windows, I hope I could convince you that Pella 250 window series is the best between the two. So, you better go with this choice.

But if you are still baffled and do not trust my judgment, you can check the facts with any professionals. I’m sure they will ask you to do the same.

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